Truma Aventa AC Now Available for Aftermarket Purchase

Truma Corp., Europe’s leading manufacturer of RV heating and air conditioner products, has just announced that the Truma Aventa 13.5 Eco air conditioner, previously available to RV manufacturers only, is now available for aftermarket purchase in the USA. RV owners wishing to replace their existing non-ducted rooftop AC with the Truma Aventa will now have that opportunity.

The Truma Aventa 13.5 Eco is a winner. Recently tested and reviewed by Truck Camper Adventure and given a 5-star rating, the three-speed, low-profile air conditioner generates very little noise and consumes only 9.4 amps AC on the low setting, 9.6 amps on medium, and 10.5 amps on high. The air conditioner, which weighs only 95 pounds, features a wireless remote with numerous settings including nighttime and dehumidifier modes. For Truck Camper’s Adventure’s detailed review of the Truma Aventa air conditioner, click here.

“The number one question we’ve received since bringing the Aventa stateside has been, ‘When can I buy it for my RV?’ There is a demand from end users for a quieter, more efficient air conditioner, and we are very excited to begin offering that upgrade option,” said Chief Operating Officer Mark Howlett.

Truma is offering the installation service free of charge through Truma Service Technicians now through the end of March. RV owners will need to complete a survey with details about their coach, including photographs and measurements, for Truma personnel to review to determine if their RV is compatible with the Truma Aventa.

Truma is currently scheduling installation appointments at select Truma service locations with plans to expand this service offering in 2023. To receive your application and installation coupon, visit the Truma website now.

The Truma Aventa, as well as other Truma products, are currently on display at the 2022 Hershey RV Show until 18 September.

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