Zamp Unveils Lighter, Thinner Solar Panel

Zamp Solar, premium supplier of US-manufactured off-grid solar solutions, just unveiled its all new Obsidian Series solar panels at the recently completed RV Dealer Open House in Elkhart, Indiana. The patent-pending, monocrystalline panels are 30 percent lighter and less than half the thickness of existing off-grid panels, while retaining the quality, durability, and efficiency of Zamp’s other, RV friendly solar panels.

Handcrafted at the company headquarters in Bend, Oregon, the reduced weight and size of the new Obsidian Series panels makes them ideal for truck campers of all sizes including pop-up truck campers where every pound matters.

“It was time for some real innovation in off-grid solar,” says Conor Miller, COO of Zamp Solar. “So we invested heavily in research and development and designed a series of panels that are lighter, thinner, simpler to install, and easier to use without compromising any efficiency or durability.”

Obsidian Series panels are plug-and-play compatible with the thousands of RVs that are pre-wired for Zamp Solar, or they can be paired with a Zamp Solar Integration Kit and used with any RV or van. The new panels are initially being produced in 45-watt and 100-watt sizes.

According to Miller, the efficiency of the new Obsidian Series panels peaks out at an impressive 21.6 percent, the same as Zamp’s standard monocrystalline panels. Like all Zamp solar panels, the Obsidian Series comes with a 25-year output warranty. Zamp’s warranty ensures its panels will exhibit at least 90 percent power output of the minimum peak power within the first 10 years and 80 percent of the minimum peak power output within the first 25 years.

“The launch of Obsidian is just the first step into a bright future for Zamp Solar,” says Bill Inman, VP of Product Strategy. “We have many more new, innovative products coming down the line in the near future that we can’t wait to introduce to the off-grid solar industry.”

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