Arizona’s Lost Dutchman State Park

Last night we dry camped at the Lost Dutchman State Park Campground in Apache Junction, AZ. We’ve been here several times before in the past for hikes and cookouts, but never with the camper. As most of you know, I’m not a huge fan of campgrounds, but the location of this particular campground is hard to beat as it is nestled at the base of the Superstition Mountains. The views are breathtaking.

With our solar powered camper, we opted to dry camp. Who needs hookups when you have everything you need? The cost to dry camp at the Lost Dutchman State Park Campground was $15 with a $5 online registration fee. Pretty expensive for dry camping, to be sure, since you can dry camp in the nearby Tonto National Forest campgrounds for only $7. I suppose I can feel good about contributing to an Arizona State Park system that was failing only two years ago.

The campground was pretty full this morning, though the overflow section was nearly empty, so if you’re thinking about stopping by, I would do so. The temperatures yesterday were pleasant with a high of 90 degrees F and a low of 63 degrees F. For me, the low 60s is perfect sleeping weather. And speaking of sleeping, our new memory foam mattress was a joy to sleep on. I slept for nine hours and woke up this morning with zero soreness. Quite a change from the OEM mattress.

Our campsite with the Superstitions in the background.
Our site, #35, was a pull through with no hookups.
Saguaros can be seen everywhere including at our site.
A view of our campsite. Fires are allowed in the pit only.

We were treated to beautiful weather and light clouds to the west yesterday at sunset, nearly perfect conditions for taking pictures of what I call Saguaro Sunsets. Here are a few pics.

Chollas are beautiful but I wouldn’t want to fall in one.
I almost missed these small violet-colored wildflowers.
Wildflowers close up. 
Clusters of wildflowers can be seen everywhere in the park.
This Saguaro has short, stubby arms…
…and this one has long ones.
And this one had arms that were just right.
I love the streaks in the background of this shot.
Look! A six-fingered hand telling us what to do!
Snapped this pic of Goldfield on the way home.

I highly recommend the Lost Dutchman State Park Campground. The facilities, cleanliness, and site spacing of the campground are first-rate and provides a perfect location to do further exploring of the world renowned Apache Trail. How would I rate this campground? I’d give this campground a rating of 4.5-stars.

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  1. real nice. wow, 90 degrees out. its balmy in the high 40s low 50s up here in the north right now.
    my view has always been….i can put more clothes on but can only strip so far before the cops show up.

  2. What a beautiful place Mike! It is nice to see the flowers particularly because it was snowing here the day before yesterday! (Spring is slow getting started this year here on Prince Edward Island).

  3. Wow what a sunset! Your pictures are beautiful. I love the Saguaro…such magnificent presence they have! Have you seen any with blooms? I am so on a mission to find them…did find one and got a good picture.

    Your spot looks so cozy….enjoy!

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