Enrollment in 2022 Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally Now Open

Enrollment in the 2022 Truck Camper Adventure Boondocking in the Desert Rally is now open. The rally will be held in Quartzsite, Arizona, February 10-13, 2022. Enrollment will close approximately February 1. Like previous Boondocking in the Desert Rallies hosted by Truck Camper Adventure, this outdoor camping event will be held at the Roadrunner Wash Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Area 6 miles south of Quartzsite (see maps below). The owners of both slide-in and chassis-mounted campers are welcome and only truck camper owners may participate in the rally—sorry, no other types of RVs will be allowed.

Important! Due to the risks associated with contracting the COVID-19 virus, all attendees will need to sign a form releasing Truck Camper Adventure of any liabilities associated with contracting the virus or from any injuries that may occur during the rally. This form will need to be signed upon check-in before receiving your badge. The wearing of masks in classes numbering more than 50 people will be encouraged. Please bring your own masks. Please do not attend if you are sick. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 transmission concerns, no potluck or desert gatherings will be held this year. This means you’ll need to bring your own food, drinks, paper plates, utensils, napkins, and cups. No garbage service will be provided—pack it in, pack it out.

Admission and Sponsors

Like previous rallies, no admission will be charged to attend the 2022 Truck Camper Adventure Rally. Instead, a voluntary, donation-only raffle will be held Saturday, February 12 to support the event. Prizes for the raffle will be provided by sponsors of the rally, which will be announced later. Previous sponsors included Expion360, Torklift International, WeBoost, Truck Systems Technology, StableCamper, SuperSprings, Omnia, Froli Modular Sleep System, Scrubba, SmithCreek Mill, GoTreads, and others. The total value of previous raffles totaled well over $6,000. Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring the 2022 event. In addition to the raffle, a “best rig” award will be given for the “best” truck camper rig at the rally.

Quartzsite Rally Details

As the Boondocking in the Desert name implies, this will be a boondocking rally held on BLM land in Quartzsite. No hookups or other amenities will be available, so empty your black and grey water holding tanks beforehand, bring plenty of food, water, and firewood plus a few camping chairs for classes and gatherings. Since this is a boondocking rally, and everyone will be parked close together, attendees are encouraged to use solar power. However, if you need to run a generator or run your truck’s alternator, you may park in the generator designated parking area that will be created for the rally.

Quartzsite’s RV Pit Stop offers propane, water, and a dump site for a nominal fee. The city dump is nearby.

Quartzsite, Arizona is the perfect place to hold a truck camper rally. Known as the boondocking capital of the world, Quartzsite has almost everything you need to make your stay enjoyable, including RV repair and supply shops, solar and battery vendors, gas stations with diesel and propane, potable water, dump stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. Cell reception is generally good, but may be a bit slow at times due to the number of people in Quartzsite this time of year.

The weather in February should just about be perfect. Expect temperatures in upper 60s/low 70s during the day and in the 40s during the night. The elevation of the Roadrunner Wash is 1,065 feet. Prepare for strong winds and possibly rain. Bring appropriate clothes and sun screen for sunny days and cool nights. For additional information on Quartzsite, click here.

Roadrunner BLM Entrance near Quartzsite
Map of the Roadrunner BLM Area 6 miles south of Quartzsite.

Directions to the BLM Roadrunner Wash: Take the I-10 to Quartzsite. Get off on the Highway 95 exit and head south on Highway 95. Travel approximately 6 miles and turn right (west) on 53rd Street N. (do not enter the BLM area using the Highway 95 entrance due to the presence of deep sand on the main road). The Roadrunner Wash BLM area will immediately be on your right. Look for the orange traffic cones to the left (west) of the Roadrunner Wash Kiosk (the next dirt road over). Follow the orange traffic cones to get to the rally. The location where we will be holding the rally is 33.5911 Lat -114.2342 Long, the same location as previous rallies. Camping is limited to 14 days for those interested in camping before or after the rally.

TCA Caravan

A TCA sponsored off-road truck camper caravan will not be held in conjunction with the rally this year.

TCA Rally Itinerary

Wednesday, February 9

  • 12-4pm: Arrive Roadrunner Wash BLM Quartzsite and Check-in (parking to be assigned upon arrival, get badges, and sign forms)

Thursday, February 10

  • 8:30-9am: Rally Kickoff and Announcements by Mello Mike
  • 9:15-10:30am: Basic First Aid — Kevin MacAfee
  • 10:30-12pm: Tire Repair — Bob Wohlers (Off-Road Safety Academy)
  • 12-1pm: Truck Camper Payload and Towing — Mello Mike
  • 1-2pm: Solar Power 101 — Dylan Morrison (AM Solar)
  • 2-3pm: Alternator Battery Charging for Truck Campers — Steve Hericks
  • 3-7:30pm: Free Time/Dinner
  • 7:30-9pm: Campfire Social (truck camper wish list theme)

Friday, February 11

  • 9-10:30am: Radio Communications — Bob Wohlers (Off-Road Safety Academy)
  • 11-12pm: Lithium Batteries 101 — Expion360
  • 11-12pm: Knitting Essentials — Andrea Caruolo
  • 12-1pm: Full-Timing in a Truck Camper — Sue Wise
  • 2-3pm: Truck Camper Cooking — Don Chase
  • 3-4pm: RV Water Filtration Essentials — Brad Fontana (RV Water Filter Store)
  • 4-7:30pm: Free Time/Dinner
  • 7:30-9pm: Campfire Social (boondocking tips theme)

Saturday, February 12

  • 9-10am: Off-Road Essentials — Bob Wohlers (Off-Road Safety Academy)
  • 10-11am: Boondocking 101 — Mello Mike
  • 11am-12pm: Omnia Cooktop Demo and Cooking — Karen Smith
  • 12-1pm: How to Install a Solar Power System — Dylan Morrison (AM Solar)
  • 1-2pm:  Advanced Water Filtration — Brad Fontana (RV Water Filter Store)
  • 2-5pm: Free Time
  • 5-6pm: TCA Raffle and winner of the “Best Rig” award announced
  • 7:30-9pm: Campfire Social (adventure stories theme)

Sunday, February 13

  • 8:30-10am: How to Build a Lithium Battery — Steve Hericks
  • 10-11am: Open
  • 11-12pm: Open
  • 12-3pm: Truck Camper Open House (leave door to your camper open if you wish to to participate)
  • 3-4pm: Campsite Cleanup
  • 4pm: End rally and break camp

Quartzsite Rally Enrollment Details

To enroll in the rally, send us an email at [email protected]. State the first and last names of those who will be attending, including children and teenagers, the state where you’re from, and the camper make and model you own. Signing-up is important as it allows us to make the name badges, print stickers, and have the required number of forms on-hand. Check the list below to confirm that your request has been received and processed. Important: If you are unable to attend or wish to cancel, please let us know so we can delete your name off of the list. No shows who fail to notify us will be noted and will not be admitted to future rallies. 

Rally Enrollees

  1. Smith, Michael and Karen; Arizona; Bundutec Roadrunner
  2. Blasingame, Alex and Julie; California; Bundutec BunduVry
  3. Wohlers, Bob; California; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  4. Van Note, Lynn and Kathryn; Michigan; Camplite 11
  5. Nyholm, Mike and Kellie; California; Host Mammoth
  6. Casterson, David and Nancy; California; Alaskan 10
  7. Landi, Anthony; Florida; Capri Retreat
  8. Anderson, Pat and Patty; Washington; Northern Lite 9-5Q
  9. Wise, Sue; Colorado; Capri Retreat
  10. P*******s, John and Julie; California; Lance 855S
  11. MacAfee, Linda and Kevin; Minnesota; Bundutec Odyssey
  12. Fahey, John and Tess; Utah; Bundutec Sable
  13. Caruolo, Doug and Andrea, California, Arctic Fox 1140
  14. Miller, Ric and Dailey, Malia; California; Hallmark Ute
  15. Grimes, Art and Jan; California; Northstar 850SC
  16. Alexander, John; Arizona; Northstar 850SC
  17. Patrick, Chris and Butterfield, Krista; Arizona; Host Mammoth
  18. Sumner, Shirley and Fife, Timi; Arizona; Host Cascade
  19. Garland, Roy; Pennsylvania; Northern Lite 10.2
  20. Torrey, Russ and Diana; California; Lance 1010
  21. Powers, John and Loriann; Texas; Host Mammoth
  22. Adams, Rick and Carey plus Jack and Garrett; California; Host Everest
  23. Bennett, Fred and Brenna; Michigan; Arctic Fox 990
  24. Wiggs, Robbie; Illinois; Host Yukon
  25. Atkinson, Mark and April; Florida; Host Yukon
  26. White, Mark; Arkansas; Lance 845
  27. Sund, Jared and Candice; Oregon; EagleCap 1165
  28. Abney, Ricki and Debbie; Colorado; Host Mammoth
  29. Sherbo, Frank and Lois; British Columbia; Arctic Fox 990
  30. Carroll, Patrick and Jennifer; Arizona; KingStar Camino 88
  31. Bruno, Vincent and Jessica Bruno; Nevada; Cirrus 920
  32. Suárez, Willie; Nevada; AT Overland Camper
  33. Morris, Gaylon and Chandra; California; Hallmark Ute
  34. Shrimplin, Randy; Florida; Camplite 6.8
  35. Myers, Dan and Michelle; Arizona; Host Mammoth
  36. Ratay, Mike and Linette; Florida; Outfitter Apex 8
  37. Ashton, Clark and Christy; Colorado; Host Mammoth
  38. Pack, Roy and Gaye; Iowa; Alpenlite Cheyenne 900
  39. Wells, Jim and Jeanne; California; Bigfoot 3000
  40. Pogue, Bruce and Beth; Iowa; Northstar Arrow U
  41. Hericks, Steve and Blount, Cheryl; Idaho; DIY Camper
  42. Lasak, Jeff and Liz; Washington; Host Mammoth
  43. Banks, tom and Marianne; Washington; Northstar 850SC
  44. Carpenter, Dawn and Don; Texas; Northstar 850SC
  45. Harrison, Berrett and Renata; New Mexico; Arctic Fox 811
  46. O’Barr, Pat; Colorado; Camplite 8.6
  47. Reynolds, Jeff and Jean; California; Northstar Laredo SC
  48. Reynolds, Matt and Green, Summer; California; Lance 845
  49. Foster, Stan; Louisiana; Arctic Fox 1150
  50. Swiszcz, Mike; South Dakota; Northern Lite 10.2
  51. Simpson, Walt; Colorado; Lance 825 Lite
  52. Johanns, Scott and Cathy; North Carolina; Bundutec BunduVry
  53. Yennock, Jay and Darla Yennock; New York; Lance 825
  54. Gonzalez, David and Yanira +2; Arizona; Lance Squire 3000
  55. Toczek, Michael and Gina; Pennsylvania; Four Wheel Camper Raven
  56. Launey, Scott and Suzi; California; Northstar 850SC
  57. Smith, Allen and Patty; Wyoming; Northern Lite 10-2
  58. Smith, Jack; Washington; Adventurer DBS 106
  59. Shepard, Glen and Liz; Texas; KingStar Camino 88
  60. Doupe, Joe and Karlene; California; Host Cascade
  61. Chase, Don and Kim; Washington; Bundutec Free
  62. Taylor, Russ and Amy; Michigan; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  63. Kent, Bob; South Dakota; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  64. Scranton, Cory and Audrey; California; Lance 995
  65. Cain, Bill and Deede; California; Lance Lite 8-6
  66. Munoz, Kelly and Kathy Munoz; California; Lance 1030
  67. Young, Pat (New York) and McKenzie, Mary (Missouri); Northstar Laredo SC
  68. Henke, Rick and Cindy; Wisconsin; Bigfoot 25c9.4LB
  69. Hazen, Bruce and Ingrid; Arizona; Adventurer 901SB
  70. Surprenant, Leonard; North Carolina; Northstar Adventurer  8.5
  71. Johnston, Ken and Jo; Oregon; Alaskan 6.5
  72. Yochum, Dan and Jan; Arizona; Arctic Fox 811
  73. Vrooman, Mickey and Lanny; Pennsylvania; Northern Lite 10-2
  74. Kramme, Steve and Melanie; California; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  75. Lemke, Todd and Dick, and Miriam Brown; California; Arctic Fox 865
  76. Beck, Larry and Laura; California; Northstar 850SC
  77. Wiesner, Rick; California; Sunlite SB
  78. Browne, Gary; California; Lance 825
  79. Tucker, Floyd and Sherry; Arizona; Lance 821
  80. Paner, Arnold and Missy+2; California; Four Wheel Camper Project M
  81. Packer, Joseph; Arizona; Northstar TS1000
  82. Rendel, Ron and Cindi; Washington; Wolf Creek 850
  83. Chemnitz, Dennis and Barbara; New York; Host Cascade
  84. Baxley, Arthur and Betsy; California; Lance 1071
  85. Torres, Gabe and Katie; Arizona; Lance 1040
  86. Bliss, Roger and Mary Ellen; Alaska: S&S 9.5
  87. Lavender; Bryan & Susan; Washington; Lance 650
  88. McMullen, Jeniffer and Squire, Steven+1; California; Bigfoot 1500
  89. Smith, Jeff and Gail; Wisconsin; Lance 861
  90. May, Brad; Colorado; Cirrus 820
  91. Bennett, Bob and Maria; Massachusetts; Lance 950
  92. L******y, Trevor; New Mexico; Lance 815
  93. Baker, Robert and Gail; North Carolina; Lance 1191
  94. Jackson, John and Vikki; Rhode Island; Sunlite Eagle
  95. Everhart, Doug and Ruth; Virginia; Lance 855S
  96. Evans, John and Marisa; California; Lance 1172
  97. Caruolo, Doug and Andrea; North Carolina; Arctic Fox 1140
  98. Sener, Frank; Arizona; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  99. Gomes, Ken and Christina+1; California; Four Wheel Camper Grandby
  100. Patino, Carlos; New Mexico; Northstar Liberty
  101. Kohl, Eric and Linda; Tennessee; Lance 815
  102. Lynch, Roberta; California; Lance 1061
  103. Freedman, Gary and Chris; California; Northern Lite 8-11 LE
  104. Glahe, Charlie; Colorado; Host Tahoe
  105. Riggs, Mike and Karen; Idaho; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  106. Emmert, Thom and Patricia+1; Washington; Host Mammoth
  107. Seijas, Donny and Lucy; Florida; Host Cascade
  108. Halbert, Lee-Ann (South Dakota) and Myers, Mark (Nevada); Chalet TS 116
  109. Harmon, Paul and Epp; Oregon; Adventurer 810
  110. Evans, Richard and Patty; Nevada; Northstar Laredo SC
  111. Quirk, Denny and Laurie; Washington; Alaskan 8.5
  112. Pederson, Jay and Leslie; South Dakota; Host Yukon
  113. Sherratt, Russ and Syma; Idaho; All Terrain Camper Cougar
  114. Pendergraft, Jimmy; California; Northstar 850SC
  115. Velasco, Donald and Rachel; Arizona: 1974 Alaskan 10
  116. Harkins, John and Clarissa; Michigan; Hallmark Ute Hybrid
  117. Sikes, Clayton and Kelly; Arizona; Lance 855S
  118. Souza, Debra and Jaeger, Joanne; California; Alaskan 8.5 Flatbed
  119. Pieper, Sara Jane; Utah; Northstar Adventurer 8.5
  120. Dodds, Tina; Texas; Cirrus 820
  121. Ray-Tahtinen, Tim and Brenda; Texas; Northstar 650SC
  122. Jacobson, Dennis and Linda; Arizona; Cirrus 820
  123. McNeilly, Terry and Smith, April; Washington; Northern Lite 9-6Q
  124. Peebler, Mark and Stephanie; Idaho; Lance 1172
  125. Goutos, Theodore and Mary; New York; Lance 865
  126. Perkins, Barry and Carol; Kentucky; Adventurer 89RBS
  127. Torrella, Prescott and Tom; Florida; Cirrus 820
  128. Thomas, Jonathan and Terey Summers Thomas; California; 1969 Alaskan 10 NCO
  129. Truss, Scott ; Alberta Canada; Eagle Cap 1160
  130. Wilson, Jim: Arizona; Palomino SS-1251
  131. Morrison, Sonny and Claire; Arizona; Arctic Fox 990
  132. Tibesar, Marc and Ria; Arizona; Adventurer 89RB
  133. Roberts, Kenny; Oklahoma; Arctic Fox 990
  134. Dunn, Michael; Arizona; Eagle Cap 1165
  135. Restivo, John; California; 2005 Alaskan Camper
  136. Coldwell, Fred; Colorado; 1966 Alaskan 8 NCO
  137. Strausbaugh, Bill and Terri; North Carolina; Northern Lite 9-6 Q
  138. Garl, Kim; California; Alpenlite
  139. Harris, Kent and Johnson, Julie Johnson; Arizona; Lance 920
  140. Weege, Chris and Lynn; Colorado; Four Wheel Camper Grandby Flatbed
  141. Martin, David and Lori; Louisiana; Host Mammoth
  142. White, Rick and Cindy; Arizona; Host Cascade
  143. Grepling, Randy and Jeanne; Arizona; Hallmark Ute/Everest
  144. Sparr, Stephani; California; Four Wheel Camper Hawk
  145. Koehler, Chris and Meldy; Florida; Four Wheel Camper Grandby Flatbed
  146. McMeans, Bob and Jane; California; Host Mammoth
  147. Dale, James and Teresa; Arizona; Arctic Fox 811
  148. Warner, Eddie and Goshai, Wendy; California; Rental Camper
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