Truck Camper Life

Full-Timing in a Bigfoot

Interested in full-timing in a truck camper to save money and see the world? More and more people are doing it. Most of today’s full-timers are baby boomers, but more and more millennials, with increasing [read more]


Top 6 Winter Boondocking Mods

When RV owners hear the words “winter boondocking” they usually think about camping in freezing temperatures in a picturesque, snow-covered mountain forest. Winter boondocking, however, doesn’t always have to be that extreme. Winter boondocking can [read more]

Truck Camper Mods

Tubular Lock Cover Upgrade

I have to say that I’ve been pretty happy with my new tubular compartment locks since I installed them last March (click here to read the complete article on the ordering and installation instructions). They’ve [read more]


Top 5 Boondocking Mods

RV modifications seem to be all the rage with mods seemingly being featured on every RV related website and blog on the Internet. The topic is incredibly popular on this website, too. My RV Camper [read more]

Truck Camper Mods

Magazine Rack Installation

Storage space is always difficult to come by when it comes to owning a small RV like a truck camper. We’ve made several improvements and modifications to our Wolf Creek camper to increase that storage [read more]