2024 Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally Fun in the Sun Report

The 2024 Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally is in the history books with over 400 truck camper rigs showing up for this years’ festivities. With so many more rigs than last year, that meant plenty of opportunities to forge new friendships, and revisit past friendships built right here in Arizona’s desert.

The rigs. About all those rigs. Again, 400 plus truck camper at this event, sprinkled around a large area at the Roadrunner BLM camping area, one of the many camping areas in the Quartzsite area. Or should I say a long and wide valley, because this place is massive. One of the many nice things about all these rigs, is you can walk up to anyone of the owners and strike up a conversation about their set up, and yours as well. There is an open house during the rally, so you can walk right in and check out other campers. If you are looking for a new camper, or just want to see mods or set ups you have interest in, here is the place to do it and hear real world experience from the other rig owners. Many times I heard that line muttered after someone just exited a camper, ”Oh, that’s a really good idea,” sometimes followed by, “how long did that take to do?” You can imagine the wheels start turning about then. I myself had an eye on a few different campers I would be interested in owning.

There is the main area where a large tent is located, and is also near the check-in for the event. This is where everything generally starts from. Announcements, talks, classes and so on, even the evening’s entertainment is right here. This is a social event, and you get the chance to learn new stuff at the classes all while having a good time in the desert. If you want to be out further from the main area, a two minute or so walk and you can feel like you are “out there,” and a few did, a nice perk to such a large rally for those who want to do so. I think of this rally as boondocking with lots of your friends around.

Even though the main area is parked closer together, you still have the option to park your rig anywhere you want at any angle that suits you. This is not an RV park, jam packed and stacked. For those who came days early to the rally, and stayed long, they can attest to the open feel of this area.

With all the classes and goings on to attend, that made for a busy long weekend right? Not really, there is plenty of free time worked into the schedule to do what you want, such as walk the dog, ride bikes, socialize, or even off road UTV style on the area trails. Yet, you can also just sit and chill, taking in the brilliant desert views with the warm sun of mid-February. With temperatures in the low 70s, it sure felt warm to me coming from a cold skiers paradise in Lake Tahoe this time of year. If you want to take in all the activities of the classes offered, you still will have plenty of time off during the four-day event.

When it comes to the classes, ALL are quite informative. I had the opportunity to instruct two photography classes, one daytime and one a night time class. These were so fun to do as I like helping people where I can. I was a professional tennis player in a previous life, followed by being a tennis coach/teacher, so I have it in my veins to help people. A number of participants in the night class were giddy with joy in having just learned something new in their photography, night time photography is just plain cool and rewarding when you nail a good shot. If you listen to any of the instructors throughout the rally, you could clearly hear their passion for what their area of expertise was, they all have that knack in helping people out. Just ask Steve Hericks a question about batteries, solar, or his camper, and you will walk away with a bunch of new found knowledge. That is what makes a rally like this so good to be a part of.

How about Kevin MacAfee’s class on traveling to Alaska? For this one, the tent area and all around it was packed with people looking for info, and others giving valuable information to what it takes to do such a big adventure. If you are looking to go to Alaska, there is a lot of info to process, prep work to be done, and Kevin’s class helped a lot. My wife and I had planned a trip there in two years, but after that class and eagerness to get out on a big road trip, we are trying to move that first Alaska trip up to later this year, yes, that class helped us.

Whatever your camper is, really big to small, pop up to hard sided, and what truck mods or needs you have for adventuring a long big trip or a short weekend getaway, the Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally had plenty of info for all to take in.

The truck camper life is both addicting and rewarding. My past and current rigs have taken me to some incredible places, they have been a crucial base camp in some high back country excursions I’ve done in bigger Canada trips. Others might use a truck camper for full-time living, yet others to explore the less-traveled path to wonderful places. Truck campers just fit the bill for adventure.

Way out in the desert, here we truck camper owners are enjoying the night’s entertainment provided by Mike Ewing, the “Arizona Cowboy Balladeer.” Once it turned dark the crowd grew bigger, and why not with good music to cruise through your Friday night.

Friday night was the night the sky exploded with brilliant color and people shooting pics left and right. As you can see with my first image of this article and this one as well, the sky was incredible, the mood good with the “Arizona Cowboy Balladeer” singing tunes to us all, Arizona style!

Well, it’s time to start making trip plans. If you have not already done so, get going on it already! Right after the rally was done, it just felt like the right thing to do was make plans for the next trip. We are going to try for Alaska this fall instead of waiting two years.

As I finish writing this article from my home in Lake Tahoe, with a massive storm full of deep snow and blizzard warnings, I can’t help but think about the coming summer camping season after such a great rally put on by Mello Mike and Truck Camper Adventure. Now if someone wants to come help me move snow, I won’t stop you!

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David Clock is an adventure and landscape photographer from South Lake Tahoe, California. With a deep passion for the great outdoors year round, and both still working full time, Dave and his wife, Page, spend their off-time being active in all mountain sports. They integrate truck camping into all said adventures!


  1. I really enjoyed your photography class at the Rally. Your images are truly amazing! Also, thank you for talking to me about your AF 865 as well. I was so taken with it that I forgot to ask you the about the truck model/suspension modifications you were using to carry it.
    David Casterson

    • David, glad to hear you enjoyed the photography class. I think i have a good twist for next years’ classes, should be even better. Truck mods: As you probably saw, 2021 Ram Tradesman, gasser, 3500 srw. I added a Helwig anti sway bar to the rear, Helwig helper springs, and Timbrens. Just under 40k miles, Canada twice and numerous trips in western states and it rides pretty good and sits level. Hope that answers your questions on suspension.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you guys at the rally this year. Your stunning pictures and words definitely showcase why we enjoy returning and promote the event to other truck camper owners we meet. Hope your 2024 Alaska adventure comes together smoothly; I also took great inspiration from Kevin’s adventure so perhaps that’ll be our 2025 big trip. I’d come help you shovel snow, but we’re shoveling here too…just not nearly as much. Cheryl (Steve and Cheryl)

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