Buckstop Announces Aluminum Version of Classic II Bumper

I had the pleasure of meeting Dorian Hartfield, Buckstop Truckware’s director of marketing and sales, at the recent Overland Expo West. For the show, Dorian displayed three of the company’s most popular winch bumpers, including a new, lightweight aluminum version of the Classic II winch bumper. Without the winch, the aluminum bumper weighs only 130 pounds, 90 pounds less than the steel version found on the Truck Camper Adventure Rig. But this bumper is in no way weaker than the company’s steel version. According to Dorian, the aluminum bumper is one-and-a-half-times thicker than the steel version with a 3/8-inch thick center section. The bumper has additional gusseting in the wing sections and a steel grill guard section for full strength with little weight compromise.

Like all Buckstop bumpers, the aluminum Classic II is loaded with features and includes a trailer receiver, two OE style tow hooks, two Frenched light buckets, a license plate mount, and a winch access door. An optional dual trailer receiver that includes hi-lift jack adapter lifting points is also available. The Aluminum version of the Classic II sells for $2,749.

Interested in a different look? Buckstop Truckware makes four styles of front bumpers: the Classic II, the Baja, the Boss, and the Outback. Standard black and white as well as custom colors can be ordered to match the color of your rig. Nobody beats Buckstop when it comes to quality, features, and durability. Nobody. Even the good folks at EarthRoamer use Buckstop bumpers on their half million dollar expedition rigs.

But the company makes more than just heavy-duty front bumpers, they also make rear bumpers, single-wheel conversion kits, and push bumpers. Looking to build a custom bumper? Buckstop does that, too! Your custom bumper can be designed with an extra light mounting, custom colors, polished stainless steel, unique winch capacity, and more. Better yet, all of Buckstop’s products are made right here in the USA in their Central Oregon plant.

So if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line, lightweight winch bumper give Dorian a call at 1-800-431-6978. Tell him that Mello Mike sent ‘ya.

Classic II
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  1. Hey, Mello Mike, saw you on 1-17 today heading into Phoenix, crazy lady who waved at you out the window, good to see you’re still truckin’, miss your blog!

  2. Nice, I’m planning on getting one, OutBack Alum one. But meaning to ask, where in Phoenix, location/website/address?

    ps. you can email if easier.. and if I may ask, apx what was the Install Fee??

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