K-Z Suspends Production of Livin’ Lite Aluminum Truck Campers

KZ RV has suspended production of all Livin’ Lite brands until further notice. Livin’ Lite, headquartered in Shipshewana, Indiana, is the manufacturer of ultra lightweight truck campers, tent campers, travel trailers, and toy haulers.

Livin’ Lite’s Camplite line of truck campers, like all of the company’s brands, specialized in an aluminum, mostly no wood approach to construction. Before production was suspended, Livin’ Lite’s Camplite brand consisted of four hard-side truck camper models, the 6.8, the 8.4s, the 8.6, and the 10.0.

“Livin Lite is experiencing a transition in the products offered,” explained, Paul Rose, KZ Sales Coordinator, in an email to Truck Camper Adventure. “KZ has decided to suspend production of all Livin Lite brands until further notice. Rest assured, that all parts and warranties on all Livin Lite products are and will continue to be honored for their full terms, the same as any other brands we produce.”

The decision to suspend Livin’ Lite operations came from Thor Industries, KZ’s parent company. Livin’ Lite was purchased by KZ RV in March 2016. An official press release on the shutdown has yet to be issued by the company.

The shutdown appears to be permanent according to several dealerships here in the United States. The last batch of Livin’ Lite travel trailers and truck campers were shipped out in June.

Why the shutdown? KZ didn’t say, but it might have to do with the rising cost of aluminum. The high price of the common metal might have made it difficult for Livin’ Lite to build a quality product, while at the same time keeping the costs down for the consumer. Or perhaps Thor Industries didn’t like the competition with Airstream, its highly profitable travel trailer subsidiary. Whatever the reason, the shutdown is difficult to understand and justify. Consumers are willing to pay more for quality products like those made by Livin’ Lite. Furthermore, the Camplite brand was the only all-aluminum camper being built in the industry today. It’s been proven that no other type of RV lasts longer than an all-aluminum one like those made by Airstream and Livin’ Lite.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates as they occur.

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  1. This decision will keep the used price of camplite’s high and desirable. Too bad. A good product. I’m hoping someone else will pick up the standard.

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