OVRLND Campers Releases First Pop-Up Truck Topper

Flagstaff, Arizona-based OVRLND Campers revealed its first pop-up truck topper at the 2018 Overland Expo, combining the functionality of a conventional pop-up slide-in with the versatility and weight of a basic truck topper. Unlike the traditional slide-in truck camper, which easily weighs over 1,000 pounds, the base model of the OVRLND Camper weighs only 300 pounds, making it light enough to be safely hauled on any mid-size or full-size, half-ton truck. The lightweight camper has no floor like a slide-in truck camper and actually mounts to the bed rails of the truck.

“Our camper is built for people who want the space and usability of a pop-top camper, but don’t want the features, weight, and excess cost that comes with a traditional pop-up slide-in truck camper,” explained Jay Wellman, owner and designer of OVRLAND Campers. “We had an amazing response at the Expo. Several people said it was the coolest camper they saw at the show. Many people saw that we do custom work and threw tons of new ideas at us, some of which we’ve integrated into current builds.”

The OVRLAND Camper pop-up topper offers unrivaled versatility. The camper features a vertical pop-top with a canvas height of just under 28 inches and comes standard with a pull-out, north-south 60×80-inch queen bed. The vertical walls of the camper maximize usable space and feature an aluminum “T track” on either side that can be used to secure and mount kitchen counters, stoves, and equipment to provide additional functionality, features, and comfort. Moreover, the topper’s internals can be easily be removed should the owner need the truck to haul plywood, firewood, or any other gear. You can’t do this with a regular slide-in camper.

OVRLND Campers are custom-built, so owners can pick from a number of options available such as roof rack tracks, solar power, windows, awnings, extra bedding height, cabinets, counters, rear barn doors, lift jacks, etc. The frame is constructed using welded aluminum tubing, making it easy for interior or exterior hard point mounting of Jerry cans, propane cans, or other recreational equipment. The tubing construction also makes it easy to add 1-inch insulation for thermal protection against the elements.

OVRLND Campers is a small business with individual attention provided to each truck topper. Each build is unique with owner feedback and build ideas encouraged. Pricing starts at $6,900 for small/mid-size trucks and $7,600 for full-size trucks. Toppers can be built for both short-bed and long-bed trucks.

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