New EZ-Reach Rotating RV Table is Better Than Lagun Import

In a recent review of the Noa Lagun RV Table Mounting System, we mentioned that we had recently swapped out the Lagun for an American-made version called the EZ-Reach. The EZ-Reach is made in the USA of a powder-coated steel that is even sturdier than the Swedish import. While we were generally pleased with the Lagun’s ability to pivot and move 360 degrees, we found the design cheap and wonky. Our search for a better, sturdier design led us to the EZ-Reach Portable Table by Cass Hudson, an American company based out of Elkhart, Indiana.

As you know, a good table is essential in today’s truck campers and vans. It should be large enough for meals and desktop work, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use and off-road travel. Like the Noa Lagun, the EZ-Reach can pivot and move 360 degrees, providing an almost unlimited number ways to position the table. It can also be adjusted up and down when needed and can even be removed quickly and easily for use outside on an external EZ-Reach mount.

Constructed of an attractive, black powder-coated American steel, the EZ-Reach Portable Table System consists of a small table measuring 21×15 inches, a 16-inch arm, a standard leg, a table mounting plate, a mounting bracket, and a hardware mounting kit consisting of stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers. Sold directly from Cass Hudson, the rotating table system is only $125, significantly less than the imported Lagun which sells for $199. EZ-Reach accessories can also be purchased, including a shorter 12-inch-long arm, tables with different finishes, a ergonomically friendly tilting table bracket, and extra hardware for an exterior mount.

The EZ-Reach Portable Table System is perfect for truck campers, vans, and small travel trailers. It’s robust enough to support 75 pounds of weight and table sizes up 30 x 40 inches (the birch, laser-engraved Arizona table in our rig measures 20 x 28 inches). At 9.5 pounds, the EZ-Reach is heavier than the Lagun, which is to be expected for a mounting system made of steel, but the extra weight isn’t significant. So far, we are extremely pleased with the EZ-Reach pivoting table. It’s far sturdier than the Lagun and that’s what really counts. The powder-coated black even looks better with the interior grey tones inside our rig. Stay tuned for a complete review of the EZ-Reach in six months.

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  1. Hi Mike! Hey I tried the Lagun Table as well and was disappointed since I had been told it could move about in any direction…except it couldn’t move simply back and forth. I sold it and now will look at this table for our Outfitter Camper. Thanks!

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