TCA Inaugural ‘Boondocking in the Desert’ Rally Announced

Truck Camper Adventure will be holding it’s first ever truck camper rally near Quartzsite, Arizona, February 7-9, 2020. The rally will be held in the Roadrunner Wash BLM area (signs identifying the specific location will be posted). A two-day trip on the nearby Bradshaw Trail will be held immediately after the rally on February 10-11 for truck camper rigs equipped with 4WD. The trail is 70 miles long and will include an overnight stay in a yet-to-be determined location. Sponsors for the big rally include Torklift International, StableCamper, Omnia, WeBoost, and Scrubba.

This will be an informal, meet and greet truck camper rally with a desert pot luck on Friday, February 7, and a pot luck dinner on Saturday, February 8. No admission will be charged. This means you’ll need to bring your own food, drinks, paper plates, utensils, napkins, and cups. Only those who own a truck camper may participate. Classes on various truck camper related topics will be held, including general truck camping, off-roading, solar power, and lithium batteries. Public viewings of truck campers will also take place on Sunday afternoon for those who wish to participate. A campfire gathering will be held each night as well. While a few classes and other activities will be scheduled each day, plenty of “dead” time will be scheduled as well to allow attendees to socialize and shop in town.

As the name implies, this will be a boondocking rally held on BLM land. No hookups or other amenities will be available, so empty your black and gray water holding tanks beforehand, bring plenty of food, water and firewood, and bring whatever camping furniture you need to be comfortable. Known as the boondocking capital of the world, Quartzsite has almost anything you need to make your stay enjoyable including RV repair and supply shops, gas stations with diesel, potable water, dump stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Since this is a boondocking rally and we’ll be parked close together, attendees are encouraged to use solar power since it’s quiet and doesn’t generate noise and fumes like a generator. Your neighbors will thank you for it. If you have a portable table, please bring it. We will need them for the potluck gatherings.

The weather in February should almost be perfect. Expect high temperatures in upper 60s/low 70s during the day, 40s during the night. The elevation is 1,065 feet. Prepare for some wind and possibly rain. Bring appropriate clothes for the sunny days and cool nights. For additional information on Quartzsite, click here.

Directions to the Roadrunner Wash: Take the I-10 to Quartzsite. Get off on the Highway 95 exit and head south on Highway 95. Travel approximately six miles to mile marker 99 and turn right (west) on La Paz Valley Road. The Roadrunner Wash BLM area will immediately be on your right (register with the camp host). Look for signs at the entrance to get to the rally. The stay limit is 14 days.

To sign-up for the rally, send us an email at [email protected]. State your name, how many people will be attending, and which camper you own. Also let us know if you plan on doing the followup trip on the Bradshaw Trail. Signing-up is important as it gives us an idea how many people and campers will be attending the rally. The tentative cutoff for the rally is 53 campers, so don’t delay in signing up.

Additional details including the exact lat/long of the rally site and/or changes to the rally will be issued here as they become available. Check back here often for updates. Important updates will be in bold typeface.

Enrollees to the rally are listed below. Note: If you don’t see your name and you submitted your name before, please resend to the email address listed above.

Registration is Closed


Name/Number Participating/Truck Camper Make and Model/Bradshaw Trail Participant?

  1. Mello Mike (2), Northstar Laredo SC, BT
  2. Blasingame (2), Lance 815, BT
  3. Price (2), Outfitter Apex 8.5, BT
  4. Patrick (2), Host Mammoth
  5. Freisch (2), FWC Fleet
  6. Brennen (2), Palomino
  7. Catlin (2), Northstar Laredo SC
  8. Fitzpatrick (1), Arctic Fox 811
  9. Geer (2), Lance Squire 5000
  10. Neale (2), Northern Lite 9.6
  11. Reynolds (2), Northstar Laredo SC, BT
  12. Wyant (2), Host Mammoth
  13. Dunn (2), Eagle Cap 1165
  14. Eckert (2), Lance 825
  15. Rivera (2), Northern Lite 8-11 SE
  16. Clark (2), Arctic Fox 811
  17. K. Dunn (2), Arctic Fox 811
  18. Petroff (2), Eagle Cap 811
  19. Caroll (2), Lance 855
  20. Easley (2), Eagle Cap 800
  21. Perrill (2), Northern Lite 8-11 SE, BT
  22. Badger (2), Lance 825, BT
  23. Pack (2), Alpenlite 990
  24. Grover (2), Arctic Fox 990, BT
  25. Grepling (2), Hallmark Everest, BT
  26. Klinger (2), Arctic Fox 1140
  27. Foster (2), Arctic Fox 1150
  28. Wall (2), Lance 850, BT
  29. Cooper (2), Lance 845
  30. Sikes (2), Lance 855s
  31. Berquam (2), Arctic Fox 1140
  32. Black (1), Lance 1055
  33. Caruolo (2), Cirrus 920, BT
  34. Luoma (1), Arctic Fox 811, BT
  35. Meyers (2), Alaskan 10, BT
  36. Miller (2), Hallmark Ute, BT
  37. Nelson (1), Arctic Fox 990
  38. Kuzma (1), Isuzu Custom Camper
  39. Herzog (2), Phoenix Custom, BT
  40. Tahtinen (2), Northstar 650, BT
  41. Helmer (2), Palomino SS-500, BT
  42. Freedman (2), Northern Lite 8-11 LE, BT
  43. Baker (1), Lance 850
  44. Lock (2), Northstar TC850SC, BT
  45. Warner (2), Lance 850, BT
  46. Nguyen (2), Northstar Laredo
  47. Lindahl (2), Hallmark Cuchara, BT
  48. David (2),  Northstar STC
  49. Allen  (1), Travelaire 7.6, BT
  50. Walt (1), Lance 825, BT
  51. Silver (2), Lance 825
  52. Beyatte (1), Lance 825
  53. Bliss (1), S&S 9.5

Cutoff for Participation

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    • Hi, Jeff. No. This is an open boondocking area, so we can’t make any reservations there. We are planning on getting there a few days early to carve out a spot just for us. The area is pretty large and we shouldn’t have an issue staking a claim there. Such gatherings are pretty common in Quartzsite and most people are pretty accommodating.

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