The Torklift SafeStep and DirtDestroyer

The Torklift GlowStep is the gold standard when it comes to the aluminum folding step for RV’s. No other aluminum folding step maintains its strength and shape better than the GlowStep. I’ve owned my set for over three years and it still works and looks as good as the day I bought it. Due to the GlowStep’s popularity in the truck camper market, it made a lot of sense for Torklift to produce accessories to make the steps even more functional and safe. The Safe Step and Dirt Destroyer are two of Torklift’s most recent offerings.

The SafeStep is comprised of several vinyl riser guards that close the gap between steps to help protect your pets and children from potentially falling. The black riser guards are velcro backed and are easy to install. Better yet, the riser guards stay attached to the GlowStep when in the stored position and can easily be removed for cleaning. The SafeStep can be used with steps made by other companies and is UV protected, and like all Torklift products, the Safe Step is proudly made in the USA.

The SafeStep was made with dogs in mind, but humans can benefit from it, too. Dogs are often intimidated climbing up the scissor steps for fear of falling through the gaps or they become injured afer sliding through the gaps caused by running up the stairs too quickly. Does the SafeStep really work for our four-legged friends? Not for ours. Our dogs, a pug and a long-hair chihuahua mix, have good memories and after slipping and falling through our GlowStep a few times in the past they won’t have anything to do with the steps anymore. We have to carry them up. But I know they work. I have friends who use the SafeSteps and their dogs have no problems going up and down them. We’ve found that the SafeStep is good for humans, too. It eliminates the visual distractions you can sometimes see through the steps when you go up them. So for us, it’s worth it.

The Torklift DirtDestroyer is my favorite accessory of the two. It’s a specially designed cleaning brush attachment that works with any scissor step including the GlowStep, of course. It attaches easily to the bottom of your step in literally a second or two and really helps keep the interior of our camper clean. Simply scrape your shoes or boots on the bristle attachment a couple times before stepping onto the steps. What I really like about this accessory is that it’s small enough to store almost anywhere and is easy to install. It really does a great job keeping the camper free from dirt, small rocks, and stickers (those small rock-like things with the spikes commonly found here in the desert). The DirtDestroyer is very well made, easy to clean (just hose it off), and is, of course, made in the USA like all Torklift products.

Pic showing placement of the DirtDestroyer.
Closeup of the DirtDestroyer.


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