SherpTek Delivery Day for the Truck Camper Adventure Rig

April 21, 2022 was a big day for Truck Camper Adventure. That was the day we took delivery of our SherpTek Truck Bed and SherpTek rear bumper. In this video we interview Ryan Goodwin, CEO and designer of the SherpTek Truck Bed, to learn more about his company, his engineering background, and the company’s new location in Prineville, Oregon. Ryan also reveals what makes our particular SherpTek truck bed and rear bumper different. Hint: it’s in the hips. Oh, and if anybody is curious, the SherpTek Truck Bed weighs 3 pounds less (422 pounds) that what our OEM bed weighs (425 pounds). With all that the SherpTek features, being able to achieve this is an amazing feat of engineering.

The title of our new video asks, is this the best truck bed for slide-in truck campers? We think so. The enclosed flanks provide over 52 cubic feet of storage and this doesn’t include the under-bed storage boxes. This enclosed storage can be accessed both inside and outside the camper. This allows us to store things like food, canned goods, and shoes outside the camper. No other truck bed in the market allows you to do this. SherpTek’s proprietary D-rings and camper guides also keep our camper secure for more aggressive off-roading. No more side-to-side movement.

Nobody makes a better looking truck bed either. Just look at it. There’s no way this truck bed can be confused with what the cable guy uses.

Employing a modular approach to design and construction, the SherpTek truck bed is different in many ways from the truck beds, trays, and service bodies being made by other companies. Every SherpTek truck bed comes standard with a cab guard, DOT tail lights, a fuel fill, a secondary fluid fill, attractive edging on the rear and sides, and cab guard lighting. But truck camper owners, like us, opt for additional goodies that transform a basic slide-in truck camper into a more capable overlanding rig. These options include marine decking, SherpTek’s hinged flanks, truck camper alignment brackets and D-ring tie-downs as well as front and rear under-bed storage boxes, removable wheel wells, and mud flaps.

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