Torklift Announces Photo Contest For Free Set of Talon Tie-Downs

$1,000 Value Giveaway

Torklift International just announced that it’s hosting a “Camp With Torklift” photo contest. According to the press release, the winner of the contest will receive a complete set of Talon tie-downs fully installed, a $1,000 value. To enter the contest, all contestants need to do is share a photo of their truck camper on Torklift’s Facebook page with the hashtag #CampWithTorklift. Anyone can enter.

Made from stainless steel and aluminum, Torklift Talon tie-downs come with rust-free corrosion protection for life.

“As the only thing that connects the camper to the truck, tie-downs are truly a foundation to enjoy the freedom of camping,” said Torklift President, Jack Kay, about the company’s Talon tie-downs. “By attaching directly to the truck’s frame, folks can be safer and more confident on the road and enjoy a better overall road handling experience. No worry, no stress—you are free to enjoy your trip. That’s how a camping trip should be.”

Torklift truck camper tie-downs are available in either traditional steel or the Talon, which is a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. Both styles are designed to secure a truck camper at independent tie-down points, bolting directly to the truck’s frame. Attaching the tie-downs to the frame avoids any possibility of truck bed damage from tie-downs that attach to the truck bed only. Even though both types offer unrivaled strength and reliability, the Talon tie-down system is 30 percent lighter than Torklift’s traditional steel tie-downs.

Torklift FastGun with Torklift Talon

“Attaching direct-to-frame has never been more critical,” said Kay. “Campers are heavier and vehicle manufacturers are using lighter materials for trucks, especially for the truck bed.”

Torklift tie-downs are custom designed for each vehicle make and model, ensuring a snug and secure fitment for safety and stability.

Customers looking for the latest camper tie-down fitments for 2018 trucks can use the automated application guide at Most 2018 Ford and Dodge applications are now available and new fitments for Chevy, Toyota and Nissan are added regularly.

Truck camper tie-downs from Torklift are available to purchase online or in store through any Torklift Certified Dealer. All Torklift tie-downs are made in the USA and come with Torklift’s legendary lifetime warranty.

“We hope our Camp With Torklift contest not only inspires people to share their favorite spots across America, but also that their high-performance Talon tie-downs provide a better camping experience,” said Kay.

For contest details visit The winner will be selected June 15, 2018. If the winner already has tie-downs or is interested in upgrading to other Torklift products, they can choose up to $1,000 worth of prizes.

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