Northstar Laredo RV Mattress Upgrade

Sleep Master 6 inch Truck Camper Memory Foam MattressMattresses are a very personal thing. The very mattress that some people love, other people hate. Such was the case with the queen size spring mattress that came in our new Northstar Laredo SC truck camper. According to Northstar Campers, this mattress has been popular with clients, but the wife, who has a bad back, hated it. Some folks can get around the issue by placing a 2 inch memory foam topper over the OEM mattress, but this wasn’t an option for us, our mattress was too lumpy and wasn’t worth keeping. For us, a new, memory foam mattress was our only option.

This was Deja Vu for the two of us. Our last camper needed a mattress upgrade, too. Last time we opted for an 8 inch thick Sleep Science memory foam mattress by South Bay International. This was a fine mattress that served us well in the three years we owned it, but this mattress wouldn’t work in our new camper because it was too thick. A 6 inch mattress was our only option because of an adjacent drawer and wardrobe that couldn’t be opened if we went with an 8 inch thick mattress. On the strength of very favorable reviews, we opted to buy a queen size Sleep Master memory foam mattress by Zinus.  We bought ours for the bargain price of $161 on with free shipping through Prime.

The queen size Sleep Master 6 inch mattress weighs 41 pounds and comes conveniently folded and compressed in a large vinyl bag. The mattress consists of two layers: 1.5 inches of a high quality memory foam on top and 4.5 inches of a high-density base support foam on the bottom. Like most quality mattresses, it comes with a zippered cover that can be removed and washed. The mattress also comes with a worry free 10 year limited warranty. The Sleep Master mattress is very comfortable to lay on. So comfortable, in fact, that we actually look forward to sleeping in our camper now. Can you say that about the mattress in your RV now? If you can’t, you should consider an upgrade, too.

By the way, if your RV requires an odd size mattress, offers custom mattress sizes for all RVs including truck campers.  I’ve never purchased from them before and have never tried their products, but the owner reached out to let me know about their services after I wrote an article about our last rv mattress purchase. Looks like they’re worth checking out.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress as Shipped
The Sleep Master mattress comes wrapped in a large vinyl bag.

Installing the mattress in our truck camper was pretty easy, but at 41 pounds a healthy back is needed to heft it into place. As I mentioned earlier, the mattress comes folded and compressed in a large vinyl bag. The best way to install the mattress is to maneuver it in place where you want it, then remove it from the bag. The mattress expands rather quickly after you pull out the bag’s stitches, so be ready. The directions state that the mattress packaging must be opened within 72 hours of receipt and that you should wait a full 48 hours for your new mattress to return to its original, plush shape before using. Most mattresses reek pretty bad after first opening them, but I didn’t notice much of an odor at all with the Sleep Master.

The Laredo cabover with the OEM mattress removed.
The Sleep Master Mattress after removing the vinyl bag and before removing the clear plastic wrapping.

I pride myself on my ability to modify and improve the RVs I’ve owned over the years, but for me this is one of the easiest, most important mods you can make to your RV. Sleeping well is important when you’re on the road and enjoying the benefits of your RV. Sure, a good mattress won’t automatically make your camp out or road adventure a success, but a bad mattress can certainly come close to ruining it.

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