Truck Camper Adventure Now on Facebook

Truck Camper Adventure is now on Facebook. Why weren’t we on it before? Great question. When we branched out into social media years ago, we decided to focus on Instagram instead. We like and still like the Instagram format, with its emphasis on photography and videos, but with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram it now makes sense to be on Facebook too. The benefits of Facebook are obvious. Only photos, videos, stories, and reels along with a brief caption can be posted on Instagram, while Facebook supports a wider range of content. Besides photos and videos, Facebook allows other types of media such as links, long-form videos, articles, stories, and quizzes. The means better communication with you—our readers. It also allows our classified ads to reach an even wider audience.

Truth be told, we used to hate Facebook. We hated how intrusive it was and avoided using it, but that changed with our interest in the Facebook Marketplace and with several Facebook associations, communities, and owner groups. The final clincher for us was the Truck Camper Adventure Quartzsite Rally. We received numerous requests to get on Facebook to enhance communication and coordination for our big, annual event. Rather than relying solely on Eventbrite to answer questions about the rally, we will now do so on Facebook. A side benefit of our new Facebook Page is that it will also allow attendees to coordinate get-togethers and meet-ups before and after the rally. We hope you like this belated addition to Truck Camper Adventure. Please like and follow us on Facebook. If you have any comments or questions, we ask that you leave them on Facebook rather than in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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Mello Mike is an Arizona native, author, and the founder of Truck Camper Adventure. He's been RV'ing since 2002, is a certified RVIA Level 1 RV Technician, and has restored several Airstream travel trailers. A communications expert and licensed ham radio operator (KK7TCA), he retired from the U.S. Navy in 2004 as a CWO3 after 24 years, holds a BS degree, and now runs Truck Camper Adventure full-time. He also does some RV consulting, repairs, and inspections on the side. He currently rolls in a 4WD Ram 3500 outfitted with a SherpTek truck bed with a Bundutec Roadrunner mounted on top.


  1. I’m trying to narrow down which models (720, 820, & 920) and years of the Nucamp Cirrus truck campers have a cassette toilet…can you help me with this?

  2. Sorry but I’ll never use facebook for communicating. Too much misinformation for my taste. I’d rather be ignorant.

    • No worries. Nothing will change with the way we run Truck Camper Adventure. Adding another social media platform simply increases our reach.

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