New Flip90 Truck Camper is an Innovative Off-Road Beast

We continue to be amazed at the technical innovations provided by our truck camper friends in Europe. The new Flip90 truck camper is the latest example of this European innovation. Designed in collaboration by two German companies, Queensize Camper and ICC Offroad, the new Flip90 flatbed truck camper not only features an expandable cabin that tilts out a full 90 degrees electrically from the rear, but also a low center of gravity for extreme off-road excursions. There’s no doubt about it. This new tilting truck camper is an innovative off-road beast. There simply isn’t another truck camper like it on this side of the Atlantic.

For camping, the tilt-out section of the Flip90 provides owners with a ground-level entrance. The fully insulated flatbed camper features a spacious living area with two sleeping levels and pull-out drawers. The pull-out kitchen comes with a removable “Gasbox” propane cooktop, a stainless steel sink, a 45L DC compressor refrigerator, a bunk area for the kiddies, and a bench seat at ground level that converts into a queen-size bed for two adults. One of the advantages with the 90 degree flip-back design is that it makes roof-mounted items like surfboards and canoes much easier to reach—climbing on the roof is no longer needed.

The Flip90 German truck camper comes with a surprising number of amenities, including a 20 gallon fresh water holding tank, a 5-gallon grey water waste tank that is connected to the kitchen sink, a portable toilet, and a large shower. The bathroom and shower space is created by retracting the pull-out kitchen. Options are available for lithium batteries and solar panels for true off-grid independence.

For travel, the revolutionary truck camper features a low center of gravity less than 7.4 feet high and an excellent departure angle for extreme off-roading. Not only that, but the camper’s insulated, acrylic windows are protected by the 90 degree flip-out section. This protects the acrylic windows from tree branches and other off-road hazards that can scratch and mar them. Those who enjoy off-roading in their truck campers will really appreciate this feature.

Weight—or too much of it—is problematic for the majority of truck campers, but not the Flip90. With a dry weight of only 550 pounds, the Flip90 truck camper can easily be mounted on any full size half-ton truck. The flatbed camper shown here is mounted an proprietary aluminum tray, but the Flip90 will work on most trays with the proper dimensions and weight ratings. The compact dimensions of the camper also allow it to fit inside a shipping container for shipping overseas.

The Flip90 truck camper can be ordered in several colors, including the neon green shown in the photos. Designed by Queensize Camper and built by ICC Offroad, the Flip90 camper is available as either an empty shell or fully equipped as shown, with the former being priced at approximately $26,600 and the latter at about $34,800.

We aren’t sure if the design has been patented or not, but we’d love to see a similar camper like this here in North America. We’ve reached out to both companies for additional details, but haven’t received a response as of yet. As you know, shoehorning a wet-bath into a 550-pound truck camper is no easy task. The ICC Off-Road’s new Flip90 appears to have pulled it off brilliantly with this tilt-out design. We think a design like this would be a BIG hit here in North America. Is anybody up for the task?

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