Current List of Truck Camper Manufacturers

A Truck Camper Buyer's Guide

Truck Camper Adventure is proud to present this updated Truck Camper Buyer’s Guide. Despite the claims of some that the slide-in truck camper is dying breed of RV, there’s strong evidence that it isn’t. Most notably, rising sales and the presence of a healthy and vibrant manufacturing base. Sure, we occasionally learn of a truck camper company going out of business—Livin’ Lite and Eureka Campers being the most recent examples—yet a new company seems to pop up once a year as well. There’s no doubt about it, due to its numerous benefits, the truck camper isn’t going anywhere. The RV truck camper is more versatile, easier to drive, offers better fuel economy, and can be taken further off the beaten path compared to other types of RVs. It’s also easier to store and maintain, and in most states doesn’t require annual registration and title fees. When it comes to versatility and value, there isn’t a better RV on the planet.

So who makes the best truck camper? That depends on what you’re looking for. What might be the best truck camper for one person, might not make the grade for another. Things like cost, floorplans, construction, sizes, and options vary so much, that’s really an impossible question to answer. For example, an aluminum pop-up camper with a cassette toilet might be great for one person, but not so great for another who prefers a molded fiberglass hard-side camper with a standard toilet. Fortunately, consumers have a wide variety of choices when it comes to today’s truck camper.

This updated Truck Camper Buyer’s Guide not only provides a comprehensive list of active truck camper manufacturers—the most complete list on the web for other websites that copy our list—but also corresponding brands and models. Only North American companies are listed and includes both slide-in and chassis-mounted truck campers. Companies and camper models are linked where appropriate, especially if they’ve been ranked elsewhere on this site. This buyer’s guide will be regularly maintained as a service to the truck camper community. Unlike other guides and listings like those provided by Truck Camper Magazine, all truck camper companies are listed regardless of advertising status. This buyer’s guide will be expanded in time with even more information and graphics. If you see any inaccuracies or if anything needs to be updated, please let us know. So without further adieu, here is current list of truck camper manufacturers.

[Updated April 2021]

Adventurer Manufacturing (Adventurer, Eagle Cap, & Scout Brands)

Adventurer 901SB

Located at 3303 W. Washington Ave., Yakima, Washington 98903, (509)-895-7064. Maker of dealer sold hard-side truck campers consisting of the following three brands: Adventurer 80G, 80GS, 80RB, 86FB, 89RB, 89RBS, 901SB, 910DB, and 116DS. Eagle Cap 811, 960, 1160, 1165, and 1200. Scout Olympic, Yoho, and Kenai lightweight campers for half-ton and mid-size trucks. Established in 1969. (

Alaskan Campers

Alaskan 8.5 Cabover

Located at PO Box 766, 801 NW Kerron St. Winlock, Washington 98596, (360)-748-6494. Maker of factory direct hard-side pop-up campers. Cabover Models include the Alaskan 6.5, Alaskan 7, Alaskan 8, Alaskan 8.5, and Alaskan 10. Non-Cabover models the Alaskan 8 and the Alaskan 10. Flatbed models are also produced for most models including the Alaskan 8.5. Established in 1953 by Don Hall. (

All-Terrain Campers

ATC Bobcat

Located at 4391 Pell Dr., Suite E, Sacramento, California 95838, (800) 446-1003. Maker of factory direct pop-up campers. Models include the Bobcat and Lynx (mid-size trucks), the Panther and Ocelot (long-bed trucks), and the Cougar and Puma (short-bed trucks). Established in 2005. (

Armorlite Technologies

Located at 8124 McIntyre Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5C4, (780)-454-2766. Maker of the factory direct EXP-1 hard-side truck camper for full-size trucks and the EXP-2 for mid-size trucks. Established in 2014 by Jason Levesque. (

AT Overland

AT Overland Summit

Located at 697 6th St., Bldg. 4, Prescott, Arizona 86301, (877)-661-8097. Four Wheel Camper dealer, outfitter, and maker of the factory direct Summit, Habitat, and Atlas Truck Toppers. Established in 2001 by Mario Donovan and Martyn Davies. (

Bahn Camper Works

Bahn Camper Works Custom Flatbed

Located at 1016 Industrial St. Hood River, Oregon 97031, (240)-481-5383. Custom maker of factory direct fiberglass truck campers. Flatbed models are also produced. Established in 2016 by Ryan Bahn. (

Bigfoot Industries

Bigfoot 25C9.4SB

Located at 4114 Crozier Rd., Armstrong, British Columbia, V0E 1B6, (250)-546-2155. Maker of dealer sold fiberglass hard-side truck campers. Bigfoot 1500 Series: 15C8.2FR; 15C9.5FS and 15C9.5FRSB; and 15C9.5FS and 15C9.5FRLB. Bigfoot 2500 Series: 25C9.4SB, 25C9.4LB, and 25C10.4 and 25C10.6ELB. Established in 1988. (

Bison Overland

Located at 6102 W. Edison, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127, (918) 261-1513. Maker of Space Wrangler of flatbed pop-up truck camper. Available as either a shell or fully outfitted. Established in 2020 by Drew Phillips and Cody Dinsmore. (


Bundutec Wild

Located at 111 Washington St., Raymond, Iowa 50667, (319)-234-0071. Semi-custom maker of factory direct and dealer sold Topi, Bushbaby, Sable, Wild, Free, Bunducamp pop-up campers and Riptide and BunduVry hard-side campers. Flatbed models are also produced like the Odyssey. Established in 2013 by Rory Willet, formerly of Northstar Campers. (

Cache Camper Manufacturing, Inc.

Located at 7593 E Ashmore Ave., Palmer, Alaska 99645, (907) 745-4061. Cache Camper makes custom campers and canopies that are especially designed for Alaska’s unique environment.  The company was created in the fall of 1971 Dennis Wyatt. To go along with the custom manufacturing and repairs, Cache Camper carries over 25,000 parts in stock to assist the do-it-yourselfers. (

Capri Campers

Capri Retreat

Located at 26980 US Hwy 377 N., Bluff Dale, Texas 76433, (254)-728-3226. Maker of factory direct and dealer sold Cowboy (non-cabover) and Retreat (cabover) hard-side truck campers. Established in 1969. (

Coyote RV (Phoenix Campers)

Phoenix Mini-Max

Located at 6035 E. 76th Ave., Commerce City, Colorado 80022, (303)-286-3921. Custom maker of factory direct pop-up and hard-side truck campers including a single model offering called the Mini-Max pop-up truck camper. Established in 1988 by Rob Rowe. (


Adventure Mod 300

Located at 61510 American Ln. #140, Bend, Oregon 97702, (541)-706-9101. Maker of factory direct EarthCruiser EXD and EarthCruiser EXP chassis-mounted expedition rigs as well as the GZL 300 and GZL 400 and the Adventure Mod 300 and Adventure Mod 400 pop-up truck campers. Established in 2008 by Lance Gillies. (


EarthRoamer XV-LTS

Located at 5073 Silver Peak Ave., Dacono, Colorado 80514, (303) 833-7330. Maker of factory direct EarthRoamer LTS (Ford F-550) and EarthRoamer HD (Ford F-750) chassis-mounted expedition rigs. Established in 2003. (

EZ Lite

EZ Lite Compact

Located at 1204 Broadway, El Cajon, California 92021, (619) 442-4703. Maker of factory direct low-profile hard-side and pop-up truck campers. EZ Lite pop-up models: Compact, Full-Size Short-Bed, Full-Size Long-Bed, and Full-Size Self Contained. EZ Lite Hard-side models: 8.0, 9.01, 11FRKD, 8.01, 11.0, Compact, 9.4, 11.01, Compact Long-Bed, and Fun Sport Shell. Established in 1988. Truck Camper Buyer’s Guide. (

Forest River (Palomino Campers)

Located at 1047 M-86, Colon, Michigan 49040, (269)-432-3271. Maker of dealer sold hard-side (HS) and soft-side (SS) truck campers. Backpack HS-650, HS-1601, HS-750, HS-8801, HS-2901, HS-2902, HS-2910, SS-1200, SS-1240, SS-1251, SS-1500, SS-500, and SS-550. Real Lite HS-1801, HS-1803, HS-1804, HS-1806, HS-1910, HS-1912, HS-1914, SS-1600, SS-1604, SS-1605, SS-1608, SS-1609, and SS-1610. Established in 1968. (

Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers

FWC Hawk

Located at 109 Pioneer Ave., Woodland, California 95776, (530)-666-1442. Maker of factory direct and dealer sold pop-up truck campers. Mid-Size Trucks: Fleet (6-foot bed) and Swift (5-foot bed). Full-Size Trucks: Raven (5-foot beds), Hawk (6-foot beds), and Grandby (8-foot bed). Flatbed models are also produced for the Fleet, Hawk, and Grandby. Established in 1972 by Dave Rowe. (

Global Expedition Vehicles

GXV Adventure Truck

Located at 444 W. Tampa St., Springfield, Missouri 65806, (417)-582-5050. Semi-custom maker of factory direct Adventure Truck, Adventure-XT, Turtle, UXV, UXV-Max, Safari Extreme, Patagonia, Pangea, Pangea-LT chassis-mounted expedition rigs. Established in 2006 by Michael Van Pelt. (

Hallmark RV

Milner 6.5

Located at 12524 Weld County Rd. 25.5, Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621, (877)-659-5753. Maker of factory direct pop-up truck campers: EXC (5- and 6-foot beds), LaVeta 6.5, Milner 6.5, K2/Guanella 8, Ute 8.5, Everest 8.5, and Cuchara XL 9.5. Flatbed models are also produced. Established in 1958 by Hubert Ward. (

Hiatus Campers

Located at 18712 SE May Valley Road, Issaquah, Washington 98027, (206) 383-4561. Maker of factory direct hard-side pop-up truck toppers for mid-size and full-size trucks. The company’s unique pop-up design, which features no canvas in the pop-up part of the camper, is patent pending. Established in 2019 by Erin Sofinowski and Tyler Thompson. (

Host Campers

Host Mammoth 11-5

Located at 20526 Murray Rd., Bend, Oregon 97701, (541)-330-2328. Maker of factory direct and dealer sold hard-side, double- and triple-slide truck campers: Host Tahoe SB 9.5, Rainer SB 9.5, Rainer 9.5, Cascade 10.5, Everest 11.5, and Mammoth 11.5. The Host chassis-mounted expedition rig is also made. Established in 2000 by Dave Hogue and Mark Storch. (

Kimbo Campers

Kimbo 6

Located at 1645 Jill’s Court 106, Bellingham, Washington 98226, (360) 922-2339. Maker of factory direct Kimbo 6 and Kimbo 8 aluminum hard-side truck campers. Established in 2017 by Mark King. (

KingStar Campers

KingStar Camino-88

Factory located at 47555 Main St., Houghton, Michigan 49931; headquartered in Carefree, Arizona, (480) 686-1302. Maker of the factory direct 3/4-ton and one-ton Camino 88 truck camper and innovative horse trailers. Established in 2018 by Marcus Niemela. (

Lance Campers

Lance 855s

Located at 43120 Venture St., Lancaster, California 93535-4510, (661)-941-9255. Maker of dealer sold hard-side truck campers. Short-bed campers: Lance 650, Lance 825, Lance 855s, and Lance 865. Long-bed campers: Lance 850, Lance 960, Lance 975, Lance 995, Lance 1062, and Lance 1172. Established in 1965. (

Nimbl Vehicles (XP Camper)

Located at 1213 S Auburn St., Colfax, California 95713, (855)-957-0507. Semi-custom maker of the factory direct flatbed Nimbl Evolution. Established in 2009 by Marc Wassman (XP Campers) and sold to Be Change LLC in the summer of 2019 in a foreclosure auction. Relaunched in May 2020 as Nimbl Vehicles. (

Northern Lite

Northern Lite 8-11SE

Located at 322 Totom Ct.,  Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 5W6, (250)-765-3702. Maker of factory direct and dealer sold fiberglass hard-side truck campers. Short-bed campers: Northern Lite 8-11SE, 8-11SP, 8-11LE wet and dry bath models. Long-bed campers: Northern Lite 9-6 and 10-2SE, 10-2SP, 10-2LE wet and dry bath models. Established in 1989. (

Northwood Manufacturing (Arctic Fox & Wolf Creek Brands)

Arctic Fox 811

Located at 59948 Downs Rd., PO Box 3359, La Grande, Oregon 97850, (541)-962-6274. Maker of dealer sold hard-side truck campers. Arctic Fox 811, 865, 990, 992, 1140 wet bath, 1140 dry bath, 1150 wet bath, and 1150 dry-bath. Wolf Creek 840, 850, and 890. Established in 1993 by Ron Nash. (

NuCamp RV (Cirrus Brand)

Cirrus 820

Located at 661 Belden Pkwy, Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681, (330)-852-4811. Maker of dealer sold Cirrus 620, Cirrus 720, Cirrus 820, and Cirrus 920 hard-side truck campers. Established in 2015. (

Outfitter Manufacturing

Caribou Lite 6.5

Located at 4002 N. Valley Dr., Longmont, Colorado 80504, (970)-535-9421. Semi-custom maker of factory direct pop-up truck campers. Models include the Caribou, Caribou Lite 6.5, Apex 8, Apex 8 LB, Apex 9.5, and Juno 8.5 SB, and Juno 10. Established in 2001 by Brian Ward. (

Overland Explorer Vehicles


Located at 140 – 8319 Chiles Industrial Ave., Red Deer, Alberta, T4P 1H2, (403)-346-9199. Semi-custom maker of the Camp-X and Camp-M pop-up campers, the Camp-HBE flatbed pop-up, and the Summit chassis-mounted hard-side camper. Established in 2015. (

Provan Industries

Bengal Tiger Vehicle

Located at 4837 Edmund Hwy, West Columbia, South Carolina 29170, (803) 955-3001. Semi-custom maker of the Bengal Tiger Adventure Vehicle, a chassis-mounted expedition rig. Established in 1986 by Dave Rowe. (

R.C. Willett Co. (Northstar Campers)

Located at 3040 Leversee Rd., Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613, (319) 233-3461. Semi-custom maker of factory direct and dealer sold pop-up and hard-side truck campers. Hard-side models: Liberty, 8.5 Adventurer, Laredo SC, Laredo SS, 8.5 Arrow U, 9.5 Igloo U, 12STC. Pop-up models: 600SS, 700SS, TC650, TC800, 650SC, and 850SC. Established in 1961 by Ralph Willet under the original name of Texson Campers. (

Rossmonster Overland

Rugged Mountain Campers

Polar 860

Located at 1412 Freedom Ave., Caldwell, Idaho 83605, (208)-602-9004. Maker of factory direct and dealer sold hard-side truck campers. Granite 9RL and Granite 11RL; Polar 860 and Polar 990. Established in 2014 by Jesse Collingsworth. (

SuperTramp Campers

Located at 720 Corporate Circle, Suite E, Golden, Colorado 80403, (720) 724-5788. Maker of the Flagship 6.5, a molded fiberglass composite pop-up truck camper. Founded in 2018 by Keith Panich. (

Total Composites

Located in Victoria, BC, Canada. Maker of composite truck camper shells in 5-foot, 6.5-foot, and 8-foot floor lengths. The company, through one of its three affiliates, provides the shell while the DIY builder outfits the interior. Founded in 2020. (

Travel Lite RV

Located at 71913 County Rd. 23, New Paris, Indiana 46553, (855)-831-3525. Maker of dealer sold hard-side truck campers. Super Lite 590, 610R, 610SL, 625SL, 690FD, 700SL, 770R, and 770SL. Extended Stay 800, 800BX, 840SBRX, 890RX, 890SBRX, and 960RX. Rayzr SS, FK, FB, FB-M. Established in 1998. (

This concludes our updated Truck Camper Buyer’s Guide. Please let us know if we’ve omitted a company by mistake or if a change has occurred in any way. We consider this list a service to the truck camper industry.

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      • I see that is true after reading Wikipedia. Oddly, the web site still functions, which left me with the impression they were still a viable business. Leave it to Thor to mess things up.

        • Also might be interesting to create a “buyers guide” for out of business/production brands of TC’s. Would help folks when they stumble into the truly oddball campers. I found a Roamer listed (in Nebraska) on Craigslist the other day (rather rough looking, poor pics too) and when I Googled it, your article came up. Interesting that the Bronze colored Ram in the publicity pic is virtually identical to my truck, including the color.

  1. Thanks Mike for your recent work on the site. The direction that Host is going with battery’s should prove to be very popular with there high end customer base. Our society is changing as people make more money. I have noticed through house sales that people want turn key packages. I think Host has gone in a lucrative direction and it would pay other builders to take note of there success selling battery packages in a turn key product.

    I never get tired of looking at the increasing list of truck camper builders. Quality and innovation seem to be on the rise and that’s a great thing for us consumers.

    Notable observations from your list include that eye popping Earth Roamer rig, yea it’s got limitations but it sure looks cool. For my money thou, tradition will always win out. That Bigfoot rig offers looks and balance. The new 11 foot Granite offers the same with the needed room, unfortunately the rig came in a little portly. The extra weight would surly comprise my need to pull a large trailer with 500 to 700 pounds of tongue weight. With all these choices my first pick has not changed. With a dinette like the Granite and a quality pull out tray like the Mammoth, the STC from Northstar could be the perfect TC for me.

  2. Mike,
    That’s a fine synopsis of current TC manufactures you’ve put together. I don’t think your readers have any idea how much work goes into producing even this short list: all the fact checking and stat review in a constantly changing environment where mfgrs. come and go. It takes all kinds, and as long as there is a buyer for your product, the sifting process will continue. jefe

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