Four Wheel Campers Announces Big 2024 Updates Including Roof Lift Systems

Four Wheel Campers, the world’s leading producer of pop-up truck campers, just announced the addition of several new standard features and options for 2024. According to the press release, these new updates include two automatic roof lift mechanisms, new heating and kitchen products, lithium batteries, a DC air conditioner, a thermal pack for winter camping, and underbed storage for select slide-in models. Without a doubt, these 2024 updates are the most significant updates ever released by Four Wheel Campers.

“Our campers have been long thought of as the go-to option for decades of reliability over very challenging terrain,” said Dan Welty, Four Wheel Camper President. “To complement this strength, these new products and features deliver an enhanced user experience. The ideas for these new products came from dealers, customers, prospective customers, and employees. The selection of key partners with premium products is key. Partners like Dakota Lithium, Redarc, Victron, and Truma has helped us successfully bring these new features and products to our customers.”

A description of each new Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper offering is provided below:

Automatic Roof Lifts

Two new optional roof lift assist products enable customers to automatically raise their roofs. A heavier roof makes it more challenging for some to manually lift. The new lift assists are a solution for users with a combination of roof racks, solar panels, roof vents, air conditioners, storage boxes, surf boards, sups, canoes, and kayaks. For customers with existing campers, one of the new lift assist products comes with a kit that includes the required parts, how-to installation instructions, and a how-to install video link. Installation can be done by a Four Wheel Camper dealer or by the camper owner. The interior roof lift option is retrofittable while the exterior roof lift is not.

Outside view of New Exterior Roof Lift Mechanism
Interior view of new Exterior Roof Lift Mechanism
View of new retrofitable Interior Roof Mechanism

Dakota Lithium Batteries

Now standard in all fully-featured campers is a totally redesigned power system complete with lithium batteries. This new system features larger gauge wires with a Victron battery monitor and display, a Redarc Manager 30 with solar charge controller, a DC-DC charger, and your choice of one, two, or three Dakota 135 amp hour lithium batteries. These batteries are backed by an 11-year warranty and come with their very own battery monitoring system (BMS) to prevent damage during freezing temperatures.

DC Air Conditioner

In some regions, there is a serious need for air conditioning to make summer camping more enjoyable. Now, with the combination of lithium batteries, an automated roof lift, and the new Nomadic Cooling X2 DC Air Conditioner, camping with air conditioning in a Four Wheel Camper is now a reality. The 8,188 BTU unit weighs only 44 pounds, consumes only 27 amps in ECO mode and 55 amps in MAX mode, and presents a low profile. AC is now available on 90 percent of all Four Wheel Campers models.

Nomadic Cooling X2 DC Air Conditioner

Truma Furnace and Water Heater

Truma furnaces and water heaters are known for industry-leading reliability and performance. The furnaces are quieter, offer more precise temperature management, and perform better at higher elevations. All campers with furnaces and, or water heaters will now be equipped with a Truma VarioHeat furnace and Truma AquaGo Comfort water heater. The 17-pound VarioHeat offers three modes of operation: Level 1: 4,700 BTU, Level 2: 8,900 BTU, and Level 3: 11,500 BTU, consuming only .65 amps, 2.75 amps, and 5.4 amps respectively. With the Truma AquaGo, owners will have instant hot water as long as there is water in their tanks—no wasted water waiting for the shower to heat up. And the Truma VarioHeat is a compact furnace option that delivers efficient heating while preserving much-needed storage space. The AquaGo weighs only 34 pounds and consumes less than 2.5 amps between 20,000 and 60,000 BTUs. Each is retrofittable in existing Four Wheel Campers.

Truma AquaGo On-Demand Water Heater
Truma VarioHeat duct

Flush-Mount Sink and Cooktop

Flush-mount sinks and stoves now come standard in all Four Wheel Camper slide-in and flatbed models. The new Dometic stovetop offers not only good looks, but more cooking space. Like the stovetop, the Dometic sink comes with a cover that maximizes countertop when not in use.

New Dometic propane cooktop and kitchen sink with cover

Underbed Storage

A popular feature of flatbed Four Wheel Camper models, underbed storage is now available as an option for slide-in camper models. The underbed storage adds welcomed space of 72 x 58-inches long and 4 inches deep. In addition to the enhanced space, the underbed storage delivers an aesthetic improvement to the camper extension over the truck cab. Also, the extended cabover length translates to a reduction in the slide-out portion of the bed. This means the slide-out bed doesn’t consume as much camper living space. Lastly, on models with underbed storage, the interior height increases 4 inches from 6 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 10 inches, adding to the already spacious feel inside the camper.

Underbed storage

New Thermal Pack

If you enjoy true winter camping, this is the option for you. The Thermal Pack employs three layers of quilted material. But that’s not all. The option also includes small Thermal Pack coverings for the lower glass windows down in the camper area. This provides the best cold weather protection offered by Four Wheel Campers to date. It’s also a good sound barrier in case you have noisy neighbors at the campsite next to you. Better yet, the Thermal Pack can be left on the camper year round, removed when you want, and the camper roof will still go up and down with the thermal pack installed.

New Fabric Colors

New for 2024, Four Wheel Campers is offering three new fabric colors to accommodate any taste: green, brown, and gray.

These new offerings by Four Wheel Campers are significant. They are more than just new fabric colors and interior finishes, important as these are. We can comfortably say that they are the most significant updates and changes ever offered by Four Wheel Campers. Yes, lithium batteries and solar power have changed the game considerably by allowing things like DC air conditioners to be used off-grid, but the fact that Four Wheel Campers is now offering two automated roof lift systems signals a major change for the California-based manufacturer that offered only a manual roof lift before. More importantly, it also shows that the company is listening to customers, dealers, and websites like Truck Camper Adventure that have been calling for these changes.

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