Poll Results: Biggest Boondocking Pet Peeve?

Most of us who enjoy boondocking have been there at one time or another. You’re out relaxing and enjoying your favorite, secluded spot with your family and then it happens…Two trucks pulling toy haulers stop and set up camp about 100 yards from your RV. Your peace and tranquility is shattered by the sounds of motorcycles and quads running around during the day and generators and loud parties during the night. I think this situation would irk most of us.

This poll asked you to identify your biggest boondocking pet peeve or the one thing you really hate when you’re out boondocking. A total of 206 people responded to this poll and I have to say I’m not surprised by the results. The poll provided 10 possible responses and by a wide margin the number one response was noisy and inconsiderate neighbors. The second highest response was when another RV parks too close. Hmmm, I see a pattern here.

The poll reveals much about the boondocking psyche. Many RVers want to get away from the “rat race” and others–they want to enjoy the solitude and peace and quiet of nature. Boondocking, for the most part, allows us to do that. The results of this poll aligns perfectly with the results of a poll I conducted a few months ago that asked, why you prefer boondocking over campgrounds and RV parks. Solitude and privacy was the number one response.

What is your biggest boondocking pet peeve or the number one thing you really hate when you’re out boondocking? 

Full waste tanks                    
  27 (13%)
Seeing another human
  13 (6%)
Industrial generators
  22 (10%)
Noisy and inconsiderate neighbors
  58 (28%)
Getting snowed in
  0 (0%)
Running out of water
  12 (5%)
When it’s time to go home
  21 (10%)
When another RV parks too close
  28 (13%)
Nothing-I love boondocking
  22 (10%)
  3 (1%)

I’m curious to know what those three respondents had in mind when they answered “other.”

Here are the rankings for all responses:

1. Noisy and inconsiderate neighbors
2. When another RV parks too close
3. Full waste tanks
4. Industrial Generators (tie)
4. Nothing-I love boondocking (tie)
5. When its time to go home
6. Seeing another human
7. Running out of water
8. Other
9. Getting snowed in

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