Boot Camp

An RV Propane Tank Warning

Most slide-in truck campers are equipped with a propane system. This system, which provides fuel for absorption refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, and furnaces. consists one or two propane cylinders or tanks, a two-stage propane regulator, [read more]

Maintenance and Repairs

Water Pump Fail!

RV water pumps are funny things. Sometimes they can last 10 years or longer; sometimes for just a few months. Usually when they fail it happens at the worst of times, like on a recent [read more]

Maintenance and Repairs

Fixing a Leaking RV Toilet

RV ownership certainly has its pros and cons. One con of RV ownership is maintenance with toilet and black tank repairs being, perhaps, the biggest and smelliest con of all. As you know, RV repairs [read more]

Maintenance and Repairs

Torklift Tie-Down Maintenance

This weekend we performed some much needed maintenance on my road and weather beaten Torklift Tie Downs. In case you’re unfamiliar with the system, the Torklift Tie-Downs consist of four independent, frame-mounted tie down receivers [read more]