Video Tour of Our 2021 Bundutec Roadrunner

Alright, guys, this is what you’ve been asking for. I’m finally going to give you a tour of our brand-new Bundutec Roadrunner. The Roadrunner is the brain child of BundutecUSA owner Rory Willett and has everything we wanted in a custom truck camper without being too big to take off-road. The Roadrunner’s floorplan mirrors other popular camper models like the Lance 825 and Northstar Laredo SC with a refrigerator, kitchen and wardrobe on the driver side and a bathroom and dinette on the passenger side. However, the Roadrunner offers significant improvements, including a wider bathroom, tons more storage, a taller cabover, the Truma Combi water heater-furnace, a Tern Overland roof hatch, and a True Induction dual cooktop with a 1,600 watt induction cooktop on one side and a propane cooktop on the other.

The Roadrunner’s off-grid, power is provided by two Expion360 120 amp hour lithium ion batteries. A Zamp roof-mounted 340 watt solar power system and a Progressive Dynamics 45 amp Converter-Charger keep the batteries charged. A portable solar plug is also tied into the main solar controller to provide additional wattage during winter months. For this we have a Renogy 100 watt portable panel. Supplemental 110 volt AC power for the camper is provided by a 3,000 watt remote controlled inverter with a built-in transfer relay. The battery compartment, which is located underneath the rear dinette seat, is large enough for two large group-31 batteries, an upgrade we’ll be doing in the not too distant future.

The specifications of the Bundutec Roadrunner are excellent for a truck camper of this size. The dry weight of the custom camper is 2,450 pounds with a fully loaded wet weight of 3,300 pounds. This means the Roadrunner is a good 300-400 pounds heavier than the Laredo, yet is still an excellent match for today’s one-ton SRW trucks. The Roadrunner’s floor length is 8 feet 7 inches, it has an interior height 6 feet 4 inches, and a width of 7 feet 1 inch. The camper features a 35-gallon fresh water holding tank, a 20-gallon grey water holding tank, a 5-gallon propane tank, and a 5-gallon cassette for solid waste. The length of the dinette is 66 inches, the kitchen countertop 54.5 inches, while the wetbath measures 36 inches wide by 30 inches deep.

For our first impressions of the Bundutec Roadrunner, click here.

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  1. Enjoyed the tour, but you skipped over the refrigerator. Curious to see size and what is above/below it. Could you post a picture of this area? You mentioned that you changed the size of the kitchen and bathroom. Is the roadrunner on the bundutec site your camper’s arrangement?

  2. Congrats on the new camper!! I definitely like some of the space saving ideas. Lets hope the other Camper OEMs follow suit in lightening empty weight allowing more storage. Nice run down!

  3. wow those rear jacks are mounted LOW. Seeing where you go I suspect you’ll be taking them off….or the trail will! I bought my Igloo U based in part on your review of Northstar. It’s a good rig for us

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