Review of Off-Road Power Gear’s Permanent Match

Permanent MatchNext to water, shelter, and food, the need for fire is vital in a survival situation. Not only can it cook your food and sanitize your drinking water, but it can also keep you warm in cold weather and provide a badly needed psychological boost during a crisis. If you’re carrying only one or two implements for creating fire in your hiking pack, EDC, or bug out bag you’re really short-changing yourself. You should have at least five different ways to start a fire. That’s why I was intrigued when I recently visited Off-Road Power Gear’s online store and saw their so-called Permanent Match.

At first glance, the Permanent Match looks like a fancy cigarette lighter, the kind my dad used to carry. But if you look closer you’ll notice that it’s actually a tiny, stainless steel flask. Like my dad’s cigarette lighter, the Permanent Match’s reservoir is filled with standard lighter fluid. The big difference here, however, is that the Permanent Match comes with a stainless steel match and wick that is unscrewed from the top of the housing. To light the match, all you need to do is strike it against the ferro rod on the side of the housing. The Permanent Match can be lit hundreds of times on a single fill of lighter fluid. This fact alone makes it more valuable than a box of matches and takes up the same amount of room, too. It also comes with a clip that you can use to attach to your key chain, your EDC bag, your hiking pack, or your bug out bag.

The Permanent Match is attractive and stylish. Off-Road Power Gear offers several different styles of decals including an American Flag, Spool Life, Bullets, Biohazard, Rebel Pride, Carbon Fiber Skull, Bow Tie Till I Die, Rebel Flag, Born Free, Camo, Flame Logo and Bullet Belt. They also offer two that are unadorned without graphics. Prices vary between $6.99 and $14.99.

The Permanent Match is an excellent fire starter. It’s durability, longevity, and ruggedness are ideally suited for either routine camping or for outdoor survival situations. If you’re looking for another fire starting implement, the Permanent Match is definitely worthy of a serious look. I highly recommend it


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  1. I bought the Amazon ones some time ago and they work great. I bet the ones you reviewed are Chinese as well. With 10, I have them in several spots, camper pack, fishing box, glove box of DW car, motorcycle, etc. Even gave away a few as gifts. So far none have failed me.

  2. Available on Amazon, search METAL MATCH LIGHTER
    10 lighters for $5 free shipping
    That’s right, 50cents each! Not $7 – $14

    • Hi Skipro3,
      Yes, I saw those and ordered a set about a week ago. I’m wondering about the quality, if it’s the same or a cheap Chinese knockoff. I’ll report back.

      • Hi SkiPro and Mike, that does look like a good price on Amazon, thanks. They are a great option to regular matches. It’s funny too, I have one in my backpack kit that I’ve had probably thirty years now, leading to the analogy that what was old is new again. Ah but what I’d give to apply that to my aging body.

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