Video of 2024 Truck Camper Adventure Rally Recounts Event’s Scope and Success

The 2024 Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally was a resounding success with a record 403 campers counted at the big, four-day event. The rally drew 686 truck camper owners from 46 states, six Canadian provinces, the Netherlands, the UK, and France. One of those attendees was Jerry Van Heeringen and his wife, Diane, who hail from California. The couple attended the rally in a 1993 Fleetwood Caribou ES9 mounted on a 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup. Jerry runs a YouTube channel called “Wandering Jerry” that covers a wide range of topics. Jerry asked us if we would allow him to cover the event and we were more than happy to oblige.

Jerry started his “Wandering Jerry” YouTube channel in 2019. His first video was an instructional video on the assembly of a Costco backyard shade structure. Since then, he was bitten by the film-making bug, which over time became a passion. He describes his channel as a lot of nonsense with a few gems. He also posted a brief daily vlog each day of his Alaska trip and has made several DIY videos since then. More than anything, Jerry enjoys the positive comments he gets from helping others with his instructional videos.

Mello Mike discussing the finer points of truck campers.
Nearly 700 people attended the 2024 Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally.

Jerry and wife are newbies to truck campers. Several years ago, Jerry bought his 1993 Fleetwood Caribou ES9 truck camper and slowly remodeled it while still working full-time. His first “camping trip” was a 62 day, 9,000 mile trip, with my wife Diane and their dog, a Vizsla named Cash. The trip started in the summer of 2023 from their home in the Northern California Foothills near Lake Tahoe, up through Alaska and back again. Before that they had never even spent one night in any kind of RV. Their second “camping trip” included a stop in Quartzsite in February to cover the 2024 Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally. They are currently still wandering the desert Southwest, enjoying all of the benefits that that truck camper life offers.

Jerry did an outstanding job capturing the essence of what the Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally is all about in this enjoyable, 13-minute video. In it, you find a good variety of activities and classes, and of course, footage of hundreds of truck camper rigs on display. Enjoy!

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