Video: First Impressions of Truck Camping at the Quartzsite Rally

What’s going on everybody. Here are my first impressions, my first experiences truck camping and attending the Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally. Hopefully, this YouTube video will be helpful for those who don’t have any experience truck camping or maybe even those curious or interested in attending this particular truck camper rally. These are my first impressions of truck camping and attending the Quartzsite Rally.

Quick background. I don’t have any experience truck camping. My parents, though, are Mello Mike and Karen Smith. They invited me to attend and help out, so I was able to attend for the first time, which was really awesome. During the rally, I stayed in a Four-Wheel Pop-Up Camper. The one I stayed in is called the Grandby, the biggest camper they offer. It has a large, queen-size bed, and huge dinette, a refrigerator, a cooktop, and a furnace. It was a little bit of an adjustment the first night, but I adapted actually rather quickly.

Various topics are discussed in my video, including some rookie mistakes that I made and learned from, and my first impressions of the Four Wheel Camper Grandby. As the official photographer and videographer of the event, I provide a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look into the event, which is the largest truck camper rally in the world. I share what you might expect at the rally like the famous raffle, the classes, the concert, the vendors that were there, and so much more.

Many people naturally shy away from new experiences. So, If you are new to truck camping or desire to learn more about the Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally, you won’t want to miss this video. I’m already looking forward to next year.

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Daniel is a digital mapper and a YouTube influencer, who sometimes goes by his musician alias, Tiger Arcade. Married with three children, Daniel holds a BS Degree in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Utah, and enjoys music, hiking, and camping with his family in the great outdoors.

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