Review of the Noa Lagun RV Table Mounting System

Lagun table in a Bundutec Roadrunner

The table is an essential item in today’s truck camper and van. It should be large enough for meals and desktop work, yet durable enough to withstand rigors of day-to-day use and off-road travel. The table mounting systems found in the RVs of today come in several forms, the most popular of which consist of either a simple pedestal mount or a collapsing wall mount with a folding leg that is used as part of a dinette sleeping platform. These mounting systems were the norm for decades until the Lagun RV Table Mounting System was released here in North America. This is a review of the Lagun RV Table Mounting System.

The Product

The Lagun Table Mounting System is manufactured in Sweden by a company called Noa. Designed initially for boats as the “Lagun Cockpit Table” and released in 1986, the Lagun (pronounced la-goon) offers a number of benefits that other RV table systems don’t. Unlike the traditional RV table which is rigid and immovable, the Lagun can pivot and move 360 degrees, thus providing owners with an almost unlimited number ways to position the table. Moreover, the Lagun can be adjusted up and down to accommodate persons of differing heights and can be removed quickly and easily for use outside on an external Lagun mount.

The Lagun Table Mounting System is attractive and looks like something you’d find in an IKEA furniture store. Manufactured primarily of an aluminum alloy, the table mounting system consists of an arm, a standard leg, a table mounting plate, a mounting bracket, and a hardware mounting kit consisting of a teak board, two wedges, stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers. The table is not included. Sold through an American affiliate—Lagun USA—the cost for the basic Lagun Table Mounting System is $199 US dollars (though a similar,  American-made product made of steel under the EZ-Reach name can be purchased for only $125). Accessories can also be purchased, including a longer table mount for increased height, shims, mounting boards, and hardware.

We chose to install the mounting plate slightly off-center as shown in this photo.

The Lagun is compact, making it perfect for truck campers, vans, and small travel trailers. The overall length of the Lagun measures 23.5 inches and is robust enough to support table sizes up 30 x 40 inches (the birch, laser-engraved Arizona table in our rig measures 20 x 28 inches and works well for our setup). The entire Lagun system weighs only 8 pounds, not bad for a system that can support a maximum weight of 50 pounds (the laser-engraved, aftermarket table in our camper weighs a svelte 16 pounds).


The Lagun USA website claims that the installation takes only minutes, but that’s for experienced installers only, additional time is needed for planning and prep work. Installation requires only a few basic tools and an electric drill. The Lagun is best installed in a standard U-shaped dinette, like in our camper, though the versatility of the unit allows it be installed practically anywhere inside and outside your rig. Due to the amount of sideways torque that the Lagun exerts, bracing on the backside will often be needed—the included teak board works great for this. For some RV dinettes that use platform inserts for sleeping, a cutaway in the edging will be needed in order to install the mounting system (see the photo below).

Where the table is mounted to the table mounting plate is important. Some opt to have the table plate centered underneath the table. While there is some merit to this approach, we prefer to have ours mounted slightly off-center. This approach allows the table to swing wider when pivoted and gives us more latitude how the table is positioned for things like meals (see photo above).

The adjustable Lagun mounting bracket allows the table to be lowered and raised.

How it Works?

The Lagun RV Table System works well. We can rotate and move the table in almost any direction imaginable, providing us with full access to the camper. While it’s true that you lose a seating position where the unit is mounted, that’s the trade-off you get with a design like the Lagun. For the most part, the components are durable and are of a high quality. The plastic handles used for locking and opening are accessible and easy to use. For travel, we recommend lowering the table and resting it on a level surface such as a dinette cushion. Doing this helps protect the table assemblies from torque and friction that can prematurely wear out some of the table parts.

Unfortunately, the Noa Lagun does have one major flaw worth pointing out. The issue relates to the bushing used to support the rotating table arm. The bushing in our table simply doesn’t work well, and causes the table to be wonky and uneven. No amount of tension on the bushing will fix the issue and this is our second camper with the same exact problem. And it’s not just us, others have complained about the table’s “wonkiness” too. The problem appears to be caused by the soft plastic used in the bushing and sleeve assembly. Unfortunately, the bushing—a replacement pair costs $15—is very difficult to replace. Rather than deal with the difficulty of replacing the bushing many have resorted to replacing the entire arm assembly instead to “fix” the problem, which is even more expensive at $59.

The Verdict

The Noa Lagun RV Table Mounting System fills an important need in small recreational vehicles. As you know, the space inside truck campers and vans is limited and tight. Every item used must combine functionality and comfort and the Lagun performs these functions rather well though some improvements in component design and durability are needed. No doubt, the Lagun system has it merits, but it also has one major flaw. Rather than try and fix this annoying problem ourselves at added expense, we decided to ditch the Lagun and try the aforementioned EZ-Reach Table System. So far, it appears that the more durable, American-made version has solved the bushing issue that has long-since vexed the Lagun. What would we rate the Lagun RV Table Mounting System? On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, we give the Lagun a rating of 3.5 stars.

Lagun table in a Northstar Laredo SC.
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