1966 Avion C-10 Truck Camper Brochure Provides Fascinating Snapshot in History

We were fortunate enough to buy a 1967 Avion C-10 truck camper recently. The aluminum camper was stored inside of a barn in Burns, Oregon, which, aside from the dirt, dust, hornet nests, helped preserve the camper. Inside one of the drawers, was this eight-page advertising brochure from 1966. The text and photos are taken directly from this treasure-trove of a brochure. We think you’ll agree, that this brochure provides a fascinating snapshot in history with numerous photographs, information, and diagrams on all three C-10 floorplans. The trucks are pretty cool too.

The brochure reflects the industry as it existed in the ’60s. Only three camper jacks were provided from the factory rather than four. Some of the options are pretty neat too and include a radio intercom system, a gaslight, and canvas bunk. The photographs and intercom option provides ample evidence that riding in the back of the camper was fairly common in those days. Also note the use of the term “camper coaches” throughout the pamphlet instead of “truck camper,” the common term that we use today.

Look for restoration articles and video tours of our 1967 Avion C-10 truck camper with the custom dinette floorplan soon.

The text of this Avion sales pamphlet is provided in it’s entirely below:

The good life is a Great Life in an Avion Camper Coach

Go ahead…

Dream of all the fun-filled hours a new Avion camper coach can bring. Adventurous family fishing trips, exciting hunts way back in the bush and memorable vacation to America’s. Scenic wonders. Well, they are within easy reach. With an Avion perched on your pickup, this revolutionary camper coach lets you play, cook, eat and sleep in a kind of quality and comfort heretofore unknown in a pickup camper

One look tells you the Avion design is new, totally new. On the road, Avion’s aerodynamic styling lets you cruise with ease at 75 mph (where permitted). Its lightweight riveted aluminum construction puts truck driving practicality in the passenger car comfort class. Your pickup is agile, remarkably responsive. With an aircraft-styled Avion, you can negotiate mountain grades and country lanes with unruffled ease.

When you make camp, you don’t have to depend upon facilities of an organized campground. Just open your Avion door to a wonderful world of like-home conveniences. Your meals are no problem with the gas electric refrigerator. In a 3-burner gas range, there’s plenty of cabinet space for dishes, utensils and foods. Cabinet doors are genuine birch with full-length piano hinges.

At bedtime, you can sleep a well-fed family of four on thick polyfoam mattresses cab over section houses a comfortable double bed welcome luxury at your day’s end.

For real royal living that’s excitingly different, your Avion is a palace of self-contained features. Pressure water system with hot running water, airline style bathroom with laboratory shower, marine toilet and holding tank complete 12-volt battery system for electricity far from the power poles, automatic heater for chilly nights, the works. So go ahead, make those travel dreams come true in your own Avion. Your Avion dealer will give you even more facts on how Avion has reinvented the fun, freedom and ease of pickup camping.

3 family-styled floor plans to fit your family size and travel plans

  • Deluxe gaucho model. Deluxe Gaucho poly sofa bed converts to double bed with extension dining table. Gracious spacious living. Roominess that’s unbelievable—until you’ve actually lived in it!
  • Custom side dinette. Custom side dinette seats four converts into a double bed. Kids, too, love Avion’s coziness. Parents praise its fun-features, its self-contained completeness.
  • Custom front dinette. Custom front dinette converts to double bed. Avion…sportsman’s choice for unmatched quality, practical design, rugged dependability and downright comfort.

Aircraft construction

You never have to pamper this camper! Riveted, double wall, all-aluminum construction with molded fiberglass interior end shells is tough, clam tight and feather light. Hauling is easier; gas mileage is better. Engineered like modern jet aircraft, your Avion can take all the jounce and bounce a back trail can dish out. Maintenance free aluminum is anodized stays like new without painting, waxing, or polishing. Just wash it occasionally as you do your pickup. Non-glare satin finish has built in highway safety value.

Aerodynamic design

Avion’s graceful contoured styling earns admiring glances wherever you travel, but its slipstream design is plenty functional. It laughs off headwinds and crosswinds like a swallow ’round a barn, down a mountain pass, or flat out on a highway, you’ll experience amazingly smooth haulability-controlled, solid, quiet. Many engineering skills of our modern, missile age have been incorporated practically in its unique design.

New Thermo-X insulation

From southwest desert sunshine to northern winter ski slopes, your Thermo-X insulated Avion ensures of even more temperature comfort wherever you find outdoor fun.

The greatest advancement in recreational vehicle construction since Avion introduced anodized aluminum, Thermo-X has nearly twice the insulating value of glass fiber. It is the same amazing insulation used in refrigerated trucks and freight cars. And because of its strength, heat resistance, and moisture proof qualities, it is also used in our nuclear submarines and guided missiles.

Sprayed-on in liquid form between Avion’s aluminum skins, Thermo-X foams expands to 30 times its original volume. This fills all riveted seams for a positive weatherproof and dust proof seal. Thermo-X then hardens to strengthen structural rigidity. Yet even in a solid state, it retains an elasticity that yields with the flex of Avion’s aluminum framework.

Thermo-X’s closed cellular composition will not absorb moisture, and for added safety, it is self extinguishing and non-burning. It is effective at temperature extremes from 200 degrees above 300 degrees below Fahrenheit.

Does Thermo-X add weight to a featherlight Avion? For comparison, pinewood weighs 38 pounds per square foot. A good grade of balsa wood weighs approximately 9 pounds per cubic foot. Most pickup campers use wood. In basic construction, Thermo-X insulation weighs only 2 pounds per square foot.

Every Avion new Thermo-X insulation in the sidewalls and ceiling, the floor and substructure are insulated with 2-1/2-inch sandwich panel styrofoam.

Ride quietly, in your Avion

In conventional wood frame campers even insulated ones, motor noises and the normal equipment rattles reverberate around interior walls like pebbles in a can.

The sound conditioning properties of Thermo-X plus Avion’s clam light riveted construction reduces “oil canning” and softens sounds for a quiet, restful ride.

Standard Specifications

  • Basic riveted aluminum construction
  • Aluminum rib framework
  • Aerodynamic design maintenance free anodized aluminum exterior
  • Molded fiberglass front and rear interior and shells
  • Exclusive Thermo-X rigid foam insulation in ceiling and sidewalls
  • Vinyl foam seam sealant tape
  • Styrofoam sandwich panel insulation in all horizontal substructures and front wall
  • Four clearance lights, combination stop, tail and directional lights, front and rear cluster lights
  • Disappearing rear step
  • Hand-grab rail.
  • Set of 3 lifting jacks with stands
  • 110 volts receptacles for electrical appliances
  • Wiring and bracing for optional roof mounted air conditioner.
  • 25 foot heavy duty, 110 volts power cord
  • Two 14 pound butane tanks with regulator
  • crank type awning windows
  • safety glass window over cab
  • Cab to camper see-through window
  • Choice of 3 color coordinated interior decors and two woodwork stains
  • Airline style drapery hardware with slider tape
  • High intensity lighting system with bayonet type bulb
  • Inlaid vinyl cushion floor covering
  • Handsome birch cabinets and wardrobes
  • Full length piano hinges on all cabinet and wardrobe doors
  • Magnetic ceiling latches for upper cabinet doors
  • Lined draperies
  • Choice of 3 floor plans
  • Built in automatic 3-burner gas range with oven
  • Brushed chrome range hood with filter 12-volt fan and light
  • Mica galley work tops (countertops)
  • Stainless steel sink, swing faucet
  • Front and rear SkyDome vents translucent in front
  • Mattress in cab over section, convertible dinette and gaucho cushions of 5-inch polyfoam
  • All plumbing, wiring and heating installation in all fixtures meet strict code approved standards.
  • 7-wire truck camper connector plug
  • Clutch, head screwdriver, jack crank waste hose connection adapter
  • Cab over safety rail
  • Deluxe airline style bathroom marine type toilet, custom molded shroud, wall-mounted tissue holder, 12 gallon polyurethane waste holding tank, water-saver lavoratory flexible shower hose. water-head fiberglass shower base, shower curtain and rod, automatic fast recovery, 6-gallon water heater
  • 3 cubic foot gas electric refrigerator with freezer compartment
  • Self charging, 12 volt power system with battery case, 110 volts charger fuse box
  • 20 gallon pressure water system with interior manual air pump, exterior pressure gauge, interior and exterior fill spouts.
  • 12 volt air compressor (water pump) for pressure water system
  • Thermostatically controlled sealed combustion gas heater, 14,000 BTU with automatic, twelve volt fan

Options (installed at extra cost)

  • Sink-mounted water purifier
  • Gas light
  • Automatic switchover regulator for twin butane tanks.
  • Exterior radio antenna
  • Stereo tape player with radio option
  • 12 volt porch light
  • Weatherproof storm windows see through window not included.
  • Safety glass in all windows.
  • Complete cab to camper intercom system not installed.
  • 12 volt fan in front roof vent
  • 12 volt fan in rear roof vent
  • Directional TV antenna
  • Roof-mounted air conditioner, 6,000 BTU, 110 volt
  • Canvas bunk
  • Closet rod and bathroom
  • Non-toxic water hose, flexible waste hose
  • Color coordinated bedspread and two pillow covers.
  • Carpeting
  • Divider curtain for cab over bed

Basic information

Standard 10-foot Avion camper coach weighs approximately 1,850 pounds and is designed to fit in popular 3/4-ton pickup trucks having 8-foot bed boxes. All plumbing, wiring and heating systems meet strict code approved standards of the Mobile Home Manufacturing Association ASA, 1.19 California factory units built to California codes.

Factory deliveries

Although we prefer customer pickups be made at your Avion dealer’s, factory pickups can be made Mondays through Fridays, by appointment and on advance notice. There is a factory service charge for wiring your truck and installing tiedown brackets. There is an additional factory charge for installing intercom systems.

Travelcading adds new excitement to Avion ownership

When you own an Avion, you are eligible to join the Travelcade Club. As a member, you enjoy the fellowship of experienced Avioners and the fun of Unit activities. Travelcaders partici9pate i local Rallies involving weekend or week long trips. They attend semi-annual Rendezvous. And, they also thrill to the high adventure of International Travelcade trips. Lasting friendship and memorable events are just some of the many benefits of Travelcading in your Avion. Truly, it opens up a wonderful new life for you. Get a Travelcade Club folder from your Avion dealer, or write.

Lifetime Guanteed Avion Travel Trailers — Quality Standard of the Industry

If you like to tow when you go, you’ll appreciate the masterful engineering and superb craftsmanship of Avion Travel Trailers. These magnificent units have the same lightweight riveted aluminum construction, aerodynamic styling and luxury features of Avion Camper Coaches. Choose from five lengths, 19 to 31 feet—any one a great road companion to the Avion Camper Coach. As you Avion dealer for a free Avion Travel Trailer catalog, or write.

Avion Camper Coaches and Travel Trailers are sold exclusively through franchised Avion dealers.

For more information about the Avion company, check out Robert Muncey’s book, Silver Avions and Cayos.

Truck Camper Adventure is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of all things related to the truck camper industry. If you have an historical piece, pamphlet, or brochure you’d like to see published, please contact us.

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