‘Stow N’ Go’ Entry Step Announced by Torklift

Revolutionary Step Stores In Transit

Our friends at Torklift International recently debuted a new truck camper product for the GlowStep line called the “Stow N’ Go.” The steps are mounted to the bumper or to the rear of the camper using a specially designed snap-lock metal bracket. When stored away for transit, the truck camper steps stay firmly collapsed and in place, ready for immediate use. It’s a simple yet revolutionary design.

“Customers can now avoid dealing with the hassle of bungee cording their steps for storage or removing them completely from their step mounting location and storing them in their camper or truck,” explained Torklift General Manager Jay Taylor. “With the new Stow N’ Go they can simply keep their steps stored on the back of their camper ready to use while they’re driving down the road without concern of damage.”

“At Torklift we listen to what our customers want,” said Taylor. “One of the most common requests for products is a better way to store camper steps. With the Stow N’ Go, they get that. According to Torklift, the Stow N’ Go also includes Torklift’s All-Terrain Landing Gear, a pair of leveling feet that bring the steps all the way to the ground. The Landing Gear are capable of adjusting to any imperfections on the ground like rocks and tree roots.

The Stow N’ Go is sold in units of three to six steps and features the ability to add or remove steps should you change or upgrade to a new truck camper. Like the original GlowStep design, the Stow N’ Go steps feature SureGrip tread to provide a no-slip surface as well as the ability to glow in the dark for up to 10 hours with only five minutes of light exposure.

“If you already own a set of the GlowSteps we’ve made it easy to get the features of the Stow N’ Go,” said Taylor. “We offer the Stow N’ Go bracket option to upgrade your current GlowStep camper steps.” This step system is also compatible with all other GlowStep accessories including the SafeStep pet safety barrier, DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment and GlowGuide handrail, providing the ultimate in truck camper step safety and comfort.

The Stow N’ Go truck camper step, like all Torklift products, is proudly made in the USA and comes with Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty.

This looks like a great product and one that is overdue in the truck camper community. Kudos to Torklift for listening to truck campers owners looking for a stowable truck camper step solution.

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