TruckHouse and AEV Collaborate on new Ram 3500 Expedition Camper

Nevada-based TruckHouse, quality manufacturer of expedition vehicles, just released a new 4×4 expedition camper rig called the BCR. Developed in collaboration with American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) using a Ram 3500 Prospector XL, the BCR is TruckHouse’s first foray into the full-size expedition camper market.

TruckHouse launched its first camper in 2021, the BCT, a revolutionary mid-sized expedition vehicle utilizing a carbon fiber house on a highly modified Toyota Tacoma. The BCT generated an extraordinary response, and the limited-production model sold out in short order.

For the BCR, TruckHouse was drawn to AEV’s Prospector XL because of its rough terrain aptitude and proven durability. Dropping a TruckHouse camper onto AEV’s PXL began as a mere thought experiment, but with the two companies equally passionate about quality and design, a natural synergy began to form. Those initial conversations evolved into a design collaboration, with AEV’s design team lending their styling expertise to the house exterior.

“I was initially impressed with TruckHouse’s extremely high build quality, strong work ethic, and logical approach. After talking through what they wanted to build next, we naturally saw an opportunity to collaborate, not only by supplying the AEV Prospector XL chassis, but working together we were able to design the BCR’s external surface to perfectly compliment the refined ruggedness of the PXL” says Dave Harriton, CEO and Founder of AEV.

By integrating the house with the PXL, the BCR provides an unparalleled level of luxury and livability while maintaining its renowned reputation of reliability and off-road prowess. The BCR boasts a fully redesigned vacuum infused monocoque house that is mated to the truck chassis via a first of its kind carbon fiber reinforced torsion free mounting system. The BCR blends striking aesthetic design with state-of-the-art composite manufacturing processes.

“People are inspired by the vision that expedition vehicles can be built to the same quality and longevity standard as yachts and airplanes—we saw that with the tremendous success of the BCT,” says TruckHouse CEO and co-founder, Matt Linder. “The BCR is our continued demonstration of that vision, and we are honored to collaborate with AEV to incorporate cutting-edge automotive design.”

The BCR utilizes new HiPR Foils to significantly improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The HiPR Foils (High Pressure Reduction, “Hyper”) reduce the naturally occurring high pressure in front of the cabover by redirecting and controlling drag induced vortices down the side of the camper. “The system is similar to air curtains used on most modern vehicles to control air around the front wheels, in this case, we can control the air spilling off the sides of the cabover” states Harriton. The patent pending feature increases drivability and fuel economy.

“We’re proud of our team’s dedication to creating an even better vehicle that provides an unmatched experience for our customers and scalability for our business,” says TruckHouse COO and co-founder, Nico Monforte. “Allowing our unrivaled passion for design, manufacturing, and love for the outdoors lead the way, we are thrilled to continue to push the limits.”

The Truck

The AEV Prospector XL, respected as the heavyweight of the overland industry, has earned its reputation for good reason. Starting as a 60-inch CA Ram 3500 with high payload and towing capacity, this truck undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis at the skilled hands of the AEV team. Enhanced with formidable features like 40-inch tires, a robust stamped steel front bumper equipped with up to a 20,000 pounds. winch, a capable 3-inch dual sport RT suspension system, and rugged Highmark fender flares, the PXL achieves unrivaled off-road capability while retaining the hardworking lineage of the Ram.

To further tailor the experience, customers can choose between the Cummins or Hemi power plants, all while benefiting from a remarkable fuel capacity of up to 74 gallons. Whether opting for the regular or crew cab configuration, the Prospector XL ensures an unrivaled overlanding experience without compromising the RAM’s renowned capability.

The House

Each BCR delivers an exceptional array of features that leave a lasting impression. At its core, a single-piece carbon fiber shell crafted using the vacuum infusion process, accompanied by the innovative HiPR foils, sets the foundation for excellence. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by an open floor plan that creates an inviting sense of spaciousness, enhanced by 270 degrees of windows enveloping the U-shaped dinette at the rear and an impressive interior standing height of 6-feet 6-inches. The sleek flush-mounted dual-pane safari windows not only improve the aesthetics with their frameless design but also provide practical advantages by eliminating cold bridging and preventing water intrusion.

To power the house systems, a robust lithium battery bank takes the stage, seamlessly managed through a user-friendly solid-state digital switching platform. The BCR embraces the newest technology and is Starlink Mobility compatible. Whether spending the night in a remote camp spot or cruising down the interstate, users can stay connected to the Starlink network, enabling them to work remotely and enjoy the comforts of a fully equipped office on the go.

The galley is thoughtfully equipped with modern conveniences, including an induction cooktop, a versatile convection oven/microwave, a spacious sink, and a marine two-drawer fridge/freezer. With ample space to comfortably accommodate four adults, the BCR also offers additional options such as a pass-through to the truck’s cab and a choice of three toilet systems: cassette, dry flush, or composting. The BCR model ensures that every aspect of your journey is met with opulence, ease, and functionality.

Reserve Yours

The BCR is now available for pre-order with a $10,000 refundable deposit. The first customer units are slated to hit the road in spring of 2024. Prospective customers can secure their production spot for their BCR now to ensure they are one of the first to experience this groundbreaking product in a booming market segment. For questions and inquiries, please visit

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