Loki Releases Photos and Specs of New Icarus Prototype

Loki Basecamp just released photos and specifications of its brand-new composite truck camper called the Icarus. The photos, which were released by the Canadian-based manufacturer today, show an Icarus 8 prototype mounted on a Ford F-350 long-bed truck powered by the Power Stroke 6.7L Scorpion diesel. The company was hoping to reveal the camper at the recent Overland Expo West, but due to supply-chain issues was unable to meet that target date. The camper was first announced to the public in August 2021.

Named after a battleship in the sci-fi TV series The Battlestar Galactica, the Icarus is modern in both looks and function. Construction of the low-profile hard-side consists of a fiberglass hull reinforced with orange aluminum “bumpers” for extra strength and protection from tree branches and other off-road hazards. Insulation of the four-season camper is provided by double density synthetic R16 composite panels, which provide an excellent barrier against not only the cold and heat, but also against condensation. The rounded fiberglass exterior and two-door, open-air tailgate mimics the appearance and features found in the many campers being produced in Europe today. The camper’s graphics package, featuring topographic contour lines, is attractive and tastefully accents the camper in a major way.

According to the fledgling company, the Icarus is being offered in two sizes for full-size pickup trucks: the Icarus 6 for short-bed pickup trucks with 6-foot bed lengths and the Icarus 8 for long-bed pickup trucks. The dry weight of the Icarus 8, as shown, weighs only 2,500 pounds, perfect for most 3/4-ton trucks and all one-ton trucks being produced by Ford, GM, and Ram.

Like the slightly larger Falcon, the Icarus’ floorplan features a mud room, a lounge, a kitchenette, and a cabover bedroom with a number of modular features. The mud room features a removable indoor shower, rail systems for drying equipment, an ARB air compressor, and a convertible seating and table area, while the lounge is equipped with multi-function seating and a table, anchor points for additional bed and removable storage, and portable toilet storage. The kitchenette sports a mobile induction cooktop, a stainless steel sink with a foldable tap and cover, a garbage and recycling bin, and a 12 volt compressor refrigerator, while the bedroom offers a collapsible 75×54-inch bed, reading lamps, dimmable LED lighting, and various USB and AC/DC outlets. The collapsible bed allows the owner to maximize the use of the interior during the day, while enjoying the comforts of full-size bed at night.

The space-age camper features the latest in off-grid technology with an electrical system consisting of a massive 600 amp hour lithium battery bank, a 2,000 watt inverter, and a 300 watt solar power system. Cooling for the four-season camper is provided by a low amperage Autoclima 12 volt air conditioner, while heating is provided by an efficient Webasto EVO-40 furnace. Holding tank sizes for the slide-in truck camper consist of 15 gallons fresh, 13 gallons grey, and a 5 gallon Webasto diesel tank. No doubt, the small size of the fresh water holding tank was limited by the oversized lithium battery, which is a fair tradeoff all things considered.

Most truckers are familiar with the Autoclima Fresco 9000 Maxx air conditioner and the Webasto EVO-40 furnace. Each has been used extensively in the trucking industry for years. The Autoclima Fresco 9000 Maxx is particularly noteworthy. The air conditioner consists of three pieces: an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor and consumes between only 25 and 55 amps per hour, a significant reduction compared to the popular Coleman 120 volt Coleman Mach 8 that consumes 100 amps DC per hour. Using an established, low amperage air conditioner like the Fresco 9000 Maxx is a win-win for those who want true off-grid independence.

Exterior features of the Icarus includes front exterior LED bars up to 48,000 lumens, utility LEDs on the rear and sides, a retractable canopy, a utility roof rack, side supports, a spare tire rack, a secondary rear door, a multi-purpose utility drawer, and double Lexan windows with roller blackout blinds and bug screens.

The Icarus 6 and Icarus 8 joins the Falcon 6 and Falcon 8 in Loki Basecamp’s growing catalog of high-end, modular off-road campers. The starting price for the Loki Basecamp Icarus is $69,000. To learn more visit the Loki Basecamp website at www.lokibasecamp.com.

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  1. Nice innovation but they always build these way to small. Seems like ever new camper model is tiny. IMO. Which I know is good I guess for some but please build some bigger versions as well.

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