Four Wheel Campers Releases Project M Portable Power Solution

Our friends at Four Wheel Campers just released a portable power solution for their popular Project M truck topper. According to the company, the new power box comes with several features including a 750 watt inverter, two USB ports, a 12 volt socket, and two 30 amp AC outlets. The new power option will include one or more charging solutions that will include either truck alternator charging or solar power, or a combination of the two.

With the pre-wire option on the Project M, a Four Wheel Camper dealer or the FWC factory will be able to install the solution. As shown in the photo above, FWC will install small pieces of L-Track to the 13-inch-wide side shelf where the wiring is located. FWC will then secure the portable power box onto the L-Track via robust straps. The company will handle the electrical component hookups, creating a simple, turnkey solution.

The AGM power box is rated for 75 amp hours and features the following outputs:

  • A separate 750 Watt Inverter (Modified Sine Wave) with two 110 volt AC Outlets and one 2.0 amp USB ports
  • Four 2.1 amp USB Ports
  • 12 Volt Socket
  • Two 30 amp Powerpole Outlets

Inputs for the portable AGM power box includes:

  • An 8 Amp Battery Charger (recharges battery from 120 Volt AC Power) for home use
  • A 15 Amp solar controller MPPT (only with above Solar option)
  • A 12 Volt Truck Battery Separator (requires above Truck Charging option)

As part of this new AGM power box offering, Four Wheel Campers is offering the following charging options:

  • $1,395 – AGM 12 Volt Battery (75 amp hours) Power Solution
  • $1,650 – AGM 12 Volt Battery (75 amp hours) Power Solution plus Truck Alternator Charging
  • $2,295 – AGM 12 Volt Battery (75 amp hours) Power Solution plus 160 watt Solar Panel
  • $2,495 – AGM 12 Volt Battery (75 amp hours) Power Solution plus 160 watt Solar and Truck Charging
  • $595 – Installation Charge – Standard
  • $750 – Installation Charge – Plus Charging via Truck

With a maximum weight of only 425 pounds, the Project M truck topper is designed and built for the outdoors-enthusiast who wants a camper that is ultra-light and rugged for off-roading, while retaining use of the bed of the truck for hauling gear or home construction projects. Like all Four Wheel Camper products, the Project M features an all-aluminum welded frame, aluminum siding, and a one-piece aluminum roof. Style options include a tech-chic matte-black diamond plate, and a smooth aluminum with colors such as gloss black, gloss gray, metallic gray, white, gloss khaki, gloss and red. The new topper also features a fully insulated roof and sides, providing comfortable sleeping at or below temperatures of 30 degrees.

The Four Wheel Camper Project M

Unlike some truck toppers featuring a wedge-style pop top, the FWC Project M truck topper offers a full-length pop top, offering an impressive 6 feet 6 inches of interior standing room. The bottom, hard-sided portion of the camper includes three standard windows (includes door) and the option for more. The manually deployed pop-up portion features four large windows with screens, clear, and black out covers. Campers are pre-wired for solar and batteries. Mattress sizes vary by truck with queen-size beds available for a Toyota Tacoma mid-size truck and a king-size bed for full-size trucks like the Ford F-150.

For further information and to schedule a Power Solution installation, please contact a Four Wheel Camper dealer or the Four Wheel Camper factory in Woodland, California.

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