StableCamper Announces New Truck Camper Products

Company Adds Northern Lite to StableCamper Catalog

Oregon-based StableCamper, a leading manufacturer of truck camper stabilization products, recently expanded its catalog to include not only several truck camper accessories, but also its signature StableCamper product for Northern Lite campers, the first ever stabilization product for fiberglass clam-shell truck campers.

According to the press release, StableCamper’s new lineup of truck camper accessories, includes a hitch extension storage mount to simplify the storage of hitch extensions when not in use, ladder mounts to securely store things like shovels and brooms, and an exterior lift jack fishing pole mount.

Coinciding with this launch, StableCamper has also revamped its website to make navigating and ordering these new products even easier.

“We are really excited about the release of these new truck camper products,” said Candice Sund, StableCamper Founder. “These new accessories will make storing and towing for truck camper owners easier by reducing clutter. The lack of storage space remains a problem in most truck campers, and we believe that our new products will go a long ways towards resolving this issue. We are particularly excited about the Stablecamper Extension Storage Mount, which makes storing, transporting and securing your Torklift SuperTruss simple and easy.”

StableCamper Hitch Extension Storage Mount
The Northern Lite StableCamper fully installed.

In addition to these new accessories, StableCamper has also expanded its offering of its signature product, the StableCamper, to include Northern Lite fiberglass campers. This StableCamper offering is the only Northern Lite factory approved stability product that helps to reduce camper sway and movement, while unloaded from the truck. Unlike the standard StableCamper design, this new Northern Lite offering requires no drilling into the fiberglass shell. Northern Lite campers supported by this new StableCamper offering, include the 8-11, 9-6, and 10-2 models.

Introduced in 2018, the StableCamper is the only truck camper stabilization product that addresses both side-to-side and front-to-back stability when unloaded from the truck. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, this cutting-edge product also decreases stress at jack point connections, is easy to install, and stores on the outside of the camper using exterior mounting brackets. It can be used while camping or when stored at home.

“After the initial launch of the Stablecamper system, we received a lot of interest from Northern Lite owners to support their products. However, due to the fiberglass shell construction of these campers we needed to work directly with the factory to develop a system that they would approve, so that it didn’t void any warranties or cause problems due to camper construction. After a few design iterations, we were able to come up with a solution that they could approve for their fiberglass campers. The solution works on the same basic premise as our other systems. The Northern Lite team was very helpful and responsive in working with us,” she said.

More information about Stablecamper products can be found on the StableCamper website at or follow StableCamper on Facebook, or Instagram.

Stay tuned for a review of the StableCamper System here on Truck Camper Adventure soon.

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