NuCamp Cirrus 620 Truck Camper Launches in 2021

With great anticipation, NuCamp RV just announced the release of the all-new Cirrus 620, a lightweight, short-bed truck camper made specifically for half-ton trucks. The Ohio-based company says that the new short-bed camper will weigh less than 1,500 pounds dry and will be available for sale in 2021.

A brand-new video showcasing the camper’s interior was just uploaded to NuCamp’s Vimeo channel.

“Our primary goal was to create a high-quality unit loaded with style and amenities—all while weighing under 1,500 pounds,” explained NuCamp CEO, Scott Hubble. “Consumers no longer need to make the choice between a minimally equipped lightweight camper or one full of amenities that exceeds their half-ton truck’s limitations.”

If you recall, NuCamp’s first attempt at building a true half-ton capable truck camper failed in 2019 with the company releasing the excellent Cirrus 720 for 3/4-ton trucks instead. The 720 missed the 1,500-pound target with a basic dry weight of 1,875 pounds. But where the Cirrus 720 failed, the brand-new Cirrus 620 succeeds. The Cirrus 620 short-bed camper will reportedly weigh only 1,491 pounds dry making it an excellent match for most half-ton pickups including the ever-popular Ford F-150. Better yet, the length will work well even on 5-foot 5-inch mini short-bed pickup trucks with the tailgate down.

NuCamp Cirrus 620 profile

The Cirrus 620’s floorplan will feature a refrigerator and a hideaway Thetford swivel cassette toilet on the driver side, a small kitchenette on the passenger side, and a small dinette and north-south queen size bed in front. Unfortunately, NuCamp designers were unable to shoe-horn a wetbath into the camper’s diminutive 5-foot 9-inch floorplan though you will be able take a shower outside using the company’s excellent Nautilus Water Management System. The interior height will be a shade over 6 feet 4 inches.

Cirrus 620 Interior
Cirrus 620 Hideaway Cassette Toilet
Froli Modular Sleep System
Cirrus 620 driver side view showing the refrigerator and the hideaway cassette toilet.
Cirrus 620 Nautilus Water Management System
Inside the Cirrus 620’s Isotherm 2.3 cubic foot DC refrigerator

Standard features of Cirrus 620 will include an Isotherm 2.3 cubic foot DC compressor refrigerator, a 19-gallon fresh water holding tank, a 15-gallon grey water holding tank, the all-in-one Alde hydronic water heater and furnace, the Froli Modular Sleep System, one 5 gallon propane tank, a 210 watt solar power system, and a vented battery compartment large enough to hold two group-24 batteries. As you’d expect, options for such a lightweight camper are on the light side with only a small air conditioner, a motorized awning, and a small microwave being offered.

The Cirrus 620 will present the classic NuCamp “look” and feel on the outside. The camper will feature four insulated “Euro” windows with built-in window shades and screens and NuCamp’s laminated and bonded Azdel fiberglass sidewalls covered with the company’s attractive graphics. Judging from the photographs and video the general shape of the camper is very reminiscent of the larger and well received Cirrus 820 model, though you won’t find anything like the 820’s rear bumper on this model. The bumper weight was too prohibitive, but the camper will feature a hidden ratchet-style tie down system to present cleaner lines and fewer outriggers for those who enjoy driving off-road.

The Cirrus 620 joins NuCamp’s previously released truck camper lineup that includes the Cirrus 720, made for 3/4-ton trucks; the Cirrus 820, built for short-bed one-ton trucks; and the Cirrus 920, a long-bed truck camper built for one-ton trucks.

The Cirrus 620 is already moving off the production line and will be arriving at NuCamp dealers in December. The NuCamp Cirrus 620 truck camper will reportedly list for a $38,591.

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