Tune Outdoor Unveils New Tune M1 Canopy Truck Topper

Denver, Colorado-based Tune Outdoor just unveiled an innovative new entry to the growing lightweight truck camper market—the Tune M1. The striking Tune M1 pop-up canopy truck topper blends design innovation, simplicity, and a streamlined production process that delivers an industry-best weight-to-space ratio, exceptional performance, and a stylish, modern aesthetic. Targeting the burgeoning vehicle-based adventure and active outdoor community, the Tune M1 represents a leap forward in design and utility for this category.

Employing durable, lightweight materials, Tune engineers developed an intuitive design that puts the Tune M1’s base model weight starting at only 360 pounds. It also features a patented wing-wall design with flared sidewalls, a market first, and a fully vertical pop-top, providing more cubic living space than any lightweight truck camper on the market. This exceptional weight-to-space ratio broadens the Tune M1’s utility across a wide range of outdoor and offroad conditions, making it an ideal solution for comfortable camping outdoors, whether you’re fishing, surfing, climbing, kayaking, biking, snowmobiling, hunting, and more.

“We designed a canopy truck topper that hits the sweet spot of lightweight, functionality, and feel, allowing you to access your favorite backcountry places with enough space to bring your toys and gear and still camp comfortably,” says company president Sean Kepler, who has held executive leadership positions at The North Face, VF Outdoor, Reef, and Crocs. Tune’s team of outdoor industry veterans and engineers spent more than two years perfecting Tune’s design and production process.

Tune’s structure incorporates an aluminum frame, injected ultra-strong composite corner brackets, a clean polyester pop-top canopy extension, and easy-to-fit, FRP honeycomb paneling. Each camper comes with three aluminum or glass awning doors that allow for easy access from any angle, low-power interior halo lighting, and over 440 feet of universal T-track on the interior, exterior, and roof for unlimited customization. A large sleeping loft allows users to sleep sideways, while maintaining 6-4 to 6-10 of stand-up headroom (depending on truck model). The bed and living area can be enjoyed simultaneously, opening the entire cabin to camp living—from hanging out and cooking, to toy hauling and remote working.

Tune innovated a patent-pending industrial design solution that allows the Tune M1 to assemble quickly and easily, translating to fast installation lead times and efficient after-market service. The Tune M1 camper easily integrates with nearly any pickup chassis—from Toyota Tacomas to the Ford Lightning—providing unparalleled performance and comfort without extensive modifications.

“Tune has engineered a product that is affordable, highly functional, and efficient to build, which empowers outdoor enthusiasts to comfortably enjoy their favorite off-the-path places to play and stay,” adds Kepler.

The M1 is sold direct to consumers at www.tuneoutdoor.com, with a base model price of $12,999. Tune is offering an introductory price of $10,999 for a limited time.

Tune M1 Features:

  • Industry leading weight-to-space ratio
  • Super lightweight, starting at just 360 lbs.
  • Category’s highest interior living space
  • Large sleeping loft with hinged bed extension
  • 4-inch thick mattress
  • 6-4 to 6-10 of interior stand-up headroom
  • Patented wing-wall design with flared sidewalls
  • Panoramic smoked glass walls (optional)
  • More than 440 feet of T-track for unlimited customization
  • Interior halo lighting
  • Fast installation times

About Tune Outdoor

Founded by a team of outdoor industry and engineering veterans, Tune Outdoor is a direct-to-consumer brand launching a premium, highly innovative, lightweight pickup truck camper to a growing market hungry for innovation, value, and evolved performance. Focused on function, modularity and a clean, modern aesthetic, Tune empowers the aspirations of outdoor enthusiasts who live to be out in their natural environments. With an aluminum frame, ultra-strong composite corner brackets and a clean polyester pop-top canopy extension, the Tune M1 offers unparalleled performance and comfort while helping bring humans closer to their natural state. For more information, visit www.tuneoutdoor.com.

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