Hiatus Campers Releases Patented Hard-Side Pop-Up

Washington-based Hiatus Campers, manufacturer of lightweight pop-up campers, has released an innovative hard-sided pop-up truck topper that’s starting to make waves in the industry. According to the press release, the low-profile topper is manufactured out of aluminum and utilizes composite fiberglass panels and a folding wall system that allows the camper to be popped-up in less that 15 seconds. The truck topper is fully insulated, mounts to the bed rails of the truck, and provides a comfortable four-season camping experience. The heaviest camper weighs only 500 pounds.

“Our campers are lightweight, but also rugged enough to handle all four seasons,” explained Erin Sofinowski, co-owner of the company. “A lot of the pop-up truck campers currently on the market have canvas sides. Our hard wall design insulates you from the cold, stands up to wet and snowy weather, and provides a barrier from wind and external noise. Another thing that sets our camper apart is the double-back door, which makes it easier to get in and out of the camper and does a better job keeping dust and water out of the camper compared to the lift-up window and tailgate entry seen in other toppers.”

The light weight and low-profile of the Hiatus Camper makes it a perfect companion for overlanding and off-road adventures. The camper can be adapted to fit any make, model, and size of pickup truck, including the popular mid-size Toyota Tacoma and full-size Ford F-150. Both short-bed and long-bed trucks can be accommodated as well. According to the company, the weight of the topper is only 420 to 460 pounds for mid-size trucks and 450 to 500 pounds for full-size trucks. The innovative, patent pending design features a large bed that can comfortably sleep two, which slides-out, and can be assembled in seconds. For a mid-size truck, the sleeping platform is 50 x 74 inches and for a full-size truck 56 x 74 inches. Beds can be built longer on request.

Standard features for the Hiatus Camper shell model includes:

  • Insulated composite folding wall system
  • Insulated lower aluminum frame
  • Slide-out sleeping platform with cushions
  • Overhead LED lighting wired into truck battery (AAA powered LEDs available by request)
  • Front and rear slider windows with screens
  • A Fan-Tastic Vent
  • Locking rear double doors with windows or lift up half door/tailgate
  • Locking side access door with gas struts
  • Lockable draw latches to secure camper when driving
  • External L-track brackets for overhead camper removal
  • Exterior lift assist gas struts
  • Integrated third brake light
  • Yakima tracks
  • Installation fees included

Hiatus Campers also offers a number of options. These include storage benches, a hide-away table, and a fold-away counter. According to the company, all furniture is removable and can be customized by outing. The topper uses L-Track, which makes it easy to switch from a camping interior to a usable truck bed in minutes. Other options include a 12 volt battery system, a 12 volt Fan-Tasic Vent Fan, a sink with an electric pump, a propane system with a safety kit for running a space heater, a rigid floor with a coin vinyl finish, and a Rhino Rack batwing awning.

“One thing that our camper really brings to the table over other campers of our size is the coziness aspect. Whether you’re deep in the woods or up in the mountains the hard walls really make you feel like you’re inside your home, staying warm and allowing you to fully relax. Whereas canvas sides provide less of a barrier between you and the outdoors. Also, the ability to customize each camper with a fully furnished interior designed specifically for your needs also sets us apart,” she said.

Hiatus Campers will be attending the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, May 15-17, 2020. Hiatus Campers are sold factory direct from the company’s Issaquah, Washington factory. The wait time is five months. The starting price for the shell model is $11,995 for a mid-size truck and $12,995 for a full-size truck. For more information visit the company’s website at www.hiatuscampers.com.

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  1. Neat concept and it proves that new ideas are sprouting up in the truck camper world. Not for though. I like my little house with all the comforts of home.

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