Time to Sell our 2011 Wolf Creek 850

After two dozen trips and 3 1/2 years of ownership we’ve decided to sell our 2011 Wolf Creek 850 truck camper. This decision was a difficult one for the wife and I to make. “Wolfy” has been a great little camper for us, but we’ve found over time it’s too tall and wide for the kind of roads and terrain my wife and I like to explore. The camper is in terrific shape, and as you know, it’s fully loaded and ready to go.

We will be replacing “Wolfy” with a 2016 Northstar Laredo SC. We just ordered one custom from the Northstar factory. Why a Laredo and not a pop-up? We seriously considered a pop up, but after looking at several, we came to the realization that we like hard side campers and like that we don’t have to crank up the top every time we want to set up camp. The low profile Laredo SC gives us the best of both worlds, a non-basement model that is 8 inches shorter and 1 foot narrower than the Wolf Creek 850, yet still has all the comforts that we’ve come to enjoy in a hard side camper.

Some of the options we ordered in our Laredo include large Euro windows, a dual battery compartment, insulation
upgrade, side storage boxes, rear bumper w/step, A/C, a 12V
Compressor Refrigerator, heated gray tank, and electric remote jacks. I’ll install a 240
watt solar power system and 1,000 watt inverter after delivery. It’s much cheaper for me to do the work myself.

The Laredo SC comes standard with a 30 gallon fresh water tank (the same as the Wolf Creek 850), a 13 gallon gray tank (9 gallons smaller than the Wolf Creek), a 5 gallon cassette toilet, and a 6 gallon water heater. We are really looking forward to having a cassette toilet and having more places to dump. 

We take delivery of our 2016 Laredo SC in early September. Here are a few pics of a nearly identical Laredo SC:

Driver’s side view. Note the larger Euro windows.
We’ll be getting the rear awning only.
No microwave for us to increase storage.
Our kitchen is identical.
No Heki for us. Too many potential issues.
Note the coffin storage lockers and wardrobe. Nice!
Storage under the dinette.
The Lugan Table adjusts and swivels. The wife wanted this.
Overhead storage with airline latches (great for off-road).
Wet Bath with cassette toilet.
Glass top cook top and sink.

Another view of the cook top and sink.

For those who are interested, I’m asking $15,500 for my Wolf Creek 850. Additional details about my Wolf Creek 850 can be found in my Craigslist ad, or by reviewing the trip reports and truck camper modifications on this website. [Update: My Wolf Creek 850 was sold to a local Arizona couple on May 13, 2015.]

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  1. This is a sad sign of the times. We wince every time we see a headline that has a favorite area in it, hoping to not see the article tell us it has been placed off-limits because a few idiots could not be good citizens. Until the current crop of idiots gets tired of what they think of as “camping”, I’m afraid this trend will continue.

    It presents us with a thorny choice as well. Do we share our trips with enough detail for others like us to also enjoy our “favorite spots”? Because, sure as little green apples, there will be people we *never* want to see in that spot reading that information and… well, the photo at the head of the article can be the result.

  2. We have seen dispersed camping greatly restricted and diminished along the Pacific coastline as well. Favorite places are now closed off due to abuse by those who leave trash and don’t bury their waste. We are sad to no longer enjoy these scenic places but feel blessed that we did before this loss.
    Yes, cleaning up sites as responsible boondockers may keep us from losing this privilege in more places.

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