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We need your truck camper reviews here at Truck Camper Adventure! We’ll soon be publishing more reviews, but we need more, a lot more. We’d like to publish at least six owner reviews a year to provide the level of service that is truly needed in the community.

Why write for Truck Camper Adventure? Because we’re different from other websites. What makes us different is that our reviews are written by those who actually own the product, not by those who are paid to do so. We want well-written, honest reviews that provide real insights. If your review has something negative in it, that’s okay. We want our reviews to serve fellow consumers, not manufacturers who may be cutting unnecessary corners. Another thing that makes Truck Camper Adventure different is that we review and rank all companies whether they advertise with us nor not. This, along with the fact that our reviews are written by owners, makes the reviews that we publish honest, hard-hitting, and independent, not fake.

What’s great about this website’s growth over the last year is that we’re finally in a position where we can pay you for your review, but not a lot. Believe me, we’re not getting rich doing what we do. We do this because we love serving the truck camper community, which we think is one of the best and tightest RV communities in the world. If you know truck camper owners or have been to a truck camper rally, you know what I’m talking about. Truck camper owners are great people, the salt of the earth.

So if you own a truck camper (or truck camper related product) and would like to write a review, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get your review on the publishing schedule. We have no preference on age or make of the camper. While we prefer newer camper reviews in order to be a positive influence for change, this isn’t a requirement. So if you want to review and write about an older camper like an old Avion, S&S Camper, or Six-Pack, go for it. There are plenty of these old campers around that can help educate others looking to purchase one.

Along with this new call for truck camper reviews, we’ve also devised a new basic format for all truck camper reviews. From this point on, we ask that your written review follow this basic format:

  • Introduction
  • Exterior Description (including weights and how well or how poorly it fits your truck)
  • Interior Description (including specs like tanks sizes and battery compartment size)
  • Best Features of Camper
  • Criticisms
  • Conclusion

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Mello Mike is an Arizona native, author, and the founder of Truck Camper Adventure. He's been RV'ing since 2002, is a certified RVIA Level 1 RV Technician, and has restored several Airstream travel trailers. He currently rolls in a 2013 Ram 3500 with a 2021 Bundutec Roadrunner truck camper mounted on top. A communications expert, he retired from the U.S. Navy in 2004 as a CWO3 after 24 years, worked in project management, and now runs Truck Camper Adventure full-time. He also does some RV consulting, repairs, and inspections on the side.

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