Feature in the Spotlight: Torklift International’s Fox Landing Bumper Step

Fox Landing - Truck Camper AdventureMost people already know that the truck camper offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and versatility. One of the many benefits is the ability to tow things like a boat, a Jeep, or a utility trailer. However, towing your favorite toys makes entering and exiting the camper a real pain. Fortunately, the good folks at Torklift International and Northwood Manufacturing joined forces to solve this difficult problem. The result of their collaboration is a retractable rear bumper called the Fox Landing.

The Fox Landing is a revolutionary design. It provides a large, collapsible entry platform and a set of side-mounted, fold-away steps that facilitate entry. The big benefit of the Fox Landing is that it allows you to enter and exit the camper while hooked up to your tow-able. No more concerns or worries about tripping or falling. When not in use, the Fox Landing folds away quickly and securely in its stowed position. The whole process of deploying and stowing it away takes only a few seconds.

The Fox Landing has been available to consumers since 2011. The bad news is that the Fox Landing is an option only for Arctic Fox and Wolf Creek truck campers made by Northwood Manufacturing. Is it possible to have the Fox Landing retrofitted on an older Arctic Fox or Wolf Creek truck camper? Yes, but you will need to purchase and install the Fox Landing ready bumper. This requires the removal of the OEM bumper and installation of the new Fox Landing ready bumper. According to Northwood Manufacturing, no additional holes need to be drilled to install the new bumper. The option goes for about $1,000.

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