Truck Camper FastGun Storage Mount

The Torklift FastGun, is, without a doubt, the premier truck camper turnbuckle in the industry. The spring-loaded turnbuckle is well-made, comes with a patented O-ring tension indicator, and, as the name implies, is fast to use. Torklift’s FastGun is also proudly made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. We gave the truck camper product one of our highest reviews a few years ago, a well deserved 5 star rating. That quality, however, comes at a cost with a set of four retailing for $700 on To protect this investment from the elements and possible theft, we wanted a simple and convenient way to store them indoors when the camper is not in use. After looking at various options, we decided to construct a simple pegboard storage mount to display in our garage. This truck camper modification article explains how to build a simple project Truck Camper FastGun Storage Mount.

As you can see from the photo, this is a very easy project. For the materials, a trip to the local big box store is all that was needed. For the job, you’ll need a standard 2-foot x 4-foot pegboard, 12-feet of 1×2-inch for the frame, some pegboard mounts to display the FastGuns, several wood screws of various lengths, and wood glue to mount the frame to the backside of the pegboard. The cost for everything was about $20. With the materials on-hand, the job took about one hour overall, including the time it took to mount the pegboard to the wall. Due to the weight of the pegboard and four FastGuns, you’ll want to make sure that the pegboard is mounted to wall studs for extra support and strength. Note, the photo shows only the FastGuns mounted to the pegboard. We’re also in the process of getting special pegboard mounts to display our set of FastGun Locks as well. On a scale of 1 to 10, the complexity level for this project is only a 1. Anybody with the basic know-how and tools can build it.

This completes our truck camper modification project article on how to build a FastGun Storage Mount. To learn more about the excellent Torklift International FastGun Turnbuckle, visit the Torklift website at

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  1. I store mine hanging from a towel rack in my garage. I first thought of this to store motorcycle tie downs, but it works for th Fastguns as well.

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