Top 10 Truck Camper Rigs of the 2024 Overland Expo West

The 2024 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, May 17-19, was one for the ages with 29,500 attendees, 415 exhibitors, and 318 classes. Over 100 journalists covered the show, including yours truly, who often felt like a kid in a candy store. The exhibitors included some of the biggest names in industry like Four Wheel Campers, Overland Explorer Vehicles, Supertramp, AT Overland, Kingstar, Rugged Mountain, EarthRoamer, Bowen Customs, Soaring Eagle, Outfitter Manufacturing, Enduro Campers, Elevation Off-Grid, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), and OVRLND Campers. All of them brought a rig or two, or in the case of Four Wheel Campers, dozens. Of course, you can’t forget the DIY section which showcased a number of noteworthy truck camper rigs as well. With acres of rigs to inspect and tour, it’s no easy task to pick the 10 best, but we’re happy to do it. So without further adieu, here at the best top 10 truck camper rigs of the 2024 Overland Expo West.

1. F550-Buckstop-Kingstar Rig

The winner of the 2024 Overland Expo West Top Rig Award. If this amazing rig looks familiar, it should as it was prominently displayed at the recent Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally. Since then, however, the owners have made some impressive upgrades to the two-ton truck courtesy of our friends at Buckstop Truckware. These upgrades include a super single conversion with beefy 43-inch tires, forged wheels, paint-matched fender flares, an Outback front bumper, a LiquidSpring suspension, and Baja Design lighting. The rig also features an Eby truck bed with above and below deck storage and a 48-inch garage. Sitting atop the Eby bed is one of our favorite campers: the Kingstar Camino 88. This particular Starlink-equipped Camino 88 features the company’s new Command Center layout and an impressive electrical system consisting of an 840 amp hour lithium battery bank, a 3,000 watt inverter, and an 800 watt solar power system. What more could you want?

Kingstar Command Center interior

2. Supertramp Megatron

Move over EarthRoamer, there’s a new rig in town called the Megatron by Supertramp that looks and performs just as well yet costs a lot less. The Supertramp Megatron offers the best of both worlds—an Elevation Off-Grid Black Edition Ford F-550 and an amazing camper outfitted with the latest and the best technology that money can buy. Inside, you’ll find 910 amp hours of lithium, an 800 watt solar power system, a massive 200L refrigerator-freezer, nine double-pane glass windows, a dual induction cooktop, 60 gallons of fresh water, 20 gallons grey, and a wet-bath with a sliding cassette toilet. The four-season rig uses hydronic heating similar to the one used by nuCamp Cirrus. Options include a security system, awning, Starlink, an entertainment package, heated floor, a rear winch, and a “Raptor” paint upgrade. It makes sense that the company partnered with Elevation Off-Grid as there isn’t a better truck out there with a top-of-the-line Ford F-550 Lariat trim level, a 10,000 pound payload, a LiquidSpring Suspension, a 6.7L PSD, a 66 gallon fuel tank, an AMP Power Step, and Baja lighting throughout. Lists for $495,000. Look for a full feature article on this magnificent beauty soon.

Supertramp Megatron interior

3. TAV Land Cruiser-Enduro Camper Rig

We can always count on our friends at Tactical Application Vehicles (TAV) to produce an amazing rig, and the talented team at TAV didn’t disappoint. The team took a 200 Series Land Cruiser and “married it” with an Enduro Super Tourer camper. The chassis-mounted camper features high strength, R-5 composite panel walls, an R-7.5 roof, and a high-strength structural honeycomb floor. Amenities include an Espar gasoline air heater, an Expedition Upfitters 6L 12 volt hot water heater, a Guzzle H2O water filtration and purification system, and an Isotherm 85L DC refrigerator. The electrical system is more than sufficient for a rig of this size with a 200 amp hour lithium battery bank, 600 watts of solar, a Xantrex 2,000 watt inverter, and a DC-DC charger. Other accessories in this amazing, little rig include a custom tire carrier, a Wolfbox Dash Cam and Starlink.

Enduro Camper interior

4. Rugged Mountain ‘Big Red’ Ram 5500-Denali 3S Rig

If this amazing rig looks familiar, there’s a good reason. It too was prominently displayed at the recent Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally. We affectionately call this rig “Big Red” and for good reason. Not only is the Rugged Mountain Denali 3S the company’s largest truck camper, but it’s also the largest triple-slide in the industry with 250 square feet of living space. The four-season flatbed also offers the largest holding tanks in the industry with 82 gallons fresh, 77 gallons grey, and 35 gallons black. While the Denali 3S is BIG, it’s still incredibly well-balanced with all of the holding tanks loaded in the front the camper. But what puts the Denali 3S really over the top is the camper’s electrical system which boasts 1,080 amp hours of lithium batteries, a 1,050 watt solar power system, and a 3,000 watt inverter that can run the camper’s 13,500 BTU air conditioner and induction cooktop. For a camper of this size, you’ll need a two-ton chassis (F-550/5500) outfitted with a heavy-duty flatbed like the StableCamper bed picture here to safely haul it.

Rugged Mountain Denali 3s interior

5. OEV F350-Hudson Bay Hard-Side 8 Rig

Built by our Canadian friends up north, the Overland Explorer Vehicles Hudson Bay 8 is a hard-side version of the company’s popular pop-up. It has the same floor plan as the pop-up model, but offers additional features including upper storage compartments, lighting, and windows. When we stepped inside, we were impressed with the size and roominess of the layout. Like all OEV flatbeds, the camper is engineered to seamlessly fit on the company’s Aluma Tray or any standard flatbed. Sleeps up to four and built incredibly strong, the camper’s robust construction features powder-coated aluminum extrusions and OEV Generation-4 composite materials boasting an impressive insulation rating of R8. Weighs only 2,218 pounds dry, making it perfect for one-ton trucks like the Ford F-350 shown here. For a comprehensive survey of today’s flatbed campers, click here.

OEV Hudson Bay HS interior

6. Bowen Customs EOG F550-Scout Kenai Rig

Another eye-popping entry at the show. For this rig it all starts with an Elevation Off-Grid Black Edition Ford F-350 Tremor outfitted with the LiquidSpring suspension. According to Brent Bowen, the custom, white Bowen Bed is similar to one used in the SEMA Stormtrooper build and features extended height boxes that are 2 inches taller. A terrific overlanding camper, the Scout Kenai is the largest camper offered by the company yet it still weighs only 1,265 pounds and can sleep up to six people. Standard Kenai features include a 175 watt flexible solar panel, a moon roof with a screen and solar reflective shade, a four-person dinette with sleeper conversion, and dual 5-pound propane bottles. This particular Kenai features extra goodies including the rooftop tent with pass-through, a propane cooktop, a Dometic portable refrigerator, a propane fireplace, and the cassette toilet. The Scout Kenai works well with any long-bed full-size truck like the one shown at the show.

Scout Kenai interior

7. AT Overland Ram 2500-Aterra Topper Rig

Winner of Truck Camper Adventure’s 2024 Truck Topper of the Year, the team at AT Overland presented a variation of the award-winning Aterra Topper with a few twists. The first thing you’ll notice is the man door in the back as opposed to the large liftgate. The other difference are the wings allowing the topper to be mounted on either a flatbed with side storage boxes or on a standard pickup truck. The Aterra Topper features a king-size bed with a 3-inch thick upholstery foam mattress. If a bunk bed is needed for additional occupants, a second split mattress panel is offered. The Aterra Topper also features four, high-quality Tern Overland double-pane windows—and Tern Overland’s popular door with yet another window. Equipped with roller blinds and solar screens, each window provides excellent convection ventilation throughout the camper. The Aterra Topper weighs only 520 pounds and is made for full-size trucks with 6.5-foot and 8-foot beds like the Ram 2500 single cab pictured here.

AT Overland Aterra interior

8. 1978 Chevy K5 Blazer-Four Wheel Camper Blazer Rig

If you love the classics you’ll love this Chevy K5 Blazer-Four Wheel Camper combo. It’s location near the main entrance didn’t hurt the interest level either. For this classic build, it all starts with a 1978 Chevy K5 Blazer still sporting the original paint. The owner tells us that the drivetrain is a Chevy 5.3L LM7 motor, NV4500 5-speed manual transmission with a NP241C transfer 4WD case. The suspension is all Offroad Designs with custom spec Alcan leaf springs and Bilstein 7100 shock absorbers. The tires on this retro beast are beefy 35×12.50 BFG All-Terrains on 15-inch steel wheels with stock “dog dish” hub caps for a retro look. The Four Wheel Camper Blazer model is unique and specific to the Blazer in that it has no floor and has an open pass through to the cab. With the exception of the canvas pop-top, the camper is almost 100 percent original inside with the classic 70’s golds and browns, but has been rewired and replumbed with an electric water pump, outside shower, and a refrigerator in place of the icebox.

Four Wheel Camper Blazer interior

9. Outfitter Chevy 2500-Spire 8 Rig

A new model released in 2023, the Outfitter Spire 8 drew a lot of attention during the three-day event. This Spire 8 takes the best aspects of the popular Apex and Caribou models, but in a lighter, more low-profile package. This means you won’t find a heated basement, but it does have a stand-up shower enclosure and a cassette toilet. Standard features include a three-way 3 cubic foot refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop, molded countertops, a 20,000 BTU furnace, a north-south, queen-size bed, under bed storage, bed-side cabinets, an overhead storage cabinet, and an interior privacy shower stall and cassette toilet. Unlike the bigger and heavier Apex and Juno models, which offer 44 gallons of fresh water and 16 gallons of grey and black water, the Spire 8 sports a smaller 24 gallon fresh water holding tank, a larger 20 gallon grey holding tank, and a 5 gallon Dometic Cassette Toilet for more dumping options. Weighs only 1,850 pounds, perfect for better-rated half-tons like the Ford F150, and 3/4-ton trucks like the Chevy Silverado 2500 shown here.

Outfitter Spire 8 interior

10. Soaring Eagle GMC Sierra 1500-OVX 5.5 Topper Rig

You can always count on our friends at Soaring Eagle to produce a quality camper and the OVX-5.5 is one of the best toppers in today’s market. The topper features a rugged, aluminum construction yet still weighs only 625 pounds. The OV-X’s soft top is both waterproof and durable, providing years of carefree usage. Gas struts making raising and lower the pop-top a breeze. The topper features a pull-out king bed with a large mattress with built-in storage underneath. The one shown here is outfitted with MOLLE racks, a 200 watt solar power system, 12 volt fans, an exterior shower, and a roof rack system to haul your gear. Power is supplied using a portable power unit, which is pretty standard for all truck toppers in the industry. Designed specifically for trucks with 5.5-foot beds including the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 shown here at the show. The company also makes OVX models for 5 foot, 6.5 foot and 8 foot truck beds.

Soaring Eagle OVX interior
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