EarthCruiser Launches New Overland Tours Division

Oregon-based EarthCruiser, maker of quality expedition vehicles, recently announced the launch of a new division called EarthCruiser Adventure. The new division’s sole purpose is to provide expertly planned overland journeys for EarthCruiser customers. Each trip is planned, staffed, and executed by professional overlanding experts, leaning on years of experience to create unmatched expeditions in destinations across the globe. These trips are an opportunity for EarthCruiser owners to share and build upon their overlanding skills such as driving, navigation, backcountry cooking and much more.

“EarthCruiser Adventures are designed to capitalize on the self-sufficiency and unique capabilities provided by EarthCruiser vehicles. Both the cab-over EarthCruiser models and the truck-based EarthCruiser Terranova are ideally suited to these unique experiences,” said EarthCruiser Adventure Manager, Ellen Wayte.There’s no better way to get to know an EarthCruiser vehicle than in the environment it was designed for, led by the experts who know it best, in breathtaking destinations across the globe.”

Each EarthCruiser Adventure explores rarely charted territory and offers one-of-a-kind experiences. These exclusive experiences are led by professional guides and hinge on the extraordinary capabilities of EarthCruiser’s purpose-built vehicles.

EarthCruiser Adventures are limited to small groups, composed of EarthCruiser owners. The intimate group size enables access to places that can’t support larger groups. This allows trip leaders to provide individual attention and enhance the flexibility to explore.

EarthCruiser Adventure guides bring years of experience from overland expeditions across the world. Their specialized knowledge and expertise in driving, navigation, and logistics let participants spend more time exploring.

“EarthCruiser is a travel company that just happens to make vehicles, it has always been that way since our very beginning. Our customers are those people who collect exceptional stories to tell that and are driven to ring every ounce out of this life. EarthCruiser Adventure simply adds one more avenue for our customers to enjoy places and collect experiences that our trucks are designed and engineered to provide. Our vehicles are unique as our customers and crew, bringing all three together to see and experience as much of this world as we can just makes sense,” said EarthCruiser founder and CEO, Lance Gillies.

Earlier this year, EarthCruiser Adventures successfully completed a trial expedition, venturing into the backcountry of Death Valley National Park. This brief mission provided valuable feedback for the new EarthCruiser Adventure program.

“We’ve got five vehicles, two Terranovas and three EXP EarthCruisers, and most of us did not know each other before we arrived. So, we learned to trust each other and build on each other’s skills. I think everybody learned something new here and learned how to develop their skills. To me, it’s been a great experience about learning and actually feeling a lot more comfortable in my vehicle and more confident for the next trip,” said Richard, an EarthCruiser owner who participated in the trial expedition.

The first official EarthCruiser Adventure trip will begin at Overland Expo Pacific Northwest in Bend, Oregon, July 8-10, 2022. After participating in education courses and driver training at Overland Expo, EarthCruiser Adventure participants will travel through the high desert and central regions of Central Oregon, stopping to explore its natural beauty and archeological sites. Future EarthCruiser adventure trips include:

  • October 2022 – San Diego, CA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • February 2023 – Montana Winter Adventure
  • June 2023 – The Great Alaskan Experience
  • September 2023 – Capetown, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia
  • September 2023 – Windhoek, Namibia to Livingston, Zambia
  • Additional destinations to be announced at a future date

Each adventure includes a focus on responsible and sustainable travel. Engaging with local partners, EarthCruiser Adventures is dedicated to leaving no trace and ensuring campsites are better upon departure than they were at arrival. Importantly, every EarthCruiser Adventure lives up to the EarthCruiser motto: go further, stay longer.

EarthCruiser is a company of designers, engineers, technicians, and most of all, adventurers with hundreds of thousands of miles of collective real world overlanding experience. With its EarthCruiser and Terranova models, EarthCruiser provides the ultimate in self-contained, off-road, four-wheel drive, world exploration vehicles.

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