5 Best Truck Camper Stabilization and Storage Products

Looking for a stabilization and storage product for your slide-in truck camper? You’ve come to the right place. This article reviews and ranks the best truck camper stability products in the market today. These products run the gamut from well-engineered, out-of-the-box solutions to simple products that require just a little homemade ingenuity to make them work. Why invest in one of these truck camper stabilizer solutions? Because dismounted campers tend to be bit wobbly and unstable. The issue lies primarily with the lift jack connection points to the camper, which are located at the top of each jack. These connection points can create an unstable pivot point due to the length of the jack and the camper’s weight. Not only does this instability make using the camper off of the truck somewhat intimidating, but over time can create undue stress where the jack is connected to the camper. We’ve seen total jack collapses from enlarged and weakened jack connections on older campers, so protecting your investment is important. So without further adieu and ranked in order, Truck Camper Adventure is proud to present the 5 best truck camper stabilization storage products in the market today.

1. StableCamper

The best of the best, the StableCamper fills an important need for those who like to use their campers dismounted. Unfortunately, truck campers have a tendency to wobble when used off truck. The StableCamper addresses this annoying, potentially damaging issue by using a simple, yet ingenious system consisting of two short and two long poles that attach to the rear tie down and the front support jacks of the camper. The StableCamper is also the only truck camper system that addresses both side-to-side and front-to-back stability when the camper is used off of the truck. Moreover, the StableCamper decreases stress at jack point connections, is easy to install, and stores on the outside of the camper using exterior mounting brackets. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the StableCamper can be used either during campouts or when stored at home. Those who like to pull boats will particularly like this product as it allows you to setup camp beforehand and put your boat in the water after dismounting your camper. StableCamper has drill and no-drill kits for all makes and types of campers including fiberglass Bigfoot and Northern Lite truck campers. Made in Oregon, you won’t find a better truck camper storage solution on the planet than the StableCamper. The StableCamper sells for around $450. For a complete review of the StableCamper click here.

2. Torklift Camper Packer

The Camper Packer is an excellent, “old school” approach to truck camper storage that works extremely well. Designed by our friends at Torklift International, the Camper Packer is a long-term storage solution for slide-in truck campers. The product is designed to prevent camper jack and frame damage by redistributing the weight and stress off the four corners of the camper frame and jacks and onto the Camper Packer. The unit comes with two stands with each measuring 50-inches from side-to-side. The set includes high-impact powder coated brackets and all hardware. One version is available with special, pressure treated lumber, and the other is a brackets-only kit for those who have their own lumber. The Camper Packer has been tested by Torklift’s in-house engineering team and can support up to 6,000 pounds per pair to support weight, 12-times the weight capacity of typical hardware store sawhorse. According to Torklift, the Camper Packer is fully-compatible with the Torklift Wobble Stopper for double the stability and safety while the camper is in storage. An ideal storage solution for those who have manual lift jacks, the Camper Packer stores and keeps the camper mounted higher for easy manual loading. Without a doubt, a top truck camper stabilization storage product, the Camper Packer sells for around $460 which includes the lumber. For a complete review of the Camper Packer, click here.

3. Reico-Titan Camper Dolly

Another old-school approach to truck camper storage, the Reico-Titan Camper Dolly is a portable camper stand on wheels. It features four 2×8-inch wheels with durable polyurethane tires for easy movement. For maximum control, two of the wheels are installed on swivel mounts with locks while the other two wheels are rigid mounted. The dolly’s frame measures 4 feet x 6 feet and is 20 inches high (an 8-foot-long version is also available for long-bed campers). The dolly is constructed of heavy duty 2.5-inch angle iron with heavy-gage, specially-formed steel legs. The Rieco-Titan Camper Dolly can carry most campers up to 6,000 pounds. The Rieco-Titan Camper Dolly can accommodate camper bottoms between 43-3/8 and 49 inches wide. The Rieco-Titan Camper Dolly kit comes with all necessary hardware and assembly instructions and a one year warranty. An excellent truck camper storage solution, the only drawback with this wheeled approach, of course, is that it can only be used on level, smooth concrete. On the other hand, it does allow easy truck camper movement off of the truck and is ideal for those to store a pop-up camper in a garage. In fact, truck camper dollies are used on almost every truck camper manufacturing assembly line that we’ve visited. A terrific truck camper stabilization storage product, the Reico-Titan Camper Dolly retails for about $590.

4. Torklift Wobble Stopper

Torklift International’s Wobble Stopper dramatically reduces camper jack and frame stress when used off of the truck. By acting as a supportive connection between the front camper jack legs and camper body, the Wobble Stopper prevents excessive camper movement. The brace design of the Wobble Stopper also eliminates irritating camper sway. The Wobble Stopper uses Torklift’s excellent FastGun quick-disconnect lever action that requires only seconds to install or remove. Moreover, the Wobble Stopper comes with keyed alike locks to prevent your camper from being stolen. Constructed from high impact powder coated stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, the Wobble Stopper have square or round jack applications to accommodate your camper. Backed by Torklift’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty, the camper stabilizer is made in the USA. A quick and easy truck camper stability solution, unfortunately, the Wobble Stopper addresses side-to-side movement only and does not address movement from front-to-back, meaning you’ll need to use another product like the Torklift Camper Packer to safely use it. In our opinion, the StableCamper is a much better solution for truck camper stability. The Torklift Wobble Stopper retails for about $350.

5. Camco Ultra Stacker Jacks

For a measly $36 for a pack of four, the Camco Ultra Stacker Jack is, by far, the cheapest and easiest approach to truck camper stability and storage. Camco’s Ultra Stacker Jacks can be used individually to brace each corner of the camper, but we recommend using them in pairs in conjunction with a 2×4 measuring about 4 feet in length for front and back lateral support. Each 2×4 should have two small holes drilled near either end to prevent the Stacker Jack heads from slipping and moving. Made of cast aluminum, each Camco Ultra Stacker Jack can support up to 6,000 pounds. Each jack is adjustable from 11-inches to 17-inches. Easy to use, simply position each stack jack underneath your truck camper, and raise the jack to the proper height to reach appropriate leveling and stabilization. When finished, each jack is easy to pack up and store. A low-cost truck camper storage and stability solution that works surprisingly well, unfortunately, two people will be needed to set everything up if buttressed with wood planking. A level surface is also needed. The limited jack height also means you’ll have to lower the camper considerably—about 18 inches from off the ground—to use it. For only $36, though, the price is hard to beat.

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