Truma to Bring Saphir Air Conditioner to North American Market in 2024

Truma, a leading manufacturer of mobile heating and cooling worldwide, has added a new air conditioner to its North American product lineup: the Truma Saphir. According to the press release, the Saphir is an under-the-bench air conditioner with electric heating capability, designed for discreet installations in smaller RVs like truck campers and vans.

Truma President and CEO, Gerhard Hundsberger, unveiled the new cooling system at the company’s 10th anniversary party last month at the Truma North America HQ in Elkhart, Indiana. The compact air conditioner has been popular in Europe since its introduction in 2006 and has now been certified for sale in the United States and Canada.

Truma Saphir is powered by 120-volt AC power and offers 7,000 BTU cooling and 6,500 BTU heating capability. A key consideration was keeping the system as efficient and effective as possible using low current consumption. For cooling, the Saphir uses only 8.54 amps on low, 8.64 amps on medium, and 8.75 amp on high. For heating, it uses only 7.29 amps on low, 7.39 amps on medium, and 7.50 amps on high. The ducted installation gives manufacturing partners the flexibility to determine the location, size, and shape of needed ducts suitable for their application. This ensures effective cooling as well as heating throughout the RV.

The Saphir provides an air conditioning alternative for RVs that do not have conventional flat rooftops, like a teardrop trailer or a truck camper with a rooftop tent. The benefits of under-the-bench installation extend to more traditional roof lines as well. Another benefit, of course, is that the roof can be dedicated for more important things like solar panels.

“As we look to the future, this is an option that allows manufacturers to use more of their roof space for solar energy while still being able to provide, ‘simply better,’ energy-efficient Truma heating and cooling,” said Truma VP of Sales and Marketing, Tim Williams. “We are also seeing the market shift towards more modern, streamlined aesthetics. The under-the-bench installation eliminates any large wall cut-outs, providing a sleeker exterior finish.”

In order to run the Saphir under-the-bench air conditioner off-grid, owners will need a bank of lithium batteries and a 2,000 watt inverter or a generator like the Honda EU2200i or Onan 2500.

In addition to three fan speeds for cooling and heating, the Saphir also offers Air Circulation and Night modes. These modes, along with temperature, can be controlled with a wireless remote control or the Truma CP plus control panel. In RVs outfitted with a Truma Saphir and Truma heating system, the Automatic Climate Control mode on the CP plus will maintain a set temperature by switching between the heating and air conditioning systems as needed, just like a home thermostat. When installing the CP plus alongside Truma heating, cooling, and water systems, manufacturers are able to create an interconnected comfort experience for the end user.

The well-received Truma Aventa, a traditional 13,500 BTU roof-top air conditioner for RVs, was released in the North American market in 2022.

The Truma Saphir air conditioner will be available to OEM Manufacturers in early 2024. Unfortunately, like the Truma Combi, the Trama Saphir will not be available to DIYers.

For more information about Truma and its products, visit the Truma website at

About Truma: Since 2013, Truma North America has provided premium solutions for outdoor living in the United States and Canada from their headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. The German-founded RV supplier has over 70 years of experience providing world-class comfort systems like instant water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, and portable refrigerators/freezers to the global recreation market. Backed by German engineering and a passion for the outdoors, Truma is committed to making your next truck camper adventure “Simply Better” with innovative technology, exemplary service, and a customer-first philosophy.

Truma Saphir
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