Construction of Our 2016 Northstar Laredo SC Truck Camper

Rex Willet, the owner of Northstar Campers, and his highly-skilled crew are making excellent progress on the build of my 2016 Northstar Laredo SC truck camper. How long does it take to build a truck camper? Weeks? Months? Actually, not very long. About 11 days including a full day of testing and a final walk-through inspection. They began building it August 26 and will wrap things up around September 8, the day before I’m scheduled to pick it up. In the meantime, Rex Willet, will be sending me photos periodically to document the progress of the build. Stay tuned here and on my Instagram account to see this progress.

August 26

Day 1 assembly of the main components of the camper.
Northstar Laredo SC Frame
Day 1 closeup showing the workmanship of the camper frame.
Day 1 view of the step framing and the new, larger 39 gallon fresh water tank, a 20% increase over the old 30 gallon tank size!
Northstar Laredo SC Kitchen during the build.
Day 1 view of the kitchen.
Northstar Laredo Cassette Toilet
Day 1 view of the camper’s rear including the cassette toilet compartment.

August 29

Northstar Laredo Roofs
Day 4 view showing the roof frame and block foam insulation and one side of the sheet foil insulation in place.
Northstar Laredo SC Roof Insulation
Another Day 4 view showing the flip side of the insulation before being installed on the roof.
Northstar Laredo SC with block foam inserted in frame
Day 4 view showing the block foam installed in the frame and walls.
Northstar Laredo SC assembly
Day 4: applying the glue before the fiberglass walls are hung.
Northstar Laredo SC Construction
Day 4 view showing temporary bracing in place while the glue in the front wall sets.

September 2

Northstar Laredo SC Kitchen, Day 5
Day 7 view of the Kitchen with the open space for the refrigerator to the right.
Northstar Laredo SC
Day 7 view of the driver’s side. Note the larger size of the propane compartment that now holds two 5 gallon propane tanks vice one.
Northstar Laredo SC Anchor Plate
View showing one of four anchor plates.
Northstar Laredo SC
Day 7 view of the roof with EPDM membrane affixed.
Northstar Laredo SC
Day 7 view of the cabover. Note the large opening for the Heki skylight.

September 4

Northstar Laredo SC Truck Camper - Day 8
Day 9 exterior view. Almost finished. Only minor work remains including the PDI and the solar panel install.
Northstar Laredo SC
Day 9 view of the rear showing the Torklift step bumper, ladder, and main door with optional top and bottom windows.
Northstar Laredo SC
Day 9 view of the dinette. Note the Lagun swing away table and the large size of the Dometic “Euro” window.
Northstar Laredo SC Kitchen
An impressive day 9 view of the kitchen with the stainless steel look and household faucet!
Northstar Laredo SC - Mello Mike
Another day 9 view looking toward the rear.
Solar Charge Controller - Mello Mike's Northstar Laredo SC
Closeup of the Zamp 30 ampere PMW solar charge controller
Mello Mike's Dometic CR1110 12 volt compressor refrigerator in Northstar Laredo
Interior view of the Dometic CR1110 12 volt compressor refrigerator
Northstar Laredo SC
Day 9 view of the cabover area.
Northsar Laredo SC - Mello Mike
Overhead storage compartment above the Northstar Laredo SC dinette.
Overhead view of the AGM battery compartment underneath the rear dinette seat. These are Deka Group 31 batteries.
Northstar Laredo SC - Sliding Drawers
Factory view showing the rugged and durable slide-out drawer mechanisms.
Northstar Laredo SC wetbath
Completed view of the wetbath and cassette toilet.
Northstar Camper
Closeup of the attractive Northstar Camper emblem.
Northstar Camper Heki Skylight
Day 9 view showing the front portion of the completed roof including the Heki Skylight Vent.
Northstar Laredo SC
How our 2016 Northstar Laredo SC looked when we first saw it at the factory on September 10.
Loading up my Laredo at the Northstar factory.
Loading up my Laredo at the Northstar factory.
Northstar Laredo SC Truck Camper
Final view before leaving the Northstar Camper factory.

First impressions of the our Northstar Laredo SC truck camper can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Mike, I like your Northstar Camper review. I wanted a camper like that. I found a 2011 unit the 50 year model in San Antonio, TX. and purchased it. I had bought a Big Foot but it was just to heavy for my 2003 Ram 3500 SRW truck. I would like to install some solar.I have used much solar working in the Oil Patch on SCADA commucation systems before I retired last June. How do I mount them? Could you send pictures of how your are mounted? I am new to the RV world I do have 18 wheeler driving experance back when I was a lot younger.

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