German Bimobil Husky 230 Mid-Size Truck Camper is a Head-Turner

The demand for truck campers is at a record high across the globe. One of the better-known brands in Europe is Bimobil-Von Liebe GmbH. This brand, founded in 1977 by Raimund von Liebe, is based in Oberpframmern, Germany, employs over 60 people, and makes more than 100 campers per year. The company’s extensive catalog includes motorhomes, expedition vehicles, Husky pick-ups, custom builds, overlanding gear, a demountable system for truck campers, and more. In this article, we take a closer look at the Bimobil Husky 230, an innovative chassis-mounted truck camper from the company’s “Husky pick-ups” series.

When you first lay eyes on the Bimobil Husky 230, the first thing you’ll notice is the side door, a rarity for campers of this size. Depending on the layout and specifications, the camper weighs about 1,320 pounds and is made specifically for mid-size imports like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux double cab trucks. A rugged design, the Bimobil Husky 230 is suitable for four-season use and is constructed of insulated, high-grade sandwich panels and insulated windows. The cabinets are color coated, waterproof-glued, and durable. You can also customize the internal colors of the camper to your liking. As one would expect, the camper also features the company’s demountable system, a huge bonus for a chassis-mounted camper.

Like most truck campers in America, the Bimobil Husky 230 offers all of the amenities of home, including a kitchen, the wardrobe/stowage, a wet-bath, a cabover sleeping area, and a dinette. Standards include seat storage boxes, hanging lockers, linen cupboard, cutlery drawer, chrome-plated fittings, towel holders, mirror, stainless steel hob/sink combination, mixer chrome-tap with the fold-away feature, enameled basin, a Thetford swivel cassette toilet, a skylight, gas bottle compartment, overhead storage lockers, and a Formica countertop.

Interior of the Husky 230 Layout 3

The interior of this mid-size camper is quite unique. The kitchen in the Husky 230 kitchen comes with a large countertop, a stainless steel hob/sink combo with a glass lid, a 60L refrigerator, a fold-away water tap, a cutlery drawer, and two large storage compartments. The wet-bath measures roughly 26 x 39 inches and features a large mirror, shower tray, a foldable corner washbasin, a roof hood, the aforementioned Thetford swivel cassette toilet, and a storage shelf. The wardrobe is approximately 47 inches high with a large shelf on top, something we wish was found in truck campers made in America.

Like American campers in this weight class, the cabover sleeping area in the Bimobil Husky 230 features an east-west arrangement. The height of the cabover measures between 31-35 inches, somewhat cramped on long outings but doable. The sleeping compartment comes with a foam mattress, a Froli Modular Sleep System, and furnace ventilation for cold winter nights. Being an east-west bed, the length of the cabover is 63-inches long.

Bimobil Husky 230 Layouts

The Bimobil Husky 230 comes in two cleverly-designed layouts—the Husky 230 2L and Husky 230 3—the latter of which can accommodate up to four people. However, all the appliances and features inside the camper are generally the same. Of the two, Layout 2L offers the most interior walking space, while Layout 3 is better for small families due to the larger dinette and dinette sleeper.

View of the Husky 230 2L Layout though the open-air tailgate.

Layout 2L

Layout 2L is our favorite of the two. The dinette with face-to-face benches is located at the rear from where you can enjoy a panoramic view through the massive open-air rear tailgate “window.” Like its American counterparts, you can convert the dinette into a bed when needed. Even though the dinette is asymmetrical, it can be fitted with an extension on one side to widen the narrower seat. The dinette is built onto a raised floor area, which forms a large storage area across the width of the camper and is accessible from both inside and outside the camper.

Husky 230 2L Layout

In Layout 2L, a wall with an integral spice rack separates the galley from the dinette. The kitchen is fitted with either a Formica or Corian countertop, a stainless steel hob/sink combination with smoked glass lid, a fold-away mixer chrome tap, a 60L refrigerator, a cutlery drawer, and lots of cupboard space. A large wardrobe with one shelf is next to the galley and features a small step, which is used to access the cabover.

The bathroom is located opposite the kitchen and comes with a fitted shower tray, an enameled basin, a large mirror, a small shelf, a skylight, and a swivel cassette toilet. Overhead storage lockers are built over the galley, around the rear seating of the camper, and on one side of the cabover.

Layout 3

In Layout 3, the kitchen is located in the rear of the cabin right next to the entrance. The galley is fitted with a either a Formica or a Corian countertop, a stainless steel hob/sink combination with smoked glass lid, a fold-away chrome mixer tap, a 60L refrigerator, a cutlery drawer, and extra storage space. The bathroom, which is located next to the galley, comes with a fitted shower tray, a fold-away corner basin, a swivel cassette toilet, a large mirror, a small shelf, and a skylight for natural lighting. A 47-inch high wardrobe with an additional shelf is located next to the bathroom.

Husky 230 Layout 3

The dinette, which is located in the front of the camper, is huge and can seat up to four people in this layout. The dinette is also on a 9-inch hollow pedestal, which can be accessed for storage. One of the benches is used to house the battery and other electronics, while the other side is open to outside storage. Like Layout 2L, the dinette table can be lowered quickly to convert into comfortable double bed.

Husky 230 Systems

The electrical system for both layouts is pretty basic even by American standards. Standard equipment includes a small 60 amp hour Gel battery and a Vontronic fuse panel with a 12 volt converter-charger. However, the company does offer several nice options like a 110 amp hour lithium LiFePO4 battery, a 1,200 watt inverter, and up to a 230 watt solar power system.

In layout 2L, the Bimobil Husky 230 comes with a 50L fresh water holding tank and an insulated 60L grey water holding tank. In Layout 3, the camper is equipped with a 60L fresh water tanks and an insulated 60L grey water holding tank. There is no separate black water tank, since both layouts come with cassette toilets. Both layouts feature two 11-pound propane bottles and a Truma Combi integrated water heater-furnace.

Wet-bath in Husky 230 3 Layout

The Bimobil Husky 230 features top-notch water and gas systems. In Layout 2L, the gas bottle is placed under the washbasin and it is only accessible from the outside. The waste water dump valve and the insulated waste water tank are fitted under the rear of the camper. The rear lights are mounted on an insulated aluminum tray in that location. The propane tanks, fresh water tank, and battery are in the front end of the cabin.

In Layout 3, you will find all the electrical equipment in the lower portion of the wardrobe. The waste water tank and dump valve are fitted into an insulated and heated aluminium tray below the rear of the vehicle, so the valve is kept clean and will not freeze.

Closing Thoughts

The Bimobil Husky 230 is an innovative truck camper design quite unlike anything being produced in the USA. The layout, small size, and chassis-mounted design are unique in Europe let alone in North America. Unfortunately, only those who live in Europe can buy one. If something like this interests you here in the U.S. you’ll have to approach a custom builder like BundutecUSA to build you one. Fortunately, some of this camper’s features are already being incorporated in North American designs with the open-air tailgate of the Loki Basecamp being the most notable.

We hope you enjoyed this article. This is the first of several which will feature European and Australian truck campers. Much can be learned from our friends across the globe which is why we are presenting them here in Truck Camper Adventure.

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