NuCamp Redesigns Cirrus 820 Camper for 2021

Ohio-based NuCamp RV, manufacturer of quality truck campers and teardrop-style trailers, recently announced the launch of its redesigned Cirrus 820 truck camper for 2021. According to the press release, the updated 820 will come with aesthetic and functional design changes, component updates, as well as additional features and an interior color palette that will be refreshingly unique. While the floorplan has not been modified, the added upgrades and interior design changes greatly enhance the look and functionality of the camper.

One of the biggest changes to the Cirrus 820 exterior will be the revamped basement. The diamond-plated basement will feature a “step out” on both sides that not only houses multiple batteries, but also an inverter. It was also redesigned and lifted to reduce dead space in the truck bed, thus eliminating the need for a riser kit for some trucks. Other changes to the 820’s exterior will include new SeaFlo baggage doors equipped with motion sensor lights, an all-new entry door step, and a previously excluded exterior LP hook up.

Inside, the Cirrus 820 will look even more modern than its predecessors and will be more functional. NuCamp will incorporate a lighter cabinet finish along with upgraded lighting, and will include upgraded kitchen components along with increased storage capacity. The 820 will also feature custom technology known as SmartCamp, a Bluetooth controller that allows control of multiple lighting options and the main fan from any smart device. The 820 will also be equipped with many smart components that you can control with SmartCamp, including the air conditioning, stereo system, solar and awnings.

The Cirrus 820 will also feature the convenience of nuCamp’s brand-new Nautilus P3 water management system, a single panel mounted on the exterior where owners can fill the fresh water holding tank, connect to city water, flush the black water waste tank, and connect to an outside shower.

P3 Nautilus Water Panel

While Cirrus has traditionally furnished many features that other manufacturers offer as options, the 2021 Cirrus 820 will take things one step further. “You are going to get everything you need when you purchase a 2021 Cirrus 820. We want to give you the best. We are not going to nickel and dime you with what we perceive to be as ‘necessary options’—it all comes standard in the 820,” explained nuCamp CEO, Scott Hubble. “We looked back over the past year-and-a-half of production on the Cirrus 820 and observed that nearly every unit had been ordered loaded with all of the options that we are now making standard.” Currently, the only options available are a rear awning and replacing the standard, wall-mounted table with a smaller, flexible Lagun table system.

A roof-mounted solar panel now comes standard with every Cirrus 820 camper.

NuCamp approached this project differently than ones previously—incorporating even more extensive research and testing. A quality standards team championed this project and touts it as the best product tip-to-tail that they’ve ever built. NuCamp, of course, has never been shy about trying new and radical things in its products and the redesigned Cirrus 820 reflects this.

The revamped 2021 Cirrus 820 will be arriving at nuCamp dealers later this month. Truck Camper Adventure ranked the Cirrus 820 very high in the very competitive one-ton short-bed category in 2018 and will, no doubt, continue to do so in future releases. The short-bed camper can be safely hauled on all one-ton trucks and some 3/4-tons with at least a 3,000-pound payload rating.

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