Top 10 Truck Camper and Van Accessories for 2024

Looking for a great gift idea, or an accessory or a piece of gear or tool to fill an important, truck camper or vanlife need? You’re in luck. The staff at Truck Camper Adventure has evaluated numerous products and attended numerous shows to present you with ten of our favorites. So without further adieu, here is our 10 best truck camper and van accessories for 2024.

1. Trelino Orgin M Mobile Composting Toilet

Truck Camper Adventure’s favorite for 2023. The Trelino Orgin M is a terrific option for small campers and truck toppers in need of a portable toilet. An award winning product from Europe, the Trelino is different from the traditional porta pottie found in America. The Trelino has two internal tanks: a liquid tank in the front, a solid waste tank in the back. A built-in separator integrates with the toilet seat, keeping the two types of waste separate. Small bags and kitty litter are used in conjunction with the solid waste, allowing the waste to be disposed of in any appropriate trash container. Unlike other composting toilets, the Trelino Orgin M doesn’t need an agitator. Composting is achieved by using either coconut coir bricks, fine wood shavings, saw dust, organic peat moss, peat and hemp mixes, or pressed wood pellets. German-engineered, this high quality unit features a wood top with securing magnets and a quality ABS plastic body with internal tanks. The unit measures 13 inches wide, 15.4 deep, and 13.2 inches high and weighs only 13.7 pounds. Tank capacity is 1.3 gallons for urine and 1.8 gallons for solids. Weight capacity is 330 pounds. For truck campers, vans, and boats, we recommend going with the Trelino Orgin M Mobile Composting Toilet, which offers greater capacity (3.1 gallons total) without getting too big to store. A terrific accessory for truck campers and vans, the Trelino Orgin M lists for $681.

2. CarGenerator 1000/2000

The CarGenerator 1000/2000 is an intriguing option for those rolling without a DC-DC charger who are in need of an emergency backup source of power. Essentially a 1,000 watt inverter protected by a plastic case, the CarGenerator converts the 12 volt DC generated by your truck’s alternator into a 110 volt pure sine wave AC. The benefits of going this route are numerous. At 11 pounds, the CarGenerator is compact, light, easier to store than a traditional gasoline generator like the Honda EU2200i, and doesn’t require storing a portable, smelly gasoline can that can leak. The CarGenerator features two standard 110 volt AC outlets and one 5 volt 2.1 amp USB outlet for charging and several LCD displays and LED indicators. It can be used at home and while camping for up to 80 hours depending on the size of your vehicle’s fuel tank. It’s also a terrific way to recharge the batteries in your camper when the need arises. Built-in safety features of the CarGenerator 1000/2000 include overload, over temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity protection. The inverter generator also features an audible alarm and shut down for low and high DC voltage, and overload and over temperature conditions. An optional Bluetooth module can also be ordered, which allows monitoring and control of the CarGenerator via your smartphone. Need more power for your off-grid needs? CarGenerator also sells a 1,500, a 2,000, and a 3,000 watt model for high capacity alternators/dual alternator trucks. The CarGenerator 1000/2000 lists for $899.

CarGenerator outputs and indicator panel at the bottom of the unit.

3. Dragon Fly Tarps Haku

It’s no secret that we have an aversion to the standard RV awning. The numerous reasons were outlined in a previous article. When it comes to hard-side truck campers, we think a tarp, like the Dragon Fly Tarps Haku, is a much more practical alternative. The mounting surface is less intrusive, mounts much closer to the ground, and weighs a lot less than the traditional RV awning. The Dragon Fly Tarps Haku is shipped in two pieces—a large box, which contains two storage bags with everything needed to set-up the Haku—the tarp, four stakes, four heavy-duty straps, and two collapsible poles—and a long shipping tube which houses the sail track that is made of aluminum. Everything is of a high quality including the three storage bags. Installation and set-up is easy. The tarp is strong enough to withstand 30 mph winds and can be mounted as high or as low as you want (we mounted our track at 6 feet 7 inches making it easy to reach). Unlike similar tarps, the Dragon Fly Tarp is water resistant, a bonus for those who live and camp in wet climates. While the cost for the Dragon Fly Tarp Haku is steep at $749.00, don’t let the price stop you. This product is assembled in the USA (in Idaho) by hand and is a high quality product in all respects (even the straps and stakes are heavy duty). Like we always say, you get what you pay for—buy once, cry once.

4. Rugged GMR45 Mobile Radio

Looking for a better way to communicate with friends or with emergency services on your truck camper adventures? The new Rugged GMR45 UHF Mobile Radio is probably the best way to go without having to get a ham radio license. The advantages of going with a GMRS radio like the Rugged GMR45 are numerous including high power output and easy to use, pre-programmed radio channels. The mobile radio can communicate with all GMRS and FRS radios on channels 1-7 and 15-22. It is GMRS repeater compatible and can communicate with GMRS mobile and hand-held radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and others. Paired with an efficient antenna, the Rugged Radios GMR45 UHF Radio provides a high-power 45 watt signal that provides better range and signal strength compared to the traditional hand-held that typically transmits between 1 and 5 watts. Typical range on GMRS and FRS is 1-2 miles using a low-power, hand-held, but this radio can transmit in excess of 20 miles under the right conditions and terrain on channels 15-22. All Rugged GMRS radios can be operated using tone codes, allowing truck camper and Jeep owners the ability to communicate with a group or team. This is an important feature for off-road enthusiasts who want to communicate with their group without lots of cross traffic from others on the trail. Yes, you will need an FCC license to operate this transceiver, but no exam is required, just a nominal fee. Sells for $369 on

5. Guzzle H2O Stream

Living on the road and having trouble finding potable water? Have you considered getting your water from natural sources like lakes, streams, rivers, and reservoirs? Before you can, however, the water from these natural sources needs to be purified first. The Guzzle H2O Stream does this using a portable, easy-to-use system. It features a three-stage water filtration system that includes a Prefilter, 0.5 Micron Solid Activated Carbon Filter, and LED UV purifier. It combines these with a pump, a lithium battery, and packs it in a rugged, portable travel case that can go anywhere. The Stream pumps, filters, and purifies 32 gallons of water per battery charge. It pumps at 0.75 gpm, so it takes just 7 minutes to fill a 5 gallon Jerry can, with just the press of a button. Water can be drawn from both natural sources and any pressurized tap. The Guzzle H2O employs a time-tested, three-stage water purification process that is safe and easy to use. The first stage employs a prefilter that removes large sediments that can clog the system if not removed, while the second stage uses a 0.5 micron carbon filter to remove smaller sediments and absorb a wide range of chemicals. The third and final stage uses LED UV light that inactivates at least 99.99 percent of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. The unit filters water down to 0.5 microns and is effective at reducing sediments, chlorine, VOCs, NSF 41 emerging contaminants, lead, mercury, and other chemicals. The list price for the Guzzle H2O Stream portable all-in-one system is only $1,195.

6. SetPower 21QT FC20 DC Refrigerator

Yes, we all love having a refrigerator in our van or truck camper, but we also spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Wouldn’t it be nice to have cold drinks and sandwiches, or ice cream without having to stop? The SetPower 21QT FC20 DC Refrigerator does this in an attractive, quality way for only $199. The single-zone unit can be used as either a freezer or a standard refrigerator with a temperature range between -4F to 68F. It features three cooling or freezing modes: high, medium, and low and consumes only 55 watts per hour using a standard 12 volt “cigarette” outlet. The car refrigerator features a reversible and detachable lid, allowing it to be opened from either the right or left side, and features convenient latch loops, allowing the unit to be secured for travel. The 21 quart unit is also surprisingly large too and can hold up to 28 cans of soda. What’s great about this powerful, little DC refrigerator is that it cools down to 32F in only 15 minutes, meaning it can be used at any time when the need arises, and can be used up to a 40 degree incline without affecting the operation. Weighs only 24 pounds and measures 24.2 inches long, 13.1 inches deep, and 13 inches high. All SetPower refrigerators come with an impressive 3-year warranty. Can be ordered on for $199.

7. Renogy E.Flex 120 Portable Solar Panel

No top gear list would be complete without a portable solar panel. Last year we raved about the Jackery SolarSaga 100 as a lightweight portable, yet the Renogy E.Flex 120 is even better. Offering an impressive efficiency of 23.5 percent, the Renogy E.FLEX 120 weighs only 11 pounds, and can harvest up to 6.1 amps and 120 watts per hour. Folded up, the portable panel measures 12.64 long, 21.7 inches high, and only 1 inch deep and extended measures 26.4 inches long, 43.4 inches high, and less than 1/4-inch deep. It comes with standard MC4 connectors, so you will probably need to buy an MC4 to SAE Adapter to use it with your truck camper or van. The build quality of Renogy’s 120 watt portable is excellent and features ETFE lamination, corner guards, and the IP67 rating to protect it from scratches and rain when camping or overlanding. The Renogy E.Flex 120 is compatible with several portable power stations/solar generators including those made by Jackery, Bluetti, Yeti, and Renogy, of course. Comes in an attractive, padded carrying case and features a 1-year warranty. Note: the Renogy E.FLEX 120 does not have a charge controller, meaning you will need to either use the one in your camper or van or the one in your power station/solar generator. Lists for $189.99.

8. BottleJack Buddy

We were introduced to the BottleJack Buddy at the 2023 Overland Expo West and were immediately impressed with the idea and workmanship of the tool. Yes, bottle jacks are convenient and easy to store, but as you know, the danger of it slipping while in use is real, especially off-pavement. The BottleJack Buddy practically eliminates this danger by hugging or cradling axles up to 4 inches in diameter. The saddle is made from 1/4-inch steel and the assembly sits on any bottle jack with a 2-inch lifting platform or smaller. According to the website, “it will work with most 20-ton bottle jacks, but you will need to measure your lifting platform to confirm. Smaller bottle jack lifting pads will work, but there will be space between the jack and the tube and it will have to be centered, it’s ideal to have the lifting pad as close to 2 inches in diameter as possible for a better fit.” It’s the perfect bottle jack adapter for the garage, the 4×4 trail, Jeep, Recovery, motorhome, travel trailer, farm, ranch,  horse or livestock trailer, vehicle roadside safety kit, or any other location where you want to lift the vehicle from a solid axle in a secure and safe manner. A must-have item for any off-road emergency tool kit. Comes powder-coated in black. Made in the USA. A terrific tool accessory for your truck camper and van, the BottleJack Buddy lists for $54.99.

9. Omnia Stovetop Oven

Craving baked goodies like cakes, breads, and pot pies, but don’t have an oven in your truck camper? No problem. The Omnia Stovetop Oven is the perfect solution. Resembling a bundt pan with a lid, the Omnia consists of a stainless steel base plate, an aluminum baking pan, and a red aluminum lid. How the Omnia works is pretty ingenious. The stovetop directly heats the Omnia base plate, which in turn heats the air trapped in between the base plate and the baking pan. At the same time, the baking pan’s wide, circular “chimney” and lid allows heat from the stove to rise up and circulate back down onto the food. Thus, the Omnia Oven creates hot air both under and above the baking pan just like a traditional oven. A few air holes in the lid allow steam to escape, so that foods bake rather than steam. With the exception of a Thanksgiving turkey, the Omnia can bake just about anything, including casseroles, breads, cakes, cobblers, quiche, biscuits, pot pies, vegetables, baked potatoes, and cookies. An terrific accessory for your truck camper and van, the Omnia can be purchased on for $83.99. Click here to read our full-length review.

10. Roam Adventure 95L Storage Case

Looking for a quality storage case to protect your valuables from the elements and from getting crushed? The 95L storage case might be the ticket. This quality, heavy-duty case is one of the best storage cases we’ve seen and we’ve seen a lot. As a matter of fact, this storage case can be used either inside your truck or camper or outside as a storage accessory on the roof of your SUV, van, or Jeep. The Roam Adventure 95L Rugged Case comes in four color options—desert tan, OD green, slate gray, and black. It is ideal for storing longer items such as chairs, shovels, axles, rifles, camera equipment, recovery gear, just about anything of value. The storage case seamlessly mounts the roof of any vehicle using the case’s tie-down channels or fits easily lengthwise in the back seat of your full-size truck. The 95L case features a durable LLDPE shell, nylon rope handles, grip grab handles, steel lockable latches, and a military-grade gasket seal that ensures your gear always stays protected no matter the terrain and weather. Accessories include a 95L Lid Panel, a Molle Panel, and 95L Rugged Mounts. This rugged case weighs 45 pounds and measures 47.24 inches wide, 18.9 inches long, and 11.42 inches high outside and 46.65 inches wide, 14.41 inches long, and 9.09 inches high inside. No doubt a quality product, the only thing holding us back from rating this Roam Adventure storage case higher is the mind-numbing, $399 cost.

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