Buckstop Releases Vintage Rear Bumper With Spare Tire Carrier

Oregon-based Buckstop Incorporated, quality maker of front and rear bumpers for full-size pickup trucks, recently released a multipurpose rear bumper for vintage trucks, augmenting the already popular offering for newer trucks. Featuring clean lines reminiscent of OEM bumpers of the ’80s and ’90s, Buckstop’s new rear bumper is made of 1/4-inch steel with substantial 3/8-inch frame mounts for extra strength and durability. Each bumper features openings for one pair of 4-inch lights, a license plate mount, license plate lights, a black hammertone power coat finish, and a hardware mounting kit.

Buckstop Rear Bumpers can be ordered with a number of options, including a heavy-duty spare tire carrier, a feature popular with pop-up camper owners and overlanders who are looking for an accessible way to mount a spare tire without it taking up valuable storage space. The tire carrier includes a slam-shut latching mechanism, allowing a no-hand operation to close, and an internal stop to prevent the carrier from swinging around and damaging the truck. Buckstop rear bumpers can also be ordered with dual swing outs to include Jerry can, MaxTrax, and Cooler mounts, a hidden winch mount, and a built-in tow hitch. This has the added benefit of improving the ground clearance and the departure angle of the truck by incorporating a built-in tow hitch and through the elimination of the low-hanging OEM hitch.

“The thing with a rear tire carrier is that they have to be strong, explained Dorian Hartfield, Buckstop’s Director of Marketing. “The tire carrier puts a tremendous amount of torque on the bumper because of its weight, so the bumper has to have a significant amount of strength and that’s where it gets tough. You can’t take just any old bumper and stick a tire carrier on it; the mounting has to be more direct to the frame to enable it to handle the rotation and weight of the carrier.”

Buckstop rear bumper pricing varies by option. A standard rear bumper can be purchased for $875. A single side tire carrier added to the bumper goes for $765, while a second swing out lists for an additional $665. The list price for a heavy-duty bumper with both a single tire carrier and a built-in tow hitch is $1,900. Rear bumpers can be ordered for new and vintage trucks and can be ordered in numerous colors and finishes including stainless steel.

“What makes our product special is that it’s made for full-size trucks. There’s always been tire carriers for Land Rovers, Toyotas, and Jeeps, but not trucks. The problem is a large spare tire won’t fit between the frame rails on a full-size truck, so if you go up to a 35-inch spare, you have nowhere to carry it. You’ve got to put it in the bed or figure out how to put it on the roof rack, so with our rear bumper you can have a spare that’s easy to get to without putting it with your luggage or in your camping space,” Hartfield said.

Visit the Buckstop website at www.buckstopinc.com or call 800-431-6978 for more info.

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