Torklift Releases ‘North Hitch’ Hidden Front Hitch

You asked for it, you got it. Torklift International just released a concealed front receiver hitch called the North Hitch. Unlike other front hitch assemblies, the North Hitch is accessible, easy to install, and will not increase the overall length of the truck, an important consideration for those who store their trucks in small garages.

The North Hitch fills an important need in the truck camper community. According to Torklift, the hitch will never impact ground clearance, nor will it ever impede engine air flow. And unlike other front hitch options, which are conspicuously mounted below the grille, the North Hitch remains hidden, yet is accessible without the need for an adapter or hitch extension. The North Hitch is compatible with a host of front hitch-mounted accessories, including bike racks, winch mounts, snow plows, and the Lock and Load, Torklift’s popular cargo security tray.

So what’s the difference between the North Hitch and Torklift’s recently released EcoHitch? The North Hitch is a heavy-duty front hitch made specifically for the front end of trucks and vans, while the EcoHitch is made for the rear of trucks and vehicles.

The North Hitch is engineered to meet stringent national SAE J684 towing safety standards for front hitches using US steel. The hitch is available in 2-inch class 3 designs for Ford, Chevy, Ram, and Mercedes trucks. Class 3 hitches like the North Hitch are rated to handle up to a gross trailer weight of 10,000 pounds and a maximum trailer tongue weight of 1,000 pounds. The unit weighs between 60 to 70 pounds, depending on the year, make, and model of the truck.

The Torklift North Hitch is easy to install and features a no-drill design that bolts directly to the frame using pre-existing bolt holes. According to Torklift, the hitch is being made alongside another trusted product in the industry, the Torklift SuperHitch.

Pricing for Torklift’s North Hitch starts at $299. The North Hitch is proudly made in the USA and comes with Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty. Based out of Kent, Washington, Torklift International has been in business since 1976 when the company started making their own line of commercial-grade hitches.

The North Hitch is compatible with the Torklift Lock and Load Security Cargo Tray
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  1. This looks like a very well-thought out design, and much better than anything I have seen regarding ground clearance. I could use one of these to help with lightening the load on my rear axle by hauling my generator or bikes up front. Unfortunately Torklift dos not make them for my F150. Maybe if they get enough requests from interested readers they might consider fabricating one.

  2. Just had one installed yesterday on my 2019 F350. Still says Torklift, but same part # as North Hitch. As expected Torklift engineers did a great job. When not in use and the license plate holder is inserted you have no idea there is a hitch behind it.

  3. I have this front hitch on my 2017 Ford F350 with the 6.2 gas engine. When I got mine Torklift called it the Eco Hitch. Not sure whey they changed the name of it but it is by far the most solid front hitch I have seen. What I also like is the fact that it bolts up high, directly to the frame and you lose no ground clearance at all with it.

    The the license plate insert bracket, you would never even know it is there unless you do not have a front license plate. With a 10,000 lb pulling capacity and 1000 lb tongue weight, this front receiver hitch is very capable and I can highly recommend it.

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