Interested in listing your truck and camper in the Truck Camper Adventure classifieds? It’s easy. We require two things to post an ad. First, a good write-up of at least three paragraphs, but we encourage more. Using bullets in your write-up is actually encouraged, but we will not accept ads consisting of bullets only (an acceptable write-up with have three paragraphs about your rig and why you are selling it along with one to two groups of bullets). Second, up to 10 high resolution photos of about 1 mb or higher. All exterior and most interior photos should have a horizontal or landscape orientation with a 4:3 aspect ratio. For your write-up, we recommend using either email, MS Word, or Pages. Formatting the text is neither required nor desired, though some bullets are okay. Photographs (JPG or PNG files only, no HEIC) can be submitted via email (one or two files per email is preferred), Dropbox, or by a weblink. Our email address is

Our standards are much higher than Craigslist, RV Trader and the like. As such, your ad must reflect well on our publication. This means your ad must be approved before we agree to post it. Interior photos of the truck and camper should be clean and tidy with no evidence of damage or delamination on the exterior of the camper. More importantly, trucks and campers should be fully functional and should also be priced to sell. While a detailed write-up is essential, nothing sells a truck and camper quicker than good photos. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the best examples can be found at this link.

Still not sure if listing your used truck and camper with us is worth it? Truck Camper Adventure has a nationwide reach with an average readership of 2.5 million per year. It’s also one of the few sales outlets that feature detailed, high resolution photographs. Not only that, but a good number of our readers are looking to buy a truck and camper, which is usually why they read Truck Camper Adventure in the first place. Sure, most are looking to buy new, but a good number will strongly consider going used if the truck and camper is in good condition and is priced to sell. As a matter of fact, its been our experience that lightly used truck and camper combinations sell quickly since the required truck camper add-ons like the tie-downs and turnbuckles are already provided.

Listing your truck camper on Truck Camper Adventure is a bargain. The cost is only $109 and can be paid either through Venmo or Paypal. Your ad will remain active until sold and will appear several times in our weekly newsletter. Your ad will stay active on Truck Camper Adventure until your truck or camper sells. To date, we have an excellent track record when it comes to selling trucks and campers, though if your rig is overpriced, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t sell. Truck Camper Adventure classified ads are typically posted on Saturdays. Contact us at to begin the process of listing your truck and/or camper today.

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